6 Tips To Achieve Top Natural Makeup Look for Brown Skin

A toolset for natural makeup look for brown skin
A toolset for natural makeup look for brown skin. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

There are days when you simply want to let your skin breathe, put your hair in a high bun, and enjoy the sun. On those days, natural makeup seems like a logical choice.

No single product can do magic. There are no products that work on all skin types and for everyone. 

So read these tips. We hope you will find them useful. You will learn how to attain gorgeous natural makeup look for brown skin, how to make your makeup last longer, and overall – how to enhance your natural beauty.

6 Things to Take Into Account if You Want to Get Perfect Natural Makeup Look for Brown Skin

1. Getting the Righ Foundation Shade is Important

Sounds tricky? It can be, but you will choose your natural-looking foundation in no time if you know what you are doing.

Despite all influencers and YouTubers showing their perfect makeup, no one’s skin is flawless. There is acne. There are blemishes, wrinkles, and many other things. They can be hidden with a good foundation, so it is essential to find the one that suits you the best. 

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Your skin undertone plays a huge role in choosing that perfect foundation. It is a fact that women of color find it hard to find foundations that suit both their skin tone and undertone due to a lack of products. Fortunately, many brands are expanding their color range, so you can match your skin and foundation. 

There are three types of undertones – warm, cool, and neutral. The first features gold, yellowed or peachy tones, while cool have red, blue, and chocolate-hue shades. The neutral undertone is more balanced, having some of these features from both cool and warm tones. 

When you know this, you can try out different foundations and decide which one best suits you. And remember – your face shouldn’t be brighter than your neck and chest. 

2. Apply in Layers

Natural makeup is excellent since you can control the amount of makeup you are putting on. Buy buildable foundations that you can apply according to your wishes. 

On some days, you want a light, no-makeup makeup. We get it. You can apply one layer of your foundation. On the other hand, when you feel that your face needs more coverage due to blemishes or redness, you can go for more layers of the same foundation.

Natural makeup look for brown skin
Photo: Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

The best suggestion is to use a brush or a sponge to create this layered natural look. 

3. Use Color-Correcting Concealer for Cover and Highlight

The concealer is definitely one of those products you need to have, no matter which makeup you want to achieve. A natural makeup look requires color-correcting concealer that you can apply below your eyes or anywhere you want to even out discoloration. 

Apply your concealer on those places that are critical on every place – T-zone, the bridge of your nose, and across the forehead. These places tend to shine even after you have applied your foundation and primer. 

Women of color should go for a concealer in an orange shade that is color-correcting. You can also use a concealer to highlight your face. Apply it on your cheekbones and chin or anywhere you like to put your highlighter on. 

4. Bronzer and Blush

Bronzer and blush are key products of natural makeup look for brown skin. They are both easy to apply, and they contour your face in the best possible way. 

If you can, find the multipurpose bronzer. You can apply it as an eye-shadow as well. 

On the other hand, blush can be both creamy and powder. It provides you with a healthy natural look that you are seeking. 

5. Eye Makeup the Right Way

We can all agree that every woman should have one eye palette in nudes and neutrals. They are perfect for both daily and special-occasion makeups. 

You know the rules – the lightest shade goes to the corner of the inner eye and bellow the eyebrows, the medium over the lid, and the darkest in the outer corners. 

Black mascara is the must-have for natural-looking makeup. Apply it with or without eyeliner but make sure your lashes are enhanced.

Natural makeup look for brown skin
Photo: Johanne Kristensen on Unsplash

6. Highlight the Lips

You can choose between lip liner, lip gloss, and classic lipstick when it comes to lips. We suggest nude shades since they will match with the no-makeup makeup look perfectly.

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No matter what color you pick, you can go for both matte and classy shiny lipsticks. Make sure the color matches your skin tone, though. 

There are many techniques for applying lipstick, but we would suggest the easiest one – with your fingertips. Make sure your lips are moisturized and exfoliated before applying a matte lipstick. 

All these products and suggestions should be adapted to your skin tone and your personality. Try to enhance your natural-looking skin.

Even though the minimal effort is required, you still need to pay attention to your undertone, priming, and moisturizing your skin well. 

If you enjoy natural makeup look for brown skin and that’s something you do from time to time, it is worth finding your perfect products and techniques. It becomes easier with time.

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