40 Awe-Inspiring Tiny Winter Tattoos

By Kaia Saunders / Updated on December 3, 2018
Be prepared for a dose of tiny winter tattoos inspiration. They are cute, beautiful, and most of all, you can show them off during winter time.

If you are a fan of tiny inks, get ready for a dose of winter tattoo inspiration. These tattoos are lovely, representing snow and winter motifs. You can decide where to put them. We have covered all places, from rib cage to your ankle.

Let’s check out how and where you can put your new tiny piece of art.

Snowflakes in blue #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Snowflakes in blue, black, and green are a lovely way to show off your love for winter weather.

Snowflake armband tattoo #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Snowflake armband tattoo looks minimal, very cute and appropriate for all seasons. You can show it off on New Year’s Eve party.

Snowflake tattoos with blue and black lines #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

If you are art oriented, then make sure your tattoos look like a little piece of art. Combine snowflake tattoos with blue and black lines.

Behind the ear tattoo #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Behind the ear tattoos are cute, showing off only when you updo your hair.

Snowflake tattoo in blue ink #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

If you are tired of black tattoos, then don’t hesitate to color your snowflake in blue ink. It will look more eye-catching than ever.

Little snowflake tattoos on the back #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

You can ink many tiny snowflake tattoos on the back of your shoulder and neck. Do it in black or blue ink.

#tattoo in white ink #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

If you want your tattoo to look authentic and beautiful, do it in white ink.

Icy snowflake on the shoulder #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Icy snowflake on your shoulder will catch some attention. Show it off by wearing off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters.

Snowflakes along the spine #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Snowflakes along your spine will be perfect if you have short hair and you prefer wearing open back blouses.

Snowflake tattoo #wintertattooPhoto: Instagram/@sashakiseleva

You can always make your snowflake tattoo unique by adding more details. Let them all be symmetrical and tiny.

Lovely winter tattoo on the forearm #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Simple, yet powerful – these words can easily describe this lovely winter tattoo on your forearm.

Blue snowflake #wintertattooPhoto: Instagram/@graffittoo

One of the favorite tattoo places on the body, rib cage deserves a beautiful tattoo like this. Blue snowflake looks like it went out from a piece of painting.

Three snowflakes #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Order your tattoos from the biggest to the smallest. It is best to find them a place on the inner side of your upper arm.

Tiny, cute watercolor snowflake tattoo #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Tiny, but cute watercolor tattoo finds its place on the wrist of the leg. What a personal and beautiful place for a tattoo.

Falling blue tattoos #wintertattooPhoto: Instagram/@laurajadetattoo

Falling blue tattoos from the middle of your arm to your fingers will attract many views and gain you a lot of positive comments!

Watercolor tattoos look amazing #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Watercolor tattoos look amazing. Especially if you choose snowflakes to be your new favorite winter tattoo, do it in blue watercolor technique.

Collarbone tattoos #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

Collarbone tattoos are always charming. These three tiny tattoos will be visible when you wear both casual and elegant clothes.

White ink tattoo on the ankle #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

White ink tattoo on your ankle might not be visible as others, but it looks wonderful.

Tiny winter tattoo #wintertattooPhoto: tattooblend.com

If you are a fan of minimalism go with a tiny winter tattoo like this. It will be visible, yet very sophisticated.

Gradient snowflakes #wintertattooPhoto: Instagram/@tattooist_banul

These gradient snowflakes in cold winter colors will make your hands eye-catching. Imagine how they will look when you wear elegant, sparkly attire.

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