How To Wear A Shirtdress Based On Your Body Shape

One of the top trends this season is the shirtdress. Extremely comfortable and unpretentious, it allows you to look very feminine, without making much effort and sacrificing your comfort.

This trend is inspired by the male wardrobe. Although you can find gorgeous shirt dresses in almost all stores nowadays, stealing one of your boyfriend’s shirts doesn’t sound like a bad thing to do either.

If you think the shirt dress looks great only on the models, you are wrong. In fact, it’s worthwhile learning how to style an oversized shirt or shirtdress, as this can not only look fabulous but hide your body imperfections as well. If you know your body shape (and each woman should know her), you can find the right model which works best for you. The shirtdress is also very helpful when it comes to hiding your body’s imperfections. The key hides in the proportions. If you manage to find the balance, you’ll see a new person in the mirror. Let’s see how to make a shirtdress more flattering.

Wearing A Shirtdress For Pear Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Body

The pear shape body is characterized by a small bust and full hips also shoulders narrower than the hips. Your advantages are a beautiful torso and flat stomach.

So, clothes that draw attention to the thighs and the hips is wrong decision for you. It means you’d better stay away from the colored skirts and trousers. Always keep in mind that the pointed-toe heels are your best friend.

Stylish girl walking on the streets dress in striped A-line dress and brown platform

When you are choosing the right shirtdress for your pear body, don’t forget to define the waist. The perfect model for you is with skinny fit top part and volume skirt. These will accent on your arms and torso and will distract the attention from your hips.

Pretty brunette outdoors in a lightweight shirtdress without sleeves
Photo: Instagram/@alexandrapereira

Another great option for the pear type of body is the sleeveless shirtdress. It will accent on your beautiful arms. Go for a model with pockets on the bust to add some volume and to keep the attention on the top part.

Working woman wearing a striped midi dress in three colors accent with a belt on the waist

The vertical stripes is a splendid idea for pear body type because they are lengthening the figure. A shirtdress in satin is an excellent choice for you. It will soft your lines and optically minimize the hips because the satin is very gentle. The shirtdress is amazing idea both for an everyday look and special occasion.

Woman wearing military green shirtdress and dark blue denim jacket

The solid color shirtdress is a perfect match for the pear-shaped body especially in combination with a short jacket. Keep the dress length around the knee and the jacket short to the waistline. Open the top two buttons to grab the attention on the neck and the bust area.

How To Wear Shirt Dresses For Apple Shaped Body

Apple shaped body

The apple body type is characterized by rounded shoulder line and a full bust. The fullest part is around the middle, but still, you have great legs.

A woman with apple-shaped body needs to know that it’s crucial to choose the right bra. It will bring balance in the top part. Keep the bottom parts short to concentrate the attention there.

Blondie posing in denim shirt dress and sneakers with plaited print

The denim shirt dress is a super choice for apple body shaped woman. It has straight fit, so it will keep the balance right where it needs to be. A short model is a good idea because it will emphasize the legs.

Beach inspired styling with white Boohoo shirt dress with cut-out details on the arms and the bottom

A shirt dress in linen is the right decision to make if you need to style apple body type. It is light, so it will not define the curves you want not to be seen. Choose a model with a V-line neck to highlight the pleasant forms of the breast and divert the attention from the wider waist. Go for a shirt dress with some details in the arms or the bottom to show your advantages, not an imperfection.

The military green dress is accented with a belt on the waist and statement-making necklace

The shirtdress with chest pockets is a must for a lady with apple body type. The pockets are very grabbing attention detail but don`t forget to wear the right bra for you. Define the line just under the bust to visually length the distance between the bust and the waist.

Keep the shirtdress short and don’t skip the heels!

The fashionista with an under-the-knee dress with high side slips

The under-the-knee length shirtdress is another great option but with really high side slips. They will add some movement and will beautifully show your legs while you are walking. Add a scarf around the neck to make a compliment to your advantages and to finish the look with some boohoo spirit.

If Your Body Is An Inverted Triangle

inverted triangle body type

The inverted triangle body type has a little definition between the hips and the waist. Usually, the bottom is smaller than the top part. The big advantages of this body shape are the slim legs and usually a fuller bust.

For you it’s better to stay away from the tops with tight straps because they accent the arms. Choose clothes with a high waist and wide bottoms.

Woman walking down the street wearing light blue shirtdress with bow detail on the waist

The main rule is to accent the waistline. A shirtdress with bow detail is a perfect choice for this purpose.

The asymmetric line on the bottom ensures that your legs look great. Leave some buttons open or wear a bandage under it. This will lengthen your figure and make an illusion of perfect proportions.

A woman walking in the park dressed in a solid blue dress with a wrap-over silhouette

A shirt dress with wrap-over silhouette will make the perfect balance for this body shape. It can add some volume on the bottom part and define the nature waist. Choose light flowing fabric which will gently shape your body.

Blondie dressed in satin shirt dress in fresh yellow

Choose shirtdress with a straight silhouette in a bright color. Such colors are incredibly powerful and attention-grabbing. Use them to attract attention to your look in general, rather than focusing on smaller details.

Stylish woman dressed in printed midi dress

The printed shirt dresses that create volume on the bottom part are the best friend for a woman with inverted triangle body type. A great deal can be done with the black and white print that is classic but still interesting. The length is your decision but keep in mind that mini is always a good idea.

Dress For Greek Column Body Shape

column body shape

The column or the Greek column body shape (some also call it a banana type) has narrow shoulders and small bust. It is also characterized by the small or non-defined waist and narrow hips. The good thing is that most women with this figure type have long, lean limbs.

Belted and fitted styles to give the illusion of a defined waist is rule number one for this kind of woman body. Accent legs and arms with short sleeveless dresses. Printed and floral designs are very generous because they are adding volume to the figure.

Casually dressed girl in a checked print shirt dress and black sneakers

The plaited shirtdress is a great option for a casual look if you have a column shape body. With the fascinating mix of vertical and horizontal lines, it will add the volume you need. Make the look as colorful as you wish!

Skinny girl wearing light blue A-line dress and espadrille platforms

Remember what we said about the A-line mini dress? This is what we really mean. Don`t be afraid to show your legs. Go for a sleeveless shirtdress model to accent on the arms. Keep the A-line to widen your hips visually and to create an illusion of an hourglass silhouette.

Wearing a long white ruffle dress

The column body type woman can afford to wear long dresses without regrets. A shirtdress with some ruffle details in the skirt can make the figure fuller and more vibrant. This type of dress is a fabulous idea if you want to look more romantic and feminine.

A girl dressed in a white shirtdress and mustard sweater

One more advantage of the column body type is that you can layer your outfit without being afraid to look full. Combine your favorite shirtdress with a sweater or denim jacket. Such outfit will be in a perfect balance without any trade-off of being unstylish.

Exposing Your Hourglass Body With A Shirtdress

hourglass body shape

This is an absolutely balanced body shape. You have neat hips and bottom combined with defined waist and large bust. Undoubtedly, this is the most feminine shape.

Say a big “No” to the wide clothes because they will hide your curves. Keep something for the imagination and don`t show your breast and legs at the same time. Don`t forget about the underwear. If you choose an unsuitable bra, you are risking to ruin the natural beauty of your figure.

Girl with near the body denim shirt dress and over-the-knee boots

Woman with the hourglass body type can afford to wear a denim shirt dress. Denim is elastic and will perfectly hug the curves. You can go as tight as you want!

Blondie with a retro dress in blue and white floral print

Add even more femininity to your curved body with floral printed shirtdress. Choose the knee length to define the hips gently. Go for a high-waist model to balance the proportions. A loose belt will look great on this type of dress.

Girl walking in the city dressed in an asymmetric dress with leopard pattern
Photo: Instagram/@alexandrapereira

Grab the attention not only with your figure but also with an interesting pattern. A shirtdress with leopard or zebra motive is a very trendy choice for a chic casual look. Just remember if you are going wild with the print don`t go far showing a lot of skin.

Smiling woman wearing coral shirtdress to create a beachy look
Photo: Instagram/@alexandrapereira

Light and flowing fabrics look great as well. A shirtdress in linen or cotton is the perfect decision for the summer. It’s an easy way to create a feminine look without revealing your curves so much.

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