9 Pointless Fashion Items You Will Most Likely Regret Buying

Pointless fashion items sometimes are worn only once or twice
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Unfortunately, we can all fall into buying trends that just don’t last. This often leaves us with a wardrobe full of odds and ends that we just don’t wear anymore. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to look at your shopping habits and review what you have bought just because it’s popular.

Obviously, this list isn’t going to be true for everyone, but we’ve reviewed some recent fashion items and accessories that most people only wore a couple of times. As opposed to fashion items that could make you more elegant, these ones discussed here actually see the light of day once or twice before being relegated to the backs of the wardrobe!

If you see some of your favorites on this list, don’t be disheartened, it just means that your sense of style is unique, and not everyone can rock it!

Here are some of the fashion items we discovered you’ll most likely regret buying.

Pointless Fashion Items Worth Reconsidering Before Buying

1. Extreme Shoulder Pads

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Many associate these with the 80s, however, they’ve made a comeback in recent years. Following the tailored blazer trend is chic and great for evening wear, however, it’s best to go for a jacket that doesn’t rock sky-high shoulder pads.

Though some will rock this trend, many find that after wearing extreme shoulder pads once they’re a bit too exaggerated. If you’re after the tailored silhouette, we recommend sticking to standard tailored jackets – these go with more outfits and can be worn in more casual situations too.

2. Novelty Glasses

Photo: Instagram/@zucchini.om

Another popular trend that appeared in the last year is novelty glasses – or any sunglasses in a unique shape. These colorful spectacles may seem trendy and cool, but wearing them isn’t as fun.

Often, these accessories are quite thin, and the materials they’re made from don’t really protect your eyes from the sun. Though they make for a great Instagram selfie, these are best left for themed parties and not everyday use.

3. Fake Stocking Tights

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While stockings may not be the most comfortable hosiery to wear, their fake counterpart is an accessory to avoid purchasing. Fake stocking tights are tights that look like stockings, often from the thigh up is skin toned material to give the illusion of the stockings.

These may be practical, but after a few uses will get lost or rip. Reviews online also tend to suggest that unless you need the modesty of the tights that you should go for an authentic pair of stockings as the skin-toned section can ruin the illusion!

4. Jelly Shoes

These shoes may be associated with childhood for some, but jelly shoes are available in adult sizes and are often seen in street-style lookbooks! In all fairness, outfits with colorful jelly shoes do look quite stylish and alternative, however, unless you’re ready to commit to the trend, you may want to hold off on buying them.

Also, when it comes to plastic shoes, wearers can sometimes find problems with rubbing and blisters – especially in the summertime. This can be prevented with socks and tights, but socks and sandals aren’t the easiest to pull off. These shoes are cool, but not worth splurging on.

5. Mesh Socks

Photo: Instagram/@red_darkroom

Mesh socks have had a boom in popularity in recent months, especially ones with dainty floral detailing and embroidery. These are cute accessories, and you may be wondering why they’re on this list.

Well, when it comes to mesh socks, the biggest problem is how quickly they rip, ladder, and wear through. Due to their delicate nature and thin fabric, these socks don’t last long, making them a bad value for money. If you’re planning to get some and not wear them often, you’ll probably be fine, but don’t swap your daily cotton socks for these, as you’ll be sorely disappointed.

6. Ripped Butt Jeans

Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

This was an odd fashion trend that didn’t take off as fast as others. However, if you’re itching to get some jeans with rips over the butt, you may want to stop and rethink. They may look great on Kylie Jenner and other influencers, but are these jeans really practical enough to go out in?

Unless you’re only wearing them for a few pictures, these jeans aren’t comfortable enough to go out in. Let’s be honest, who wants to go to the grocery store with their cheeks hanging out? Fair play if you do, however, the majority of owners probably regret their decision.

7. Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Photo: prettylifegirls.com

Tie-dye t-shirts are a cool trend that has been on the radar for a while. These shirts are an easy way to add color to your outfit while keeping comfortable. The garments themselves are great. If you own one, you probably don’t regret owning it – what most do regret is buying them overpriced.

Especially since lockdown and the boom of DIY fashion trends, many have realized how easy these are to do at home with an old t-shirt and some cheap dye. High street stores have been over-pricing these cute shirts for years, so buying from pre-made might make you regret your choice when you see how cheap fabric dye is. Not only that, but when you make your own, you can have complete control over the colors.

8. Chunky Clay Rings

Photo: spoonfulofpretty.com

These rings are another very recent trend, that have been blowing up (especially on Tiktok). While these are cute and can complete a boho look, wearing them can sometimes be a different story – especially if you stack or wear multiple of them.

When you’re wearing a lot of chunky clay rings at once, not only can it be uncomfortable, but they can slightly restrict your hand movement. This is annoying and can lead to wearers regretting the purchase. To avoid this, try wearing them when you know you won’t be doing fiddly activities or only wear a few at once.

9. Mini Bags

These bags became hits after high fashion brand Jacquemus debuted them on the runway. After that, all stores had their own versions of this teeny-tiny accessory. These are great to complete an outfit or post online, but later, you may regret buying such a small fashion piece.

Let’s face it, not every outfit will need a tiny bag that can’t be used. While this little accessory can make a statement and be worn every now and then, this trend won’t be around forever and isn’t functional at all. Who needs a bag that can only fit coins and lint?

The Takeaway

As always, there isn’t a one fits all rule when it comes to fashion and personal style. However, some fashion items will always be less popular than others. We called it pointless fashion items. However, it’s your decision at the end of the day.

Hopefully, this list has saved you from making any fashion faux-pas decisions and will help to avoid that awful regret feeling we’ve all felt before after making a wrong purchase!

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