11 Honest Reasons People Surprisingly Don’t Want Kids

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Picture a world where your account isn’t held hostage by a little Cocomelon fan, sleepless nights are non-existent, and the word ‘diaper’ doesn’t raise your heart rate. Well, for some Redditors and alike, it’s a lifestyle. Parenting was considered the ultimate achievement, but these new-age souls embrace the possibility of living without their mini-mes’. Here are the top reasons why Reddit users don’t want kids.

1. Too Much Responsibility

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One Reddit user said, “Kids are fun in small doses when it’s not your responsibility to ensure they grow up to be kind people. Spoil your friend’s kids.” 

Others agreed, “I don’t know if you feel the same way, but the amount of responsibility that comes with a child seems TERRIFYING.” and “I struggle to take care of myself, zero chance I could handle taking care of another human being.”

2. It’s Exhausting

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Life challenges, work frustration, and other personal factors seem more than enough for some. “Expensive, plus being a teacher, I have seen enough and don’t want to come home to dealing with more kids,” shared one. 

“Fellow teacher here. Same feelings. After some of those tougher days at school, sometimes all I desire is the ability to get away, to come home and sit in silence. Imagine having my girlfriend and I both working full-time [as we’d need to in order to support a family] only to come home and jump right into full-time parenting duty is so unbelievably daunting.” 

3. No Desire

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Another said, “I can sit here and come up with reasons all day long if I felt like it – that I don’t want to sacrifice my time, money, or energy, that I don’t want to put a strain on my relationship or my body, that the economic and political climate isn’t conducive to it, etc. But the truth is that those factors wouldn’t stop me if I had the desire or instinct to have kids. But I don’t. It’s literally as simple as that. I’m totally willing to make sacrifices and compromises for things that are compelling or motivating to me, and kids aren’t.”

4. State of the World

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“Do I want to care for a child in these pandemics and the World War era? That’s my reason. Don’t want to bring a child to life in these modern times; it’ll be too harsh of a life in a couple of years.” one person said.

5. Mental Health Issues

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One shared, “My ex was an alcoholic, as were many in his family. Depression as well, and with me. Depression, OCD, and dysfunction also run in my family, and that scenario doesn’t lend itself to a supportive and healthy family life for children. My children are young adults now, and the suffering they’ve endured because of all that and the inherited mental health issues brings me great sadness. When you’re young and starting a family, you don’t consider all the realities, and they weigh heavy year after year.”

6. Childhood Trauma

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One forum member said, “I refuse to ruin a child as badly as my parents ruined me, and I don’t think I could cope with being responsible for an infant or a toddler. Also, my genes aren’t worth passing on.”

“I received an awful blueprint for parenthood. When I was a child, my parents repeatedly told my brother and me that we ruined their lives and that children destroy careers and fun. Not interested in manifesting similar ruinations for our progeny,” one replied.

7. Lifestyle Flexibility

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“I don’t want to waste my time taking care of another person until they are capable of doing things on their own. I’ve wasted so much time worrying about what others would think/do and not living at the present moment that I want that time to be invested in myself,” said one.

8. Noise Pollution

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A Reddit user confirmed, “They are very noisy. My kids are 250 miles away this weekend at their grandparents’ house, and if I listen closely, I can still hear them asking for snacks and arguing with each other.”

9. Preference of Pets to Kids

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One person commented, “I don’t understand people. I don’t particularly like people. I like animals. I understand and get far more back from pets than I would a kid. I don’t have to be a role model for my pets. I don’t have to shield them from certain truths and then try to reveal and explain to them later. I don’t have to pretend I’m doing okay and everything is good when, in fact, it’s not. I can just be me and let them be them, and we will understand each other perfectly.”

10. Fear of Child Birth

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“I don’t want to destroy my body, be treated as an incubator, and lose my identity. Pregnancy seems to give society the right to judge and demand women’s behavior with no inclination to help them. I have a friend whose organs fall out if her bowel movement is too hard, and the surgery to fix it is “elective.” The horror birthing stories I’ve had to listen to is enough to validate my decision.” one person commented.

11. Uncertainty of Parenting

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“Even if you are a good parent, your child might still hate being alive.” one said. Another replied, “Or end up being a terrible person anyway, like one of my sisters.”

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