The careless girl is wearing long shirt dress with deep V-neck accented by a bandage and choker on the neck.

24 On-Trend Outfit Ideas Showing How To Wear A Shirt Dress

Early Saturday morning after an incredible night out. The first thing you see is your boyfriend’s shirt on the floor, and you just grab it. A quick glimpse in the mirror: there is a messy hair girl without makeup who looks absolutely fabulous in a shirt that looks like a dress.

Show the world how amazing you feel. Go out and find your Number One shirt dress! This fashion piece is so versatile that we’re sure you aren’t going to stop with just one. A shirt dress can be in a solid color or with print, long or short, with A-line or asymmetrical silhouette.

The large variety of shirt dresses on the market gives you the chance to create amazing outfits for any occasion. Combine it with flats or sneakers for a casual day look. Match it with heels and a clutch for a night party. Wear it with a denim jacket or bomber for an ultra-modern outfit.

Still not sure about the shirt dress? Check these inspiring ideas below and choose your next attention-grabbing outfit!

1) Bandage + Choker

The careless girl is wearing long shirt dress with deep V-neck accented by a bandage and choker on the neck.Photo:

With a shirt dress, you are going to look chic without any effort especially of you choose to combine it with sneakers and cross-body bag. Open some buttons and wear a contrasting bandage under it to create an accent on the top area. Put a black velvet choker which will emphasize your face and natural beauty.

2) Turn out to be a cardigan

Woman with ribbed boyfriend jeans, white top and flower pattern shirt dress worn like a long cardigan for an effortlessly chic look.Photo:

The shirt can be a dress, and the shirtdress can be a cardigan. Bringing boohoo chic to your look, it can also be used to hide some parts of your body you don’t like. Isn’t it cool?

Just remember to be careful with this type of layering. Top and jeans are just enough. Don’t put sweaters or shirts because they will ruin the balance.

3) Poncho power

Girl with white shirt dress and poncho on the top it.Photo:

The summer is just perfect to wear your favorite shirt dress. But it is not necessary to put it in the bottom of your closet with the first colder autumn days. Combine it with a wool poncho and get the comfort you are searching for without making a compromise with your style.

To finish this trendy cold weather outfit, choose ankle or some military style boots.

4) Off the shoulders

Woman wearing striped off-the-shoulder shirtdressPhoto:

The shirt dress and everything that is off-shoulders is just right-on-trend. To combine them is an irresistible choice for every real Fashionista.

If you can’t find a garment to buy why don’t you make one. How? Just buy a regular shirt dress in one size bigger than you need. Open the top buttons, pull down the fabric that is in your arms area, and you are done. It is smart, easy, and chic.

5) Denim jacket

School inspired lady with sneakers, backpack, midi shirt dress and denim jacket.Photo:

Back to school years with an outfit made of an under-the-knee white shirt dress and denim jacket. You just need to add black loafers and a backpack and will be ready to go back in 5th grade again.

6) Hiding secrets

Woman dressed in boyfriend fit shirt dress over a white top and denim shorts.Photo:

You love to wear dresses but sometimes is just not the right moment? Or you can’t find a matching top with your skirt or dress. No problem. Put your denim shorts and a tank top, and put a shirt dress on top. It has never been so easy to feel comfortable without making a compromise to your look.

7) Happy-go-lucky addition

Smiling woman dressed in plaid shirt dress with asymmetric design accent with a belt on the waist.Photo:

A shirt dress with a plaid pattern and an asymmetric line is the perfect choice for any decisive woman, who is not afraid to show her rock-and-roll soul. Soften the look with velvet accent on the waist and some feminine accessories like red pointed heels.

8) Convert into trench

Beautiful lady with a layered outfit made of ribbed jeans, sweater and shirt dress worn like a trench.Photo:

The most elegant trench you can choose is a well-structured shirt dress. It combines the femininity of a shirtdress and the glamor of the trench.

Combine it with super skinny jeans and glam top that will show your curves.

9) Satin seduction

Amazing looking girl in a long satin shirt dress with high side slits and tassel detail heels.Photo:

Get all eyes on you with a long satin shirt dress with side slits. It is not even necessary to add a lot of jewelry. Choose glamorous heels with shiny crystals or colorful tassels. Take your favorite mini and you are ready for a very exclusive party or special occasion.

Femininity takes center stage, but for diva look, you can play with the details.

10) Business femininity

Young professional combining long shirt dress in floral print with a military blazer and black accessories.Photo:

A long flower shirt dress combined with the right blazer can be formal enough for the office. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the floral pattern is fresh and romantic, but the rest of the look needs to be as simple as possible.

Finish your office vision with a pair of classic black heels and bag. It will look better without jewelry because the print is strong enough.

11) Fine linen and white sneakers

Blondie with midi length linen shirt dress and white sneakers representing cozy-glam look.Photo:

A shirt dress is an ideal base to try new things. A good example of a usually inappropriate combination is the fine linen with slightly striped print mixed with platform sneakers. The boyfriend fit shirtdress perfectly balances with the feminine curves, as the soft linen fabric does with the sporty sneakers.

Hint: Choose a model with front pockets to accent on the bust and belt to emphasize the waistline.

12) Accent the collar

Girl wearing coral shirt dress and statement-making necklace like accent.Photo:

A shirt dress in one color can be transformed the way you want. It will always be handy when you have I-have-nothing-to-wear-moments. You just need some accessory to convert the simple into glamorous.

For fabulous summer outfit pick a shirt dress in solid color and accent the collar. Add a statement-making necklace that will not only enrich your look but also highlight your tan.

13) Bow detail on the waist

Girl is wearing retro A-line shirt dress with bow belt emphasizing the waistline.Photo: make life

Do you know anything more romantic than a bow? I know! Feminine shirt dress with bow detail on the waistline.

This type of a shirt dress is perfect for both day and night. It is truly versatile because it can be easily combined with a blazer and proper shoes for the office, or it can be a perfect companion for sequins bolero and shiny crystal sandals.

14) Finish with some light

Happy woman in blue shirt dress combined with a white blazer, bag in white and beige and nude sandals.Photo:

You can turn a formal shirt dress into something unique by adding some light color accents to your look. Start with a white blazer. Keep the rest in the same color if you want to create an elegant and classic look that you are going to wear proudly season after season.

15) Crop top on the top

Edgy looking girl with a white shirt dress and leather crop top over it.Photo:

The white shirt dress is simple and elegant. But just try to add a leather crop top. This edgy look is an incredible opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Finish the look with pointed heels and clutch with zebra print.

Hint: The red lipstick as an absolute must for real Vamp-woman look.

16) Military inspiration

Fashionista wearing white shirt dress with chiffon ruffle finish and military jacket.Photo:

If you are already a master of the layering why don’t you try to do some with your favorite shirt dress? Experiment with some chiffon or tulle layers on the bottom or add crop sweater on the top.

A romantic shirt dress and the military jacket seem like an excellent idea to try. It creates a balance of a cozy casual chic. Add a pair of moccasins, and you are ready for the highest peaks.

17) Retro love

Photoshoot of a girl wearing asymmetric shirt dress with retro flair.Photo:

An A-line shirt dress with a belt to emphasize the waistline is the garment that you’re going to need if you want to resemble the old good Hollywood icons.

18) Arabian princess

Girl with long velvet shirt dress. A look of a queen!Photo:

A long velvet shirt dress could easily make you feel like a real princess. Add gold jewelry and heels with straps to look like a real royal representative.

19) Touch of charm

Smiling young lady with a shirt dress, light trench and hobo leather bag in the cognac color.Photo:

Most of shirt dresses are formal enough for the office and romantic enough for a date.

20) Fashion wars

Woman dressed in dark gray shirtdress finished with sandals with studs.Photo:

The shirt dress is ideal to show your feminine curves but enriched with rocky epaulets can convert it into the perfect uniform for a fashion warrior. All you need to add is some platform or sandals with stud details and an aviator sunglasses.

21) Play with the prints

Young diva wearing checked pattern shirt dress and military inspired boots with an open toe.Photo:

Amaze everybody with a checked print shirt dress. Go for a classic black and white combination or add something more colorful. This garment is a perfect base for any fashion outfit.

Combine the shirt dress with sneakers, backpack and baseball hat for a sporty chic look. Choose open-toe boots, clutch and some golden jewelry for more feminine and glamorous one.

22) Bomber Mania

A lady is wearing a Boohoo shirt dress and a denim bomber.Photo:

Even the most romantic shirt dress can be combined with a denim bomber. Together they create an ultra-modern allure providing a glam mix of styles. Open ankle boots is the ideal final touch to this trendy look.

23) Gladiator’s details

Woman dressed in Roman soldier style shirt dress and gladiator sandals.Photo:

Some of the shirt dresses on the market reminds you of a Roman robe. It’s an awesome opportunity to combine one of them with your favorite gladiator sandals from the last season. Get a solid leather belt with large golden-colored buckle to complete the look.

24) Ankle Denim

Girl dressed in ankle denim and dark red shirt dressPhoto:

You have this gorgeous shirt dress that is a bit more transparent than you want? Not a problem! Match it with your perfect ankle jeans and heels. Add an extra touch of charm with a belt on the waistline and a long boohoo necklace.