17 Gen Z Fashion Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful

Gen Z fashion hacks (collage)
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Fashion trends tend to be cyclic, where you can spot something from another generation being brought back and becoming a trend. When you look at Gen Z fashion choices, you’d probably think you’ve gone back to the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s but with a little modern twist.

Nostalgia aside, Gen Z’s dress reflects freedom and boldness. They wear what they like and how they want it unapologetically. They look comfortable and confident in their outfits, bringing an eclectic mix of the old with the new.

While you can’t follow and incorporate all the trends and hacks you come across, a few can update your outfit and look without taking away your style and personality. Fashion is fun, so we’ll look at some Gen Z fashion hacks you can incorporate into your style.

1. Keep It Vertical With Monochrome

Girl in black monochrome outfit
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When you’re in doubt, confused, or don’t know what to wear, keep it monochromatic. Why? One color, from top to bottom, is quick, simple, and effortless. Own a few jewelry pieces and a nice bag; the look changes from simple to chic and sophisticated.

One-colour looks are trending; on TikTok, there are millions of views of monochromatic outfits.

2. Rubber Band Tuck In

Woman in white pants and tucked in sweater
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We all know the French tuck – the partial front tuck we’ve seen and done more than once. Now, there are updated ways to tuck in your shirt, an oversized T-shirt or a chunky sweater. We thank Gen Z for coming up with several different ways of tucking in. You can get ideas from TikTok on tucking in neatly and firmly so your tops stay in place.

One of the most common tucking-in hacks is using a rubber band to fasten the middle or sides of your top or T-shirt before tucking it in. The rubber bands ensure the top you’re working with doesn’t look lumpy and stays in place no matter what gymnastics you do.

3. Try the Sandwich Rule

Fashion blonde woman
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Do you know how you make a sandwich with two similar slices of bread and the filling in the middle? Well, this is almost similar: You’ll need two pieces of your outfit to match and the others to complement and complete the whole look quickly without rummaging through your entire wardrobe.

Lydia Tomlinson describes this rule as a way to build a whole matching look based on two items. You can pick black shoes and a black top and work from there, creating a complete outfit. You can also choose a pair of brown sneakers paired with a brown top, sandwich a pair of blue jeans in the middle, and maybe complete it with a denim jacket on top.

4. Update Your Tights With Loose and Baggy

Tall stylish girl with oversized jacket
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Some people prefer wearing oversized and unfitted clothes as a matter of preference and for comfort and not because they are trendy. But we must acknowledge Gen Z for making wearing loose and baggy clothes cool, cute, and acceptable.

The loose and baggy fit can work for a social setting and be incorporated into a formal one.

5. Shop Less, Style More

Elegant woman shopping
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Gen Zs are keen on mending the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. They are more drawn towards sustainable fashion choices that are not harmful to the planet. To avoid fast fashion, they go with alternatives, like buying used clothes and creating capsule wardrobes.

You can also care for the planet by thrifting and buying second-hand clothes. Look for excellent-quality items; if they don’t fit well, have them tailored. In the long run, you’ll also save money.

6. Ditch the Skinny Jeans

Girl with long hair in a bodysuit and jeans
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Skinny jeans were and are still great, but imagine a high waist, well-fitting, not tight, lovely pair of Mom jeans that doesn’t seem like it wants to fall off your waist? Look for jeans that go above your waist, not low-rising.

Not only will it fit and look better, but it will also be comfortable. Throw on a blazer and a pair of lovely flats, and you instantly transition from casual to semi-casual. That pair of jeans from 10 years ago sitting in your closet’s deepest, darkest corner became cool again.

7. Swap Your Stilettos and Heels for Flats

Woman in blue ripped jeans and colored ballet flats
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Stilettos and high heels look great, but they’re impractical when you have to stand or walk for long hours, as they don’t provide much comfort. Gen Z is all about comfort, as seen in their shoe choices.

For instance, sneakers are timeless and classic and have numerous ways of styling. You don’t have to get chunky sneakers; you can opt for plain white sneakers in a simple design or ballet flats.

8. Layer It Up

Beautiful woman wearing stylish classic clothes
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Layering has existed for several fashion generations, and unlike most trends, it doesn’t seem to fluctuate between being cool and not cool. It is probably because it goes beyond fashion and becomes necessary during fall and winter.

Now, thanks to Gen Z, layering is trending on social media. Layering your outfit makes it seem like you tried to dress up. Imagine the difference a blazer would make when added to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit.

9. Go Minimal With the Jewelry

Stylish mature woman with gray hair and glasses
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Jewelry can make a basic outfit look well put together. In this case, put away your chunky and statement jewelry; it’s time to go minimal and give dainty pieces a chance. Get unique, quality pieces that make you look elegant or a set with matching simple pieces.

10. Ace It With Athleisure Wear

Fashionable girl wearing an athleisure tracksuit
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What was considered gym or athletic wear is now acceptable outside the gyms and sports arenas, and you don’t need to work out to rock the fit. It’s the alternative when you don’t want to wear jeans and T-shirts.

The idea is to put the whole look well so that it doesn’t look like you just walked out of the gym. You can find ways to dress them up. Besides being popularised by Gen Z, wearing athleisure has become more acceptable since the pandemic; it’s no longer frowned upon as much. They’re super functional, practical, and comfortable.

11. Fashion Is Fluid

Portrait of a stylish attractive girl in sunglasses and headband
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According to Gen Z, fashion isn’t restricted to any specific gender; their fashion choices are flexible, inclusive, and not limited to traditional gender norms. Gender-fluid clothing allows you to express yourself with outfits that make you look and feel great.

Stereotypes and social constructs aside, fashion allows you to experiment and express your unique identity; gender-neutral styles accommodate this notion by eliminating gender boundaries.

12. Baguette It

Woman with blue coat burgundy bag
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The attention the Baguette is getting might make you think it might be too much hyperfocus on a bag. It’s not, but this compact and versatile bag has captured the attention of many. Just imagine – the phrase “What’s in My Baguette Bag” has 9 million posts on Tiktkok.

The baguette bag got its name from French bread and was a staple in the 90s. It is not too small or big and can fit all your daily essentials, so you’ll not need to put some stuff in your pockets. It is well structured and can be carried as a shoulder bag, across the body, with the top handle, or as a clutch bag.

13. Vibe With Vintage

Stylish hipster woman in vintage outfit
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Vintage, in this case, doesn’t mean cheap and awkward-looking clothes or outdated pieces. Think 70’s or 80’s bell-bottom pants (wide-leg pants), bows, or pointy heels. A great example of a vintage-style outfit is a slip dress worn with a turtleneck.

Be keen on how you style your whole outfit so that instead of ending up with a vintage look, you don’t look dated.

14. Keep It Simple

Woman in stylish summer clothes
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Keep your fashion options simple; you don’t need to overcomplicate your outfit. Some Gen Z think the simpler and more basic your look is, the better.

Combining several clothes, shoes, and accessories can be overwhelming, so keep it simple but with intention. It will also eliminate the second-guessing you get when choosing what to wear and what goes with it. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to match a trend.

15. Let Go of the Utility Jacket

Mature blond business woman in a gray jacket
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Utility jackets firmly hold their space in the fashion world despite some retailing at hefty prices. Nothing screams millennial like an army green utility jacket.

But it’s time to break the bond and look at other great jackets to add to your wardrobe. Think leather or oversized denim jackets that you can throw over your dresses. Even better is a shacket. It’s lighter than either denim or leather but heavy enough to work as a jacket.

16. Embrace the Boyfriend Fit

Floral outfit girl on bicycle
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Oversized menswear fits have become common, with women raiding their boyfriend’s closets and borrowing their oversized button-down shirts, which go exceptionally well with jeans, trousers, or slip dresses.

You can also opt for a slightly oversized blazer so that it doesn’t look ridiculous or sloppy. You’ll still want it tailored and to fit well, but not tight. The idea of the boyfriend fit is for the clothes to fit effortlessly and in a drapey way, still look great, and be comfortable.

17. Go Practical With Tote Bags

Woman with white tote bag
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Functionality meets style with tote bags. They’re spacious and can be used in place of backpacks. In addition to holding all the essentials like a phone or wallet, they can still fit in more stuff like a laptop, chargers, a water bottle, or lunch to work or school.

You don’t have to get a designer tote bag; a well-structured bag with solid straps, a side or outside pocket for more organization, and a simple closure would suffice. If you’re arty, go for bags with exciting prints and colors.

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