11 Married Men’s Thoughts on Willingly Leaving Marriage

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In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a sounding board for various discussions. Platforms like Twitter (now X), Facebook, Instagram, and online forums like Reddit and Quora allow people from all walks of life to share their perspectives and experiences.

Not long ago, a Twitter thread caught my attention. It read, “Married men in my timeline, how often have you thought about waking up, leaving, and not coming back? You just disappear.”

This thread highlighted a topic that is rarely talked about. As I scrolled through the comments, I was truly amazed by the candid and thought-provoking statements shared by some married men. Here are some comments on that Twitter thread that left an impression on me.

1. Only for the Kids

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Several men confessed to contemplating disappearing but decided against it for the sake of their children. One man stated, “My daughter is the only reason I am going back to that house; otherwise, I’d disappear.” 

Another shared, “Very many times, but the thought of my kids suffering my absence always makes me come back.”.

2. Don’t Think Twice, Just Leave!

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Alex, known by his Twitter handle, shared a remarkable tale: “After 8 years of marriage, I left on 31st December 2021 for work and never came back. I left my 2 kids, my 3-bedroom house worth 10 million, my car, and everything to start afresh. Sometimes, peace is worth leaving material things behind.” 

This left me wondering, how bad did it get for him to make such a life-changing decision?

3. Prison Without Walls

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Someone commented, “Every day, avoid marriage if you can; it’s unnecessary, a prison without walls.”

4. East or West Home Is Best

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One man returned to his family’s home before things took a turn for the worse. He stated, “I left and went back to my folks’ house. I stayed there for 7 months, unbothered by anything. Even if you stay for the sake of the kids, the kids will learn and see the hatred and toxicity between the parents.”

5. It’s Not All Bad

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This man offered a more balanced perspective on marriage. He said, “We’ve had our share of difficult times, but I can’t imagine not coming back. Good times have always followed difficult times. The hard times pay for the good times. The good times compensate for the hard ones. That’s life. As long as the good far outweighs the hard, I am in.”

6. Can’t Handle the Financial Stress Anymore

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Money problems and financial disagreements can strain a marriage, leading to divorce. The man shared his story, “My wife and I were constantly arguing about money. We had different financial priorities, and it seemed like we could never get on the same page. The stress of living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet was taking a toll on our relationship.”

7. It’s All Karma!

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One man who seemingly gave up hope said, “I have come to convince myself that whatever I’m going through is Karma for how terrible I was to my Exes. Otherwise… But sometimes she goes overboard, good lord!” 

He added, “Again, our daughter resembles my mom more than I do and is also ‘born after’ my mother, so I gotta stay.”

8. I Love My Wife

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Interestingly, some men showcased deep love and dedication to their marriages. One shared, “My wife is the only happiness I know. Dated for 4 years and now 6 years in marriage; 4+6=10. We are expecting a secondborn in early March, and it feels like we met yesterday. Ours is about love and love only. Respect keeps marriage.” 

Another added, “Never. My wife is the love of my life. The air I breathe. The one I don’t deserve.” Admirable, indeed.

9. Give-And-Take

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How do you survive marriage? One man who seems to have his marriage together advised, “Marriage is a school you will survive it when you are ready to learn, unlearn, relearn, apologize, and COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. If you start wrong and marry for wrong reasons(anything that dissipates or changes), you will struggle.”

He continued, “On the contrary, I have been on this bed of roses with her for over 10 years less such occasions! The approach is concise communication, participatory involvement in family-related issues, honesty, and friendship. It’s been pure 12 years of experiencing marriage”.

10. Seek Counselling

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Someone left this sage piece of advice in the comments, “Some of you clearly didn’t know what marriage was all about before jumping into it, hence picking the wrong partner or even is the wrong partner. Just wanted to marry without properly educating yourselves on marriage.” 

Go for counseling, perhaps.” he concluded. This guidance, though unsolicited, undeniably rings true.

11. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

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Some men recognize that challenges exist everywhere, and it’s important to spot red flags in relationships to prevent crises down the road. One man reflected, “The minute I leave home, I always keep thinking of when I will be back to hug everybody in the house.” My child’s joy, my wife’s smile, and the maid’s glare are just priceless. I can never imagine not coming back.”

He added, “Let me offer some good advice to my fellow men; it is raining everywhere, and the little problem that will make you leave your wife will be the same problem you will find with other women. Better persevere with your chosen wife at home.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts? Would you willingly walk away from your marriage and not look back? Women, what would you do if your husband left like this? Share your thoughts below.

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