16 Ridiculously Overpriced Things That People Continue To Buy

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It’s remarkable how some items manage to defy logic and carry absurd price tags. The market is rife with products that challenge our understanding of value. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 overpriced things that continue to captivate buyers.

1. Concert Tickets

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Concert tickets, often priced well beyond face value on the resale market, exemplify the passion people have for live music. “My wife wanted us to go to a concert recently. She told me the tickets would be more than $700. I asked her if we were going to be witnessing the return of Jesus. When I was going to concerts in my teens and early 20s, $50 was considered expensive for a ticket. Most were around $35”.

2. Burrito From the Sign on the Food Truck

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Fast food can be so expensive. Especially at concerts, shows, and sporting events. “If people are willing to pay $20 for an egg, cheese, and potato burrito, I’m quitting my job and starting a breakfast cafe tomorrow.”

3. Alcohol at a Bar

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Alcohol is pricy in general, but it’s another story at the bar. When you start ordering cocktails, it adds up crazy fast, “it’s essentially the cost of ordering dinner for another person or two.”

4. Glasses

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If you opt for fashionable frames, it can become outrageously expensive. As a Redditor puts it, “I could always buy cheap ones, but I’d rather pay money to have nice frames that I actually like wearing rather than a pair I couldn’t care less about.”

5. Stuff at the Hotel’s Minibar

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The items in a hotel’s minibar, from snacks to beverages, come with a staggering markup, turning a late-night treat into an unexpectedly costly temptation for travelers.

6. Beef Jerky

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We could extend the list to other similar snacks, for that matter. Beef jerky, with its concentrated flavor and convenience, can be a costly protein fix that leaves snackers wondering if they’re paying a premium for those savory strips.

7. Razor Refills

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Many consider going the safety razor route. “It was kind of funny how I’d get a new customer, and they’d buy a safety razor, then all of their friends/family would, then I’d never see them again because one of those things lasts forever.”

8. Printer Ink or Toner Cartridges

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Have you ever had an impression that your printer itself was cheaper than the replacement cartridge?  Unfortunately, most of the time, this is a business model of the manufacturers. They lure you into buying a device relatively cheaply, and then they compensate with your ongoing procurements of cartridges.

9. Business Class

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Business class is so expensive, and technically, what you get is transported from A to Z together with other passengers. However, it can mean a completely different experience while you’re on board: “I needed to get back from Dubai and flew Emirates A-380 business from UAE to Amsterdam. I’m just glad I got to experience that – it’s a different world – complete with an open bar in the back of the aircraft. I’ve never been exposed to that type of luxury”.

10. Gluten-Free Bread

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Gluten-free bread can cost 4x as much, and the quality is substantially poorer than other bread because it’s made to have wide appeal and packed with preservatives. “We’ve resorted to baking our own, but even then, it’s not great.”

11. Coffee in Coffee Shops

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Buy quality beans and try to brew coffee yourself. Even if it seems pricy to get a 2 lb whole-bean coffee pack, just calculate how many coups you could make and what is the price of the cup. Now, compare it to your favorite “coffee corner.” Plus, the experience and ritual are well worth a try.

12. Legos

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Oh, yes. As pieces of plastic, legos have a hefty price tag. Lego has an excellent patent protecting them, and they are the kind of monopoly in this area. And Legos are lovely – for kids and adults alike.

13. Water at the Airport

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Only a tiny amount is offered on the planes. And not all airports have fountains that look trustworthy. What’s left?

14. Insulin

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Depending on where you live, you’re in luck if it’s subsidized by the government or covered by health insurance. Otherwise, the price can be outrageous. And yet, people don’t have a choice.

15. SaaS Subscriptions

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Whether it’s work or a hobby, the sums add up very fast. Not to mention that companies know and use various tricks to get you into their “premium” plans. Some subscriptions you have forgotten a long time ago, yet they keep draining your money. Other products might be like addictions you can’t live without, but it’s worth reconsidering their purpose nevertheless.

16. Impulse Purchases

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It’s not about a particular product but rather a pattern of unplanned spending that can include anything from small accessories and snacks to items on sale that catch our eye. Spontaneous buys that we often make on a whim usually tend to be pretty expensive down the line compared to their value. Being mindful of impulsive shopping is crucial in maintaining a budget and making more intentional choices about where our money goes.

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