9 Unique Instagram Personalities Who Know What They Are Doing

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Like in real life, Instagram is full of all sorts of profiles. Some are attention seekers – okay, if that’s your thing. And there are the captivating ones who are great at being their highest selves. You can feel the love through the wire – I’m caricaturing, but we all love that passionate spirit. I made a list of my favorites.

For inspiration or curiosity, these people are worth checking out. Observing what makes them exceptional might provide some valuable insights. Again, it’s all about expressing your truest and highest creative potential – one day at a time.

1. Igor Scepanovic (@scepine_vragolije) – The Adventurer

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Where’s fun, there’s Scepo. Or, the other way round, where’s Scepo, there’s fun. Scepo is a guy who loves life. He travels the world on a bicycle and sleeps in odd places – wherever he manages to set up his tent. He makes friendships with locals who treat him as one of their own. He wanders into some strange situations.

The armed forces profiled him in a politically sensitive place. The wild animal startled him while riding for hours through Iceland’s fog. His sense of adventure and editing skills make his content on the level of a BBC production. It’s not in English, but his YouTube features some translation.

2. Ann-Marie Hoang (@mstr_of_disguise) – The Stylist

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One of the first people I followed upon creating an IG account. The stylist’s unique aesthetic is a mixture of influences. You can feel the Lenny Kravitz, LA subcultures, or indigenous culture vibes. She mixes unmixable, and I have a feeling she is a couple of years ahead of her time. Similar aesthetics are becoming more and more popular.

3. Steffan (@steffan) – The Curator

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Here is where you will find a gallery of beautiful images for true visual stimulation. Steffan buys, sells, collects, curates, and commissions art, design, and fashion. He asks: “Are our ideas our own, or do they simply float in the ethereal “energy” of the world, awaiting the first executor?” The latter, I would say.

4. Tishk Barzanji (@tishkbarzanji) – The Visionary

Image Credit: BelleTag.

You know the thing you see somewhere, and it’s something you always wanted to do? When I saw the beautiful artwork from this guy, I felt like he synthesized cinema, architectural models, digital art, drama, film noir, surrealism. He makes captivating cinematic narratives depicting people in dramatic relationships and a rich palette.

5. Masood Boomgaard (@masood_boomgaard) – The Self-Help Guru

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A modern-day spiritual leader. Self-help Singh says there’s no greater meaning in life. He says life is shorter than a celebrity’s marriage, so we might as well enjoy it here and now. He also says if someone on the internet can hurt your feelings, take a hammer, smash your iPhone, and get a landline. You aren’t ready for online communication yet.

6. Ian Padgham (@origiful) – The Surrealist

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A Californian video creator living in France. Origiful creates surrealistic videos inspired by cliches of everyday life. His content is characterized by playful and childlike imagination. He explores alternative scenarios with humor.

7. Milena Smit (@milenasmitm) – The Rising Star

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A new muse of Pedro Almodóvar. Milena gained recognition for her role alongside Penelope Cruz in “Parallel Mothers.” Her style is unique – refined, characterized by clean lines and artistic details. She wears a black kimono, dark lipsticks, golden hair décor, and Saint Laurent. Almodóvar didn’t pick her for no reason.

8. Maja Weyhe (@majawyh) – The Fashion Artiste

Image Credit: BelleTag.

She is my favorite influencer in the fashion world. Her following base is not millions, but it doesn’t have to be. She isn’t loud with attention calls and silly reels, and she doesn’t annoy with her personal life either.

Maja studied drama in Vienna and, as she puts it, went with her instincts to be anything she wanted, without expectations. A photographer, designer, creative director, or model – every day is different for Maja. She plays with various media, creating impressionistic blurry images or mini-films. She captures interesting patterns and creates dialogues with objects in narrative-rich cinematic imagery. Also, her outfits have an amazing sense of silhouette and color, a pleasure to look at.

9. Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler) – The Interior Designer

Image Credit: BelleTag.

Kelly Wearstler is an interior designer and has her high-end furniture brand. Kelly looks like she loves what she does, and she does it well. She often collaborates with fellow artists to create incredible synergistic pieces.

Kelly shares the inspiration behind the products and is intuitive about design. She says: “If you see something you love, do not walk away. Design shopping is all about the first emotion you experience when you see, touch or wear something.” She’s accused of stealing ideas (ups). I won’t go into that. Her account is full of interesting patterns, objects, textures, and colors.

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