How Much Does It Cost To Remove Tattoos After You Changed Your Mind

Find out how much does it cost to remove tattoos
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Some people adore their tattoos, while others often get bored with them and try to remove them as soon as possible. Although tattoos are considered permanent, there are various methods of removing them. Some of the methods are easy to do at home, while others require medical intervention.

How much does it cost to remove tattoos? The answer isn’t straightforward. Tattoo removal cost depends on the tattoo’s size, color, and complexity.

Let’s go ahead and see different options.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Tattoos

If you are left with a tattoo you don’t like, you can either live with it, embrace it or try to find something that you like about it, hoping that your new tattoos (if any) will be much better. Another option is to try to fade your tattoos with a DIY approach or simply cover them.

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Natural, home-based DIY ways of lightening tattoos aren’t as effective as surgical ones. Still, they are cheaper, more accessible, and to some – less stressful. And they might be just enough for some people.

On the other hand, if you need it done quickly and effectively – you’ll have to apply surgical methods. Obviously, the tattoo removal cost will be higher.

Inexpensive Ways to Remove Tattoos at Home

Home tattoo removal is the process of removing tattoos without the use of a laser.

Lemon Juice

Cost: close to nothing

Lemon juice is known for its natural lightening agents. It is suitable to use on both skin and hair. The safest way to use lemon is not to mix it with anything else (including hydrogen peroxide or glycolic acid). Simply squeeze the juice from the lemon and apply it directly to the tattoo.

This DIY method is the most efficient on black ink, while it works much lesser on yellow, green, and blue tattoos.

Sunlight Exposure

Cost: free

Exposing your tattoos to sun rays can surely make them fade faster. However, this is not a safe option if you decide to go out with an SPF. As you know, exposing your body to the sun without protection can cause skin cancer.

Here’s the solution.

Apply an SPF all over your body, except the tattoo area you want to lighten. You will notice that your tattoo will fade, also black ones more than the ones in color.

Homemade Sugar Scrubs and Hydrogen Peroxide

Cost: $10-$20

Exfoliation plus hydrogen peroxide is one more method for removing your tattoos at home. If you were wondering how this can help, this is how.

You first need to exfoliate the skin with homemade scrubs. You can use sugar, apricot, or salt. Apply the scrub and massage your skin well for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t overdo it. The key is to remove dead skin cells, but not to hurt your skin. Then apply hydrogen peroxide. Use a cotton swab.

Be aware that results won’t be visible right away. You will need to reapply hydrogen peroxide, but be careful not to over-scrub the skin.

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Using Removal Creams

Cost: $40 +

Tattoo removal creams are widely available as a quick and low-cost option. However, no one can guarantee these creams work, whether you buy them or make them at home.

According to tattoo experts, all these creams can do is lighten or fade tattoos. They certainly can’t remove them completely, but they are an excellent alternative to homemade remedies or surgical methods.

Surgical Tattoo Removal Costs

The methods listed below require professional service, are costlier, but the results become apparent faster.

Covering Your Tattoo

Cost: $80 +

This method requires covering your tattoo with another one. Even though it requires adding more ink to your skin, this is an effective way to simply cover the tattoo with another one. Everyone can try this method, no matter how your tattoo is.

Be aware that a cover-up tattoo can cost even more than your original tattoo. Talk to your tattoo artist and try to find the best solution. This might involve a tattoo design with heavier lines, more shading, or unique shapes to cover your old tattoo.

Similar to any other tattoo, you will need to take good care of your new cover-up. Your tattoo artist will give you aftercare instructions, but usually, you should use mild soap and pat-dry after washing.

Laser or Surgical Tattoo Removal

Cost: $150-$1000

There are several ways to remove your tattoos professionally.

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular method. It is the most successful and cost-effective, that is why many people decide to try it. However, often laser doesn’t altogether remove the tattoo but lighten it.

Another method that requires more aftercare and costs less than a laser is surgical removal or excision. It involves cutting the tattooed area and then stitching it back together. You should know that this method leaves scars.

Dermabrasion is not a common option for tattoo removal since the results vary from person to person. It can be very expensive, and it requires a few treatments to eradicate the tattoo. It uses a high-speed rotating abrasive device to remove the skin layers with the tattoo.


Tattoos are considered permanent, but nowadays there are ways to remove them.

It’s not easy to answer how much it costs to remove tattoos, as the price varies from method to method. While at-home remedies are almost free, surgical options can be very pricy.

If you can’t live with your tattoo, try some of these options. Some require patients, though. Don’t be desperate if you don’t see results immediately.

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