24 Bad Advice That Women Keep Giving Their Friends

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Other than looking in the mirror when girls follow each other to the bathroom, they talk a lot. It could be about life or letting each other know how to improve their appearance and conversations. Whatever you say in the sister circle stays in the sister circle. What happens when the sister circle sounds like it has lost its mind?

We have all been in a situation where that good friend gives you the worst advice. Here is some of the awful and toxic advice girls have received over the years. All we can say is yikes. 

From life to boyfriends, the girls have spilled it all. Some of the advice goes back to high school. At the same time, others are toxic advice from random drunk girls in the club bathroom and blogs. Brace yourself as we take this cringe cruise together.

1. Flirt With His Friends To Make Him Jealous

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Nothing makes a man or crush more loving than when he is jealous, or so we thought. You will soon discover that no one will move on faster than a man who thinks you are unavailable.

2. If You Want a Guy To Be More Interested in You, Ignore Him

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I don’t know who came up with these ideas, but ignoring the love of your life is not your best bet in a loving relationship. When, in reality, any sane person will pull away from the relationship. Don’t follow this advice unless you want to binge-watch true crime documentaries alone all weekend.

3. Don’t Respond Immediately – You’ll Seem Desperate

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Double-texting doesn’t have to scream that you are needy. All of which are perfectly relatable and normal. However, someone’s daughter has found a way of making the latter seem embarrassing. The truth is that life is short, and there are no do-overs. If you love someone, nothing is embarrassing about responding immediately.

4. Keep Your Options Open by Dating Multiple People

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Nothing spells disaster like juggling relationships with the hope of sustaining them all. On a typical day, it’s hard enough to come up with a meal plan. Imagine having to maintain multiple conversations or plan dates with the hope that you won’t meet one of your lovers. It’s ridiculous.

5. He Should Love You More

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Everyone deserves to be pampered. It should go both ways since everyone likes getting lovely gifts and attention from their lovers.

6. Loyalty Test

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Playing games on your lover in the name of a loyalty test to see if they will cheat was the epitome of high school madness. Sitting down with a friend to develop mind games that test your partner is one way of fast-tracking a breakup.

7. He’s Scared of His Feelings for You

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If someone ignores you or doesn’t act right when dating you, you should count your losses and move on. Don’t listen to your friends’ excuses because they are afraid to tell you the relationship is over.

8. If He Cheated On You, You Should Cheat Back To Make It Even

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Nothing screams ‘ I want this relationship to work’ like cheating to get back at your partner. If you can’t stand the affair, don’t stick around long enough to even it out. 

9. It’s Your Special Day – Do Whatever You Want for Your Vision

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Bridezillas assemble here, please. We need to stop telling brides that the wedding is about them. The groom is not a guest who should show up without contributing. Weddings are for two people and two families. Everyone may have different tastes, but this is the time to compromise and work together.

10. Play Hard To Get

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Healthy relationships grow when watered. Mind games are not it. There’s nothing about mind games that scream ‘I love you.’ Playing hard to get will only push your partner away.

11. Dump Him

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As a woman, you have heard this statement more than once. Your friends may be done with your relationship, but it doesn’t mean that you should be, too. Although this suggestion can be worthwhile, save your relationship if you feel it’s worth fighting for.

12. If He’s Mean to You, It Means He Likes You

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If you are reading this, you are not in kindergarten. Nothing about emotional abuse should translate to love. If he is mean to you, stay away from him and find someone who loves you just as hard.

13. You Don’t Owe Him Anything

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We can all agree that we don’t owe bystanders anything, but shouldn’t you care a little if it’s a husband or boyfriend? Detaching and lacking emotion has never been cool. If you value your relationship, explain, clarify, and fill out all the blanks for your partner.

14. There’s Someone Better Out There for You

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In a strained relationship, it can be easy to think the grass is greener on the other side. It will always seem like you can get better options if you live, but can you? If you can talk things over and hush it out, try by all means. The grass that looks greener might be artificial.

15. You’d Look Pretty if You Wore This and Did That

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Forcing beauty standards on our friends has been a regular part of growing up.  It starts as early as middle school. Just because it seems normal doesn’t mean that it is correct. Other than reducing confidence, it works wonders on the personality. You don’t have to wax your eyebrows or start using makeup. It’s not your thing.

16. If He Doesn’t Like You at Your Worst, He Doesn’t Deserve You at Your Best

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Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally because we all have good and bad days. Instead of being mean, why don’t you focus on giving your partner the best version of you? Communicate when you are not in a good mental space or want some space in the relationship.

17. You Can Cheat if It Makes You Happy

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Are your friends enablers? Do they always support you, even when you are in the wrong? If they do, you don’t need them around anymore. Your friends should want the best for you and be ready to let you know when you make mistakes. Don’t surround yourself with yes-men.

18. Change Yourself To Fit His Ideal Girl’s Image

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Creating a different image and personality so your partner likes you more is crazy. Why not be yourself and attract the right man who loves you for you? Plus, just because he has a type doesn’t mean you cannot unapologetically fit into his life. 

19. He Is Probably Cheating Anyway

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Long-distance relationships are hard enough. Don’t let an unsupportive friend feed into your doubts all the time. Just because he isn’t somewhere accessible doesn’t mean that he has his tongue stuck down another girl’s throat. 

20. Get over Your Ex-Boyfriend by Getting a Rebound

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The Reddit men had no problem with this as a form of advice, and we all know why. Wink! Wink! Rebounding should be phased out by now. Nothing positive comes from sleeping with a random guy. You will not get over your ex-boyfriend like that. Let’s try some meditation and soul-searching, girl.

21. It’s Better To Have a Boyfriend Than None, Even if He Is Mean

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Who needs enemies when you have friends that tell you this? Prioritizing a toxic relationship over your physical and emotional well-being is a no. A relationship should make you feel safe and loved. Singlehood is not a disease.

22. Sleep With Him To Keep Him Interested

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You don’t have to sleep with anyone to make them interested in you. The love interest is organic and flows without having to force anything. It’s okay to set some boundaries and respect yourself.

23. He’s Not Interested Unless He Pays for the Date

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Who pays for the date, and is it that important? A date doesn’t have to fall squarely on a man. Sometimes, go fifty-fifty, pick up the bill, or plan a picnic. Additionally, just because he hasn’t taken you on an expensive date doesn’t mean he cares less about you. Maybe he is just financially overstretched. It happens, ladies.

24. Fake a Pregnancy Scare To Test How Committed He Is

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have talked about the loyalty test.  We have now gotten to its sister, the commitment test. Manipulating someone’s emotions using a cooked-up storyline will make anyone pull away. Let your partner know that you need some attention and quality time.

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