12 Ways To Identify and Avoid Red Flags in a Relationship

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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to relationships, especially publicized ones. As an outsider looking in, it’s easy to spot red flags, but when it comes down to your relationship, it’s not easy to spot red flags. So, how do you know the warning signs to look out for in a relationship?

Fear not; we will help you see those pink and yellow flags for what they are, which is blood red.

1. Lack of Support

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In a healthy relationship, partners should be each other’s cheerleaders. When one partner consistently fails to offer support, whether it’s for career aspirations, personal goals, or emotional challenges, it can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Over time, this can undermine the emotional connection and well-being of both individuals.

2. Lack of Trust

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Trust is a big part of any relationship, including the financial one. It is fragile because it takes years to build and one second to destroy. A red flag in any relationship is when your partner doesn’t trust you. If your partner constantly checks your phone and questions what you say or do, this is your queue to get counseling or run. Having doubts is normal in any relationship, but it shouldn’t affect the trust on both sides.

3. Controlling Behavior

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If you have dealt with a loved one in a controlling relationship, you know they think it’s a sign of how much their partner cares. They always play it off as a sign of love, but it isn’t. Love shouldn’t be controlling. Love should take you as you are without trying to change you. Therefore, if your partner tries to control how you think, act, believe, or talk, it’s time you start signing to the left with Beyonce.

4. Financial Control

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Is a clear red flag if your partner controls all the money, monitors your spending, or makes major financial decisions alone. This imbalance can lead to feelings of powerlessness. In severe cases, it can be a form of abuse.

5. Mental, Emotional, and Physical Abuse

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It’s easier to pick out physical abuse as a red flag. That’s why most abusers start with mental and emotional abuse. The mental and emotional abuse wears you down and makes you feel deserving of the physical abuse. The signs of emotional and mental abuse to watch out for include-

  • Yelling
  • Acting overly jealous
  • Silent treatment
  • Isolating you from your loved ones
  • Unpredictable outbursts of anger
  • Using insulting language when communicating
  • Threats
  • Manipulation

6. Narcissism

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Even if you have no idea what being a narcissist means, you have probably seen this word thrown around on social media. A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition where someone has a high sense of self-importance. The world revolves around a narcissist, and no one else matters more than them. Being in a relationship with a narcissist is exhausting and traumatizing because you don’t matter as much to them. Their needs matter more than their partners, making it difficult to relate or reason with them.

7. Poor Communication

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Not communicating feelings to a partner is a potential red flag. We often lack the words to describe how we feel, especially during a confrontation or vulnerable situation. However, if your partner never tries to communicate or let you know what they think or feel, it is time to re-examine your relationship.

8. Codependency

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Picture yourself as a bag, and your partner offloads their emotional baggage on you every day, which stocks up with your emotions. Don’t get me wrong; sharing is good and essential in any relationship. However, the relationship may fail if one partner relies heavily on the other for psychological and emotional support. Mental overload and emotional exhaustion can weigh down on the strongest and make them stagnate in life.

9. Pushing Your Boundaries

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Does your partner know your boundaries and still try to see how far they can go/It could be the slightest thing, such as not picking up their clothes when they change to not getting personal space to regroup after a long day. When you communicate your boundaries, your partner should love you enough to respect them. It could be a red flag in the future if your partner keeps pushing your limits because they may not take them as seriously as you want them to. Therefore, your relationship might fail because of a lack of assertiveness in the long run. Words like ‘stop’ and ‘no’ may not register.

10. Hurtful Teasing

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We all want a funny partner who will make us laugh through the tough times. However, if your partner keeps making you the butt of their jokes, you might have a problem. Are you used to hearing these magical words, ‘It’s a joke, don’t be too serious.’ Well, hunny, this is for you. Jokes that pick at your flaws and a mean sense of humor are probably not what you want in a partner in the long run. Getting roasted by your partner every time is a red flag, especially if you’ve communicated that you don’t appreciate it.

11. Being Mean To Other People

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The good news about this red flag is it always pops up before things get too serious. Imagine going on a date, and your potential partner is rude to the waiter and others in the service industry. If this doesn’t scream red to you, I don’t know what will. Undervaluing people in the service industry will let you know enough about someone’s character and their views about society.

12. Love Bombing

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Some of us fall in love as fast as a heart attack, and love bombing has nothing to do with them. Love bombing is when your partner tries to manipulate you into a codependent situation using overly sweet phrases. Watch out for lines like-

  • I’ll die if you leave me.
  • I can’t live without you.

Anytime you feel anxious or feel like someone is fiercely affectionate, it might be time to hit the brakes.

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