How To Style An Oversized Shirt to Look Fabulous

How to style oversized shirts

We all need go-to outfits for those days where we get up in a hurry. No one wants to look like a hot mess on a busy morning. This is where big shirt outfits come in.

If you haven’t already, you should jump on the oversized shirt trend. Read on to see how to style oversized shirts and how to max out their potential. This trend can involve classic button-down shirts or oversized t-shirts, it’s all up to you! We love this trend as once you invest in a couple of shirts, the outfit combinations are endless. This will save you so much time in the mornings, less time stressing about what to wear, and more time for yourself.

Summer is around the corner, so make sure you have a few comfortable baggy shirt outfits to get you through the warmer days. Let’s face it, no one wants to wear an uncomfortable tight outfit when the temperature is high.

Here are some ways to style oversized shirts and some of our favorite outfits!

How To Styles Oversized Shirts

Embrace Comfort

Sometimes we need to admit that comfort is key. Crop tops, bodysuits, and dresses all have their place, but we shouldn’t overlook the effortless style of oversized shirts.

Not only that but owning a couple of oversized items is important for anyone on the go. Running errands in comfortable clothes is vital, but make sure you look stylish while doing it!

What Shirt Should You Choose?

Different baggy shirts can give different looks, so assess your style and imagine what you’d feel best in.

Classic men’s shirts were embraced by women in the 1920s. This look became a way of rebelling against the feminine look women had worn for decades before. However, now it’s normal for girls to rock baggy shirts or shirtdresses and they can even be made feminine to support both aesthetics.

If you want a chic and elegant look, opt for a button-down. These are less casual than baggy tees, however, they can be dressed up or down depending on your preference. There are also so many different types of button-downs too! A silky shirt will give you a soft look, whereas a denim shirt will give you an edgier vibe. Accessories and pants can also completely change the look of an outfit, so even the simplest white button-down will look unique.

When looking for shirts, always remember to check thrift stores. Thrift stores always have an abundance of oversized shirts in the men’s section, and there are usually some hidden gems. From stripes and checks to florals and paisley prints, there’s always a great selection to choose from.

Can T-Shirts Work?

Baggy t-shirts are great for a casual outfit, but these can be dressed up too! T-shirts come in all shapes and sizes, but we all know the big, baggy ones are the most comfortable. You can even find large t-shirt dresses, which are pretty much an oversized tee outfit that doesn’t need any styling – perfect for summer.

Oversized tees with cycling shorts are a great trend to follow if you want another chilled summer outfit. These were popularized by old Princess Diana photos, and they are perfect for running errands in and still looking chic. You can find cycling shorts in pretty much every online store at the moment, and they come in different colors and textures too. For an extra chic look, try wearing a baggy tee with a vintage logo and some rib-knit cycling shorts.

If you want something a little more dressed up, you can even tuck these t-shirts into jeans or denim shorts for a not-so-form-fitting option. Who needs tight tops anyway? Pairing an oversized band tee with some distressed mom jeans is a great alternative look to rock this summer. Bonus points if it’s paired with a detailed belt and boots.

Another great way to wear an oversized tee is to find one that reaches your mid-thigh to the knee area and cinch it in with a belt. If you’re not a fan of belts, waist corsets have become a popular trend recently, and these can also be paired with baggy tees.

Play With Layers

Oversized garments are an excellent opportunity to experiment with layers. From throwing a satin slip dress over a baggy tee to wearing an oversized shirt with a skirt under it, there are endless outfits to create.

Owning clothes that layer well is important. They create numerous outfit combinations. It’ll feel like you own more clothes than you do – perfect for anyone wanting a capsule wardrobe! Minimalism has been a much talked about the topic recently, with many reselling the majority of their wardrobes. Owning fewer clothes is great, but always give yourself options!

We recommend owning a couple of oversized tees and some shirts too so you can mix up your current outfit rotation and incorporate some relaxed styles in for the summer season.

The Best Oversized Shirt Outfits

We’ve rounded up some of the best-oversized shirt inspiration to show you all the ways it can be styled. Who knew baggy shirts and tees were so versatile?

1. Patterned Oversized Shirt

If you’re trying to incorporate print into your wardrobe but don’t know how a patterned shirt is a way to go. A printed shirt can pair with all bottoms and looks laidback too. Abstract patterns have been very hot for the past few months. They range from simple monochrome prints to colorful explosions. These can keep you on-trend without having to buy lots of accessories.

2. Classic Button Down Chic

This look isn’t for everyone. However, if you like making statements, it’s for you! A white (or neutral) colored shirt with nothing else can be very effective when styled right. Make sure to find one that is long enough to cover you (flashing isn’t glam) and pair it with interesting boots. We love the western boot trend and this minimalist look will highlight your shoe game.

3. Striped Shirt Outfit

Striped shirts have always been fashion favorites. They can go with skirts, jeans or even tailored trousers – perfect for any occasion. We suggest pairing one with black skinnies for a minimal yet stylish outfit this summer. Unbuttoned shirt creates an easy, relaxed look. This is an ideal outfit to throw on without stressing about what to wear.

4. The Grunge Look With An Oversized Shirt

Perhaps you prefer edgy fashion or want to embrace alternative styles. If so, try the grunge look. Flannel shirts are associated with this style. These are easily found in thrift stores or websites like Urban Outfitters. Get yourself an L or XL and throw this shirt over any old band tees and pair it with some ripped jeans and boots. You can even go oversized on the tee as well for a double baggy shirt look.

5. Tucked In Shirt

Button-down shirts are traditionally tucked in. However, with an oversized shirt, this look has more volume and looks even better. This look can be exquisite if you opt for a puffy cotton poplin shirt, the fabric will hold its shape well, and it’ll also feel very cool. On the other hand, an oversized silk shirt will drape well for a feminine look. Both can be paired with simple jeans for an effortlessly fashionable outfit.

6. All Tied Up

What are oversized button-up shirts perfect for? Being tied up. This is a look that’s been popular for decades, especially in the summer months. The key to nailing the tied-up shirt look is finding one large enough to tie a bow with. Tied-up shirts pair well with baggy shorts, the perfect outfit for exploring a city on a hot summer’s day.

7. Baggy Tee Look With An Oversized Shirt

Simple is sometimes better. If you want a no-fuss outfit, an oversized plain white t-shirt is your answer. These don’t even need to be tucked in. Just throw a baggy tee on with some slouchy blue jeans for another chic look. This look isn’t hard to pull off, and if you want, you can accessorize it with a chunky necklace or statement earrings.

8. The Belted Tee

If you want to embrace the oversized shirt trend but also want to show your figure off, try adding belts into your looks. A simple oversized tee with a belt can mimic a dress, perfect for day and night. This can be paired with heels and jewelry for the evening or some trainers for the day – an ideal combo.

9. Double Shirt Combo

Maybe you love classic shirts and baggy tees. If so, why not wear both! This may sound strange to those who love tight cloves. However, pairing the two together works very well. Leave the oversized button shirt open to show your baggy tee. This layering look is great for days where it’s warm, but you still need long sleeves.

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