24 Perfumes From My Enormous Collection to Enhance Your Wishlist

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When dressing for an event, nothing puts together an outfit better than a lovely scent. The world of perfumes and colognes is quickly evolving, and it is exciting to see old and new brands introduce new scents in the market. There are many choices, but it boils down to your taste and the occasion for which you buy one. 

I have always found perfumes fascinating, and over the years, I have built a collection of well over 500 different scents. As a collector of perfumes, I have had my fair share of experience with many brands. I decided to compile some of the most trendy items in my collection and included a personal review that breaks down each perfume’s profile, longevity, sillage, and other characteristics. 

These scents are all incredible because they deliver unique profiles and can be worn by all women, regardless of age, profession, and personality.

Let’s jump in!

1. Mohave Ghost Byredo

Mohave Ghost Byredo
Image Credit: Byredo

This is, by far, the best perfume I have tried this year. Its enticing woody scent elicits nothing but joy. What stood out was the combination of woody and floral notes and a tender, fruity, yet spicy undertone. It has an incredible drydown, and its sillage is unmatched. This perfume is bright and bold and screams sophistication and class. It is definitely for the trendy pace-setter woman unafraid to stand out. 

Even though it is a pricy perfume, it is well worth it since you only need two or three sprays, and are set for at least 12 hours. 

2. Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Yves Saint Laurent Libre
Image Credit: YSL Beauty

It should be no surprise that this scent comes in second on the list. Critics and enthusiasts have raved about it for a while, and for good reason. It is the ultimate scent for the modern, classy, sophisticated woman. When I sprayed it, I was particularly impressed by the jasmine and peony notes that filled the room. However, the sweet, dry down and an incredible fruity scent were most impressive.

I am not a fan of sweet perfumes, but this scent worked well for me and is now a staple in my collection. 

3.  Wood Sage and Seasalt by Jo Malone

Wood Sage and Seasalt by Jo Malone
Image Credit: Jo Malone

This scent caught me entirely by surprise. I was expecting something almost fruity, but what hit my nose was the fresh, clean, and almost green scent that settled on the skin after the dry down. However, subtle notes of fruitiness, a little spice, and saltiness make this seemingly complex scent an absolute delight to inhale. I particularly liked that it lasts a decent amount of time when sprayed on the skin and can be worn in warm and cool seasons.

4. Khamrah by Lataffa

Khamrah by Lataffa
Image Credit: Lattafa Perfumes

If you have yet to jump on the latest scent trend, Arabian perfumes, you are missing out on a world of scent heaven. This particular scent had me floored by its delightfulness. It is the best unisex scent I have tried this year. Khamrah by Lataffa combines citrus and spice to deliver an incredible fragrance. Unlike many spicy perfumes considered strong and punchy, this scent balances the spiciness and sweetness without smelling too overpowering.

One aspect of this perfume that I am happy about is its affordability and sophistication. 

5. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Image Credit: Parfum Francis Kurkdjian

No list of trendy perfumes in 2024 can be complete without this scent. Many argue it is overhyped and overdone, but it is worth the hype. This amber scent combines an enchanting woodiness with a soft sweetness and spiciness. Notes of saffron elevate the profile of this perfume, making it an easy favorite for celebrities, critics, and other people who get the chance to enjoy it. 

The biggest downside to this scent for me is the price tag. It is an expensive bottle, but it is worth every penny. 

6. Perseus by Perfums de Marly

Perseus by Perfums de Marly
Image Credit: Parfums de Marly

Easily one of the best citrus scents on the market, this perfume delighted me from the first spray. The truth is that many citrus scents can be overpowering and too sweet. This scent impressed me because of how balanced it is. The citrus combines well with the spiciness and woody notes from cashmere and other dry woods. It also boasts incredible sillage and longevity. 

Even though it is a pricy bottle, this perfume will make you stand out whenever you step out this spring. 

7. Flower Bomb Tiger Lily by Viktor & Rolf

Lily by Viktor & Rolf
Image Credit: Viktor&Rolf

I have never been a fan of coconut scents, but this perfume changed my mind. It combines coconut and flowery notes to deliver a beautiful, warm scent that reminds me of a tropical vacation in an old coastal town. The first spray of this perfume filled the air with the warm smell of coconut, followed by the fruity scent of mango and flowery notes of the tiger lily. 

One aspect of this perfume I liked is its bold scent that commands attention. You will turn heads everywhere you go, and many people will ask you what perfume you wear.

8. Nebras by Lataffa

Nebras by Lataffa
Image Credit: Lattafa Perfumes

If you want to get yourself or a loved one an affordable fruity scent with notes of vanilla, look no further. Nebras by Lataffa is a beautiful fruity vanilla perfume with incredible sillage and longevity, especially for its price. I loved how playful yet sophisticated it is.

It is, interestingly, a unisex perfume that smells great on both men and women. I liked the bottle design. It is made using strong glass and has a beautiful black and gold finish. 

9. Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

Lady by Frederic Malle
Image Credit: Editions de Parfums LLC

This bottle of perfume smells exactly like it sounds – like a portrait of a lady. What struck me hardest about this scent is that it is delightful but devoid of sweet notes. It is made for women who dislike sweet scents but want to smell sophisticated and classy. Interestingly, this perfume combines fruity notes of black currant and raspberry with flowery notes of rose flowers. While this may not sound like a unique formulation, it is impressive that it has fruity and floral notes without the sweetness that comes with either. 

I love that this fragrance is soft but noticeable and has good sillage and longevity. It is a pricey bottle but worth the dent. 

10. Creed Aventus for Her

Creed Aventus for Her
Image Credit: Creed Fragrances

The Creed Aventus for Her is an unapologetically feminine scent. While fresh and citrusy scents are usually associated with men’s colognes, the makers of this fragrance formulated a perfume for women that balances both without making it masculine. I particularly enjoyed the dry down on my skin and the fact that it lasted more than 8 hours. My only wish was that the vanilla was a little more prominent.

Apart from smelling heavenly, I appreciated that this perfume came in a classy, elegant, playful bottle. 

11. Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume

Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume
Image Credit: Romano RICCI

Made almost entirely from one base, this perfume caught me entirely by surprise. It is a warm, musky amber with sweet, clean, soft undertones. One of this perfume’s most interesting characteristics is that it does not exactly smell the same on everyone.

I like that it is a beautiful modern fragrance that speaks of quiet confidence. It will have people asking you what you are wearing. 

12. Le Labo Santal 33

Le Labo Santal 33
Image Credit: Le Labo Holding LLC

If you are a lady who enjoys leathery scents, this is likely a good match for you. In most instances, scents with leather notes are heavily masculine, but this one has an incredible feminine twist. I especially enjoyed how sandalwood and cedarwood worked together to create lovely woodiness. 

Due to its warmth and spiciness, this fragrance is best suited for the cooler fall months. 

13. Initio Parfums Privés Psychedelic Love

Initio Parfums Privés
Image Credit: Initio Parfums Privés

Privés Psychedelic Love is the most enchanting rose fragrance I have tried in the last year and a half. This fragrance was an absolute favorite for me and the few friends I recommended it to. It is a beautiful, romantic scent that is delectable. Apart from the prominent rose, this perfume delivered a woody aroma, especially after it dried. 

I loved the shape and color of the bottle, and it is now a wardrobe staple for me.

14. Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

Maison Margiela Replica
Image Credit: Maison Margiela Fragrances

Made for tobacco and spice lovers, this fragrance instantly took me back to a quiet night of jazz and soft rain. It screams luxury, sophistication, confidence, and old money. The most prominent notes of this fragrance, apart from tobacco leaf, are rum and pink pepper. It is a warm, spicy scent that wears well on the skin. 

When I wore it, I loved how it blended with my natural scent, its incredible sillage, and its longevity. 

15. Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone

Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone
Image Credit: Jo Malone

I expected a powdery floral scent when I first read about this perfume. However, I was wrong. It is a beautiful floral scent that has a delectable sweetness to it. It is made for the lady who enjoys sweet fragrances. Apart from sweet floral notes, I enjoyed fruity apple accords and warmth from the suede. London Peony and Blush Suede is a soft yet bold fragrance for the ‘it girl.’

One aspect I appreciate about this fragrance is its affordability and clean bottle design.

16. Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford

Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford
Image Credit: Estee Lauder Inc

No collection of trending perfumes is complete without this fragrance by Tom Ford. It delivers a decadent citrus scent from mandarin and a spicy kick from pink pepper. In addition, I loved its amber and honey accords, which settled beautifully on my skin. Soleil Brûlant is a luxe fragrance that reminds me of warm sunny days at the beach. 

I found the packaging and bottle luxurious and loved how well it spread, delivering just enough with each spray.

17. Maison Francis Kurkdian Amyris Femme

Maison Francis Kurkdian Amyris Femme
Image Credit: Parfum Francis Kurkdjian

It only takes one sniff of this fragrance to understand why it trended on social media for most of last year. Amyris Femme is a beautiful floral perfume for the modern soft woman. What I liked best is that it is bright and delivers incredible sillage. Apart from its floral notes, this perfume also incorporates fruitiness from lemon, sweet blossom, and pear. 

It is undoubtedly a pricey bottle but well worth the hype. 

18. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia
Image Credit: Giorgio Armani S.p.A.

A zesty fragrance for the fun and playful woman, Acqua di Gioia inspires pure joy with its beach vibes and fresh notes. When I caught the first whiff of this scent, I was immediately transported to a warm, sunny beach. The zesty lemon and subtle hint of mint were a delightful surprise, and I enjoy many compliments throughout the day whenever I wear it. 

When it comes down to longevity, this perfume lasts more than 8 hours, which is a welcome bonus. 

19. Kilian Forbidden Games

Kilian Forbidden Games
Image Credit: Kilian

Forbidden Games is easily one of the most surprising fragrances I bought this year. It is a simple yet complex fragrance that blends floral and fruity notes with spicy aromas and honey. Every whiff of this perfume delivers something different, and it has been exciting to wear to fancy engagements like weddings. 

Kilian never disappoints with their fragrances, and this particular one lived up to every expectation and more.

20. Nette Opening Night

Nette Opening Night
Image Credit: Nette Home

A spicy, fruity floral scent with a zing of citrus, this fragrance caught me entirely by surprise. It delivered a burst of energy that was exciting. Even though it is presented in a small bottle, this fragrance is mighty and lasts a good deal of time. Nette Opening Night also smells clean, but its beautiful vanilla notes elevate the fragrance to a new level. 

With this perfume, you will stand out, and people will catch whiffs of you before you enter and long after leave a room. 

21. Henry Rose Windows Down

Henry Rose Windows Down
Image Credit: Henry Rose

Easily one of the best floral fragrances I have come across this year, the Henry Rose Windows Down white floral notes reminded me of a beautiful flower garden in bloom. More surprising, however, is the woody undertone it carries. I found this scent calm yet energizing, and it has become an easy favorite in spring. 

I love the sleek and clean bottle design and the affordableness of this fragrance. 

22. Chloé Vanilla Planifolia

Chloé Vanilla Planifolia
Image Credit: Chloé SAS

If you are skeptical about vanilla fragrances, this perfume might be the one to change your mind. I love the tropical scent of the vanilla and how well it settles on my skin. It is a soft yet fun scent that speaks of quiet confidence. 

Apart from smelling like heaven, this perfume comes in one of the most luxurious bottles on this list. 

23. The 7 Virtues Amber Vanilla

The 7 Virtues Amber Vanilla
Image Credit: The 7 Virtues Beauty

What surprised me most about this fragrance is how it combines warm vanilla with floral scents of carnation and sugary sweetness. Even though it sounds complex, everything comes together to create a warm and cozy vanilla scent. 

This perfume is an ideal layering choice since it is a soft and subtle fragrance.

24. Parfums De Marly Safanad

Parfums De Marly Safanad
Image Credit: Parfums de Marly

Safanad by Parfums de Marly is one of the most feminine, fruity floral fragrances I have encountered this year. It is warm and enchanting, delivering a sweet fragrance that settles down softly. Its pear and orange blossom notes are delightful because they are not overpowering.

Like other Parfums de Marly fragrances, Safanad comes in a beautiful bottle.

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