9 Things That Are Considered Weird, but Most Still Do

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We have filled our world with diverse customs and eccentric behaviors. Here we list some of the usual practices ranging from peculiar personal habits to quirky social trends that continue to baffle, surprise, and even entertain us.

1) Smelling Armpits in Public To See if They Smell

Man in sweat smelling his armpit
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While it may seem bizarre, some individuals do discreetly sniff their armpits in public to check for any unpleasant odor, ensuring they maintain proper hygiene and avoid any potential embarrassment.

2) Posting on Behalf of Toddlers on Their Social Media

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In the age of social media, a peculiar trend has emerged where parents create and manage accounts for their young children, sharing updates, photos, and even captions as if the toddlers themselves were posting, often blurring the line between their own identity and that of their child.

3) Picking a Nose While Driving

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Although commonly regarded as impolite in most social settings, many people find themselves indulging in the discreet act of nose-picking while driving, taking advantage of the privacy of their vehicle.

4) Bitting the Dead Skin off of Your Fingers

Nail biting is a weird habit
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A rather unorthodox habit, some individuals find satisfaction in biting or peeling off the dead skin around their fingers or engaging in nail-biting as a nervous or subconscious behavior.

While this is often considered to disregard social norms, it can serve as a stress-relieving mechanism for some individuals.

5) Letting Friends and Family Track You With Apps

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It has become increasingly common for people to willingly allow their friends and family members to track their whereabouts in real-time, perhaps as a way to foster a sense of security or maintain a constant connection.

Even though it looks creepy if done constantly, there are plenty of situations where sharing the location is truly convenient and even advisable (e.g., for safety reasons).

6) Keeping Uncomfortable Eye Contact

Man staring at you
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A Redditor states that eye contact is “a sign of aggression in almost every other animal, yet somehow humans think it’s polite.” He is questioning – how?

While it may make some people feel uneasy, others deliberately maintain prolonged and intense eye contact during conversations, considering it a sign of attentiveness, assertiveness, or even as a means of establishing dominance in certain contexts.

7) Using Tons of Emojis After a Sentence

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People often employ an excessive number of emojis after completing a sentence, sometimes to convey emotions that might be difficult to express through words alone or to enhance the overall tone and context of the message.

8) Smelling Their Socks

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A peculiar habit for some, sniffing one’s own socks is a way to assess their cleanliness or detect any unpleasant odors, ensuring that their feet and footwear remain fresh and odor-free.

9) Creating Instagram Accounts for Their Pets

pet and owner communication. human and animal relationship. girl showing a picture on the phone to her cat.
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People have taken pet adoration to new heights in the world of social media by setting up dedicated Instagram accounts for their furry companions. These accounts often feature photos, captions, and even unique personalities crafted for the pets, allowing them to amass their own online following.

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