That’s Why It Is OK to Repeat Your Outfits

Is it OK to repeat your outfits? For sure!
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When it comes to daily wear, sometimes we can be hesitant to wear the same thing. Is this outfit too similar? What else can I pair this with? Is it OK to repeat outfits? There are so many questions we end up asking ourselves, but we shouldn’t! When it comes to outfit repeating, it can be done in an easy and stylish way.

Is It OK to Repeat Outfits?

If you have a limited wardrobe or like to pair classics with selected accessories, you’ll probably already know how to keep refreshing and re-wear outfits.

However, if you tend to overbuy and are looking to downsize your wardrobe into a capsule collection, I have a few tips to help you keep your style on-trend with fewer options.

How Often Do You Repeat Outfits?

When you’re working with fewer clothes, you obviously have to repeat the same items more frequently.

‘How often can I repeat?’ is a question I tend to get asked most, which is interesting as most of us do worry about being seen in the same clothes!

You can easily wear the same top or skirt for days in a row (provided they are clean!). With some creative styling and accessorizing, you can make them look so different.

However, it can be more challenging to do if your wardrobe is comprised of bold, statement pieces.

If you have a neon or heavily printed garment, it will be more noticeable when you re-wear it – but if this doesn’t bother you, then carry on! Those who are more conscious of being called out (to be honest, I think you should ignore people who do!) should start looking at buying muted tones or black colors.

These aren’t statement pieces, but they can be mixed around and styled in so many different ways. Simple patterns can also be your friend, so those minimalist scandi-cool brands that keep popping up are a go-to for these prints.

On the other hand, owning a handful of statement pieces that can be rotated less frequently will create a nice change from only wearing basics! This will keep your street style interesting and create a range of outfits you can circle through each week.

At the end of the day, everyone’s style is a reflection of themselves, so if you’re bold, show people!

Do Celebrities Wear The Same Outfits Twice?

Another question people often ask is if celebrities ever re-wear outfits.

Celebs are always papped looking cool in the hottest new designs; this creates an illusion that their wardrobes are never-ending and filled with all the latest clothes.

Is it OK to repeat outfits? Sure! Women in nice outfit.
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For a few, this is probably true. However, many get loaned clothes by brands to make sure the brand gets good PR exposure – basically, they’re secretly using the celebs as walking adverts for their new collections. Most of the time, the celebrities will have to give the clothing back (especially if it’s from a higher-end brand), but sometimes they will be lucky enough to keep the garments.

If you have a good scroll through celebrities Instagram profiles, you’ll see that their more candid photos are often in sweats or some casual jeans. They tend to dress more ‘normally’ when off duty, rewearing items they have bought for themselves.

Just like us, after all!

How Do You Make an Outfit Interesting or Different?

If you’re interested in starting a capsule wardrobe or minimizing your clothes, accessories can be your best friends. When you’re feeling bored with your clothes, or you feel like you’ve tried all the clothing combinations, possible accessories can step in and yet again mix up the outfits.

For example, say you’ve got some cool jeans, and you’ve worn them with a few jumpers and t-shirts, but now you’re stumped on how to re-wear them in a new way. If you’ve invested in some cool belts, hats, or even shoes, you can give the looks a breath of fresh air.

Don’t rush out and overbuy on these, though. It’s important to also balance your shoes and accessories!

When buying, make sure you have a classic black or brown belt that can match most of your clothes, a nice pair of black boots, and perhaps a beanie or beret.

You can then buy one or two other versions of each that have color or embellishments – but when purchasing, always think of what they can be paired with.

Buying on impulse and not working out if they can be reworn often leads to things sitting at the back of your closet for years! Shop smart, not continuously.

What Makes a Complete Outfit?

To many stylists, a complete outfit doesn’t necessarily fit a tick list. Obviously, it could be a top, bottoms, shoes, or a jacket… but often, what matters is how you feel in it.

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You could be rewearing outfits, but something needs to change if you don’t feel good in them. This is a rule of thumb for me personally; I know that I just won’t wear clothes that I don’t feel my best self in.

A great tip to avoid this trap is actually going to the stores and trying things on.

These days it can be so easy to fall onto the bandwagon of online shopping. Don’t get me wrong, this can be great for last-minute purchases, but there’s nothing like actually trying the outfit on and seeing it on your body type and with your skin tone.

Makes for fewer trips to the post office to return things!

Why Should I Think About a Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes can be so chic; instead of pondering what to wear because you have a mountain of misfit clothes, you have a handpicked smaller collection of clothes that you know will look good.

Since all the clothes have been chosen with outfits or pairings in mind, you’ll be able to just get up and throw an outfit together without worrying if it goes. It can give some order to your fashion life, plus with re-wearing, you start to develop a consistent style.

This can be fun. You’ll start to realize which colors and cuts are your favorites. You’ll work out what actually sits well with your body and what you should avoid. Having a smaller amount of clothes often allows you to get to know your creative side a bit more!

Avoiding fast fashion whatsoever will eventually bring a certain peace of mind. Plus, as you’re spending less on impulse buys, you can often end up saving a bit of money, too – a positive for us all!

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