18 Right Responses When They Send You Inappropriate Pics

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We all agree that the internet streets can be wild. Unsolicited surprise pictures can land in your inbox like a plot twist you didn’t sign up for. Delve into the psyche of unsolicited senders as we explore how you can respond to these surprises without losing your cool. Join the conversation and gain insights to arm you with dignity and wit. One remarkable response at a time!

1. Simply Block and Ignore

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People who send you unsolicited pictures want a reaction from you. They hardly care if you insult or threaten them as long as they get a response. So sometimes, it’s best to block and ignore them.

2. Pretend You Didn’t See It

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You can save yourself the trouble and just ignore it. Let the sender wonder if you have seen their attachments. If they bring it up, just say you didn’t receive anything and must have gone to someone else.

3. “Mine’s Bigger”

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This is the perfect response if you’re a guy and receive unsolicited images in your DM.

It will shut them down instantly.

4. “I Did Not Consent To This, I Am Reporting You”

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Sending unwanted pictures is an outright form of sexual harassment. So stand firm if your boss, colleague, or acquaintance sends you inappropriate content without your consent. Threaten to report them to HR or the police.

5. “Pedophilia Is Illegal, and How Dare You Send Me Such a Photo”

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Fun fact: Men who constantly push their pics into people’s inboxes are also the ones who react the most allergic to accusations of it being small.

So, this comeback? It’s the ego slam they’d never recover from.

6. “LMAO!!! Thank You for the Laugh. Sharing With All My Friends and Followers”

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As I mentioned, the online world is a jungle. Waking up to your own pics trending? No one’s game for that. If they cringe at their own exposure, they should think twice about hitting send without your say.

7. “Your Angles Need Work, Solid 3/10 Wouldn’t Recommend”

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While you may want to keep cool when responding to unwanted pics, a little humor and sarcasm won’t hurt.

8. “Thanks, but No Thanks”

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Short and simple!

You’re simply telling them: “Respect yourself and respect me,” politely yet firmly.

9. “Cool. I’m Still Not Going To Send You Same Reply”

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It’s funny how some people assume that by sending you their pictures, you will return the favor.

Sorry, but no. This is not a give-and-take situation.

10. “I Think You Got the Wrong Number”

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This direct response makes it clear that you do not welcome unprompted pictures in your inbox. It is simply inappropriate.

11. “Oh No. I’ve Been So Pranked!”

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We’ve all had high hopes about something at some point but have yet to be disappointed with the reality of it. This hilarious roast will nail the message just right.

12. “That’s an Ugly Cat There, Grandma.”

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It’s a little insulting, but some people can be persistent. If playing it cool is not working with them, this is what you need to shut them down.

13. “I Was Thinking About Donating My Eyes After My Death, Now I’ll Get It Done When I Am Alive. Thanks to You”

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This response light-heartedly acknowledges the unexpected nature of the message. It may prompt the sender to realize the “uniqueness” of their approach and reconsider their actions in the future.

14. Rate It Poorly and Then Block Them

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No one will judge you for being petty here. After all, the sender deserves it for being so brazen and not respecting your personal space.

15. Ask Them, “Why Did You Think I Wanted To See That?”

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 If you have the time and patience, have a candid conversation with them. Allow them to explain why they thought you’d appreciate seeing their explicit pictures.

Their response might surprise you in a good way.

16. Do the Lord’s Work, If You Like Them

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Start by complimenting their body. Then, give them large paragraphs in CAPS as to why sending inappropriate images without consent is wrong.

17. Play Doctor

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Play doctor and offer them unsolicited medical advice.

Like this subtle shade I saw on the socials: “As a paramedic, I wasn’t trained to understand skin diseases as they don’t cause emergency situations. Please consult a dermatologist about this problem.

… pretty sure it’s contagious, though.” 

Or this one: “Is that discharge? You should get it checked.”


18. “No, I’m Not Joining Your Club”

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Let them know what you think of their weird attempt. Do it with a touch of shade. If the sender has any self-respect left, they’ll apologize and leave you alone.

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