13 Absurd Reasons Why Some People Choose To Be Single

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“Are you still single?” is the most infamously dodged question in family gatherings. Fear not because you are not alone. We had the chance to read why some Redditors have proudly chosen not to join the love rollercoaster. From refusing to share their food toppings to not being a morning person, these brave souls have the most absurd reasons for enjoying riding the solo wave. 

Here are some foolish reasons why people choose to be single.

1. Unlimited Sleeping Positions

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From preferring to sleep in the middle of the bed, kicking, and hogging the blanket – it’s unbelievable, but a Redditor finds this a good excuse not to get into a relationship. 

2. Inability To Handle Their Collection of Obscure Memes

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Imagine asking someone what their love language is and the person casually responding with Memes. Well, this group of Redditors live, breathe, and speak memes. However, they can’t find someone who matches their energy and sense of humor.

3. Preference for Fictional Characters Rather Than Real People

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Have you ever watched an old good romantic movie and felt a spark between you and a fictional character? Some forum users have taken this spark to a new level by simply deciding to live in their delusion rather than getting into a real-life relationship.

4. Homebody

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Staying indoors to play video games, watch Netflix shows, and relax sounds like a better alternative than going on multiple dates and finding love. The worldwide lockdown made some people comfortable at home, and now they don’t want to leave and engage with others.

5. No One Loves the PS5 Game Haze Like They Do

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You don’t just have to know how to play the games on the console, but you have to love them as much as they do. No one has been able to match their love for this gaming console.

6. Barber Messed Up Their Hair

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With dating applications like Tinder and Grindr, the dating scene has become all about physical attraction. If you don’t look good, no one will pick you. Therefore, this Redditor blames his barber for single-handedly dragging them out of the dating scene.

7. Love for Their Uncommon Pets

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Most people are okay with dating someone who has a dog, cat, or bird. Imagine walking into a house with a full-grown python or a tarantula. Well, some don’t need a human relationship because their love for their uncommon pets is enough.

8. Ability To Set Preferred Home Temperature

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Setting your thermostat to the temperature you want at any time without explaining or asking for permission is more satisfying than a relationship for some.

9. Binge Watching True Crime Documentaries

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True crime documentaries are interesting. However, they highlight the negative side of humanity. It is understandable why someone would not want to join the love train and meet new people.

10. Not Compromising on TV Shows

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Relationships are all about compromising for the sake of your partner’s happiness. After a decade of choosing to be single and watching whatever TV show they wanted, being in a relationship seems like a disadvantage

11. Working On Fixing Their Teeth First

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People fix their teeth for many reasons, such as improving their smiles or boosting self-esteem. Now, being aesthetically pleasing to the eye is one of the reasons keeping people out of the dating scene and their future partners.

12.  No One Likes Their 9/11 Dark Humor

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In a generation that embraces cancel culture, no one wants society to ice them out over their partner’s dark-humored jokes regarding a historic terrorist attack.

13. Negative Past Relationship Experiences

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This reason is not actually foolish. Previous negative relationship experiences can lead some to swear off romantic involvement altogether. However, it is important to understand that the circumstances were perhaps unique or unlikely to repeat.

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