14 Worth-To-Have Things in the Home Office That Most Unknowingly Skip

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Remote work has blurred the lines between home and work due to recent adjustments with the pandemic. Whether you are a seasoned remote worker or just starting to embrace working from home, it’s clear that a well-equipped home office makes all the difference.

Creating a productive home office goes beyond just having a desk and a chair. Many people overlook essential items that can significantly boost comfort, efficiency, and creativity. By thoughtfully curating your workspace, you can transform it into an inspiring working environment.

1. Sitting Ball

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If you work from home, you can call yourself lucky to choose the environment best suited for your likes and needs. Why not invest in something great for your health?

Having a sitting ball can offer numerous benefits for both physical health and productivity. Using a sitting ball engages core muscles, promoting better posture and helping to alleviate back pain associated with prolonged sitting. The dynamic nature of sitting on a ball encourages subtle movements, which can enhance blood circulation and prevent stiffness.

Additionally, the instability of the ball prompts small adjustments in body position, contributing to improved balance and coordination. Beyond the physical advantages, the active seating provided by a sitting ball can foster increased alertness and concentration, ultimately boosting productivity.

2. A Quality Wide Monitor

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A big wide monitor or a dual monitor setup can totally transform your home office experience. When working with a single small screen, you often find yourself constantly switching between tabs and windows. It is time-consuming and distracting. A wide monitor or dual monitors provide great screen real estate, allowing you to have multiple applications, documents, or browser tabs open side by side.

Such a setup may require some time to get used to it, but after that, you won’t look back. Your workflow will be smoother and more efficient.

3. Blue Light Glasses

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You should get one of these bad boys if you have experienced eye strain or pain from watching the computer screen for too long. You don’t have to have terrible eyesight to get yourself a pair. The glasses are affordable and will help with watery eyes and strain. Furthermore, you can use them when driving for clearer sight.

4. Adjustable Standing Desk

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Creating a home office workstation starts with picking out a comfortable work desk. Instead of going for a standard desk, try a standing desk. The standing desk allows you to stretch as you work. Working from home can make you adapt to a sedentary lifestyle, and a standing desk will help you maintain some form of physical activity as you work.

5. Posture Support

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The downside of remote work is the hours spent sitting down. A sedentary lifestyle will affect your posture and back. Posture support items like a lumbar support pillow or memory foam chair cushion will give you extra back support. An anti-fatigue mat will improve all-day support and reduce general body pain if you have a standing desk.

6. Under-The-Desk Footrest

Man has pain his leg
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We can all agree that working from home can make the most active person less inactive. Sitting down most of the day will misalign your body, especially if you have a bad sitting posture. Poor posture will cause pain and aches. 

How can you solve this? By getting an under-the-desk footrest. Using this with a comfortable chair and desk will help you sit through the extra hours and relieve you of pressure on your lower back and feet. Furthermore, it will work wonders for your posture.

7. Office Coffee Machine

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Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to wait in line for your coffee with the rest of your family. With an office coffee machine, you will have your coffee ready whenever you need a refreshment, which will be at arm’s length. Shop for a conveniently small coffee machine to help you save some office space.

8. Mug Warmer

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You are set for the day with a convenient office coffee machine now in your office. However, fast forward three hours later when you finish your tasks and realize your drink is cold. A mug warmer helps you keep your coffee warm. Most of them have different temperature sets and come in different colors that can match your home office aesthetic. Say goodbye to not burning your tongue by drinking too fast or re-heating your coffee in the microwave.

9. Signature and Address Stamp

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It’s 2023, and no one has the time to stamp a load of documents. Choosing a self-inking signature and address stamp will make you efficient and reduce the hassle of messing your fingers with ink. Furthermore, you can designate signing tasks for your assistant by simply giving them the stamp and the documents. You can get your work moving even when you are not physically close to the office or records.

10. Zen Decor

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Your home office doesn’t have to remind you of your work office. You can spruce up your office and reflect positive energy and your personality. You can do this with some zen decor. It could be a painting of your family, relaxing wall colors, inspirational quotes, or a relaxing game in the corner of the room.

The worst you can do is to make your space cluttered and untidy. Unless you’re the type of person who needs “a creative mess,” keep your work area neat and clean.

11. Bluetooth Speaker

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Having a home office party is out of the picture, but playing relaxing tunes in the background will work wonders for your mental health. Some people work better when listening to classical music, while others accomplish more with Reggeaton playing in the background. Squeeze in a dance session during your break. A small but strong Bluetooth speaker will fit right into the office without taking up space.

12. Microphone and Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Do you struggle to hear or be heard during video call meetings when working from home? A decent microphone and headphones should be on your priority list. You should get noise-canceling headphones if you live in a loud neighborhood or have kids. 

Additionally, these headphones are such a great tool for people struggling with paying attention. The headphones eliminate all outside noise distractions and help you focus on the meetings. Before you buy the microphone and headphones, ensure they meet your needs and are comfortable for use.

13. Fire Safe Box

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Do you need help with storing confidential and vital business records? Consider a fire-safe box when thinking about storage. You could even place backup copies of essential data away from prying eyes and possible fire damage.

14. Acrylic Dry Eraser Board

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Working from home is all about multitasking. You have to have your home and work to-do lists in order. It’s practical, helpful, and feels like one of the art pieces in the office. You can track all the tasks you must complete for the day and use it to manage your time more efficiently.

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