How To Dress Like An Italian Woman: 10 Style Advice

How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

When it comes to style, Italian women always look put together and elegant. Their style is effortlessly glamorous like they were born to be fashion icons. In cities like Milan and Rome, there’s no wonder Italian women know how to dress. They’re constantly surrounded by art and beauty.

How To Dress Like An Italian Woman? Italian women have a great mindset about creating their own style with a “less is more” belief and focus on fabric quality rather than quantity.

Many tourists try to dress like a local when visiting Italy, embracing the Italian lifestyle in all areas. Whether you’re going to Italy or maybe you just want to try out some new style tips, we’ve got you covered.

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So, are you interested in trying the classic Italian style? Adopting Italian style can help you revitalize your wardrobe with a few simple changes. We’ve researched the best tips and tricks for embracing Italian glamour, so read on for our advice! 

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Why Is Italian Fashion So Great?

You may be reading this and wondering what all the fuss is about. Is Italian fashion the same as other European countries? Well, Italian fashion is known for being timeless. Italians know how to curate an outfit that will look classic and elegant.

The key to nailing the classic Italian style is focusing on the basics.

Italian women love neutral colors, high-quality fabrics, and minimal accessories. They want to look clean-cut, so heavily printed fabrics are a no-no here. Some people think that Italians love bold colors, chunky jewelry, and heels. However, true Italian street style isn’t about being flashy. It’s about quality over quantity, investing in well-made pieces that will last for years rather than fast-fashion clothes.


Another reason Italian fashion is often praised is that women tend to embrace their femininity more.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look androgynous or opting for baggier silhouettes. But, if you’re keen to embrace the Italian way of life, you might have to embrace your femininity a little. Italian ladies are sometimes referred to as “bombshells,” as they emphasize their figure in well-tailored clothes and aren’t afraid to look sexy and elegant.

Key Style Points To Follow

If you want to dress like an Italian woman, you don’t need to get rid of everything you own and start your wardrobe again. You just need an essential few items. We’ve found the best pieces to invest in to add some Italian glamour to your daily life. Read on for more!

1. Start With The Basics

Basics often get forgotten when so many brands are showing us the newest statement piece to own. Good quality basics that will be stylish for years to come are essential to capturing the Italian style. It’s also important that your basics can be worn and styled in all seasons. Why buy something you can wear for a short period every year?

We mean standard garments like blouses, shirts, tailored pants, or everyday skirts when we talk about basics. To some, these regular clothes may seem dull. Still, when you buy these in premium materials such as linen, cotton, silk, and cashmere, you’ll suddenly want to wear them more.

We might sound like a broken record repeating this, but fabric quality makes a world of difference!

2. Avoid Low Cut Pieces

This tip may not sit well with some. However, when you look at classic Italian style, there aren’t any plunging necklines.

Though Italian women love figure-hugging dresses, the neckline will always cover their chest!


Flirty off-the-shoulder necklines or sweetheart necklines are a great way to dress up without showing off your decolletage. Always think flirty, with a pinch of modesty.

3. Dress Up Everyday

The idea of the glamorous Italian woman was created because these ladies like to play with style daily. They don’t save their best clothes for special occasions, leaving them looking exceptional daily.


When you have a wardrobe full of good quality, tailored clothes, why save them until a rare event? Putting outfits together daily becomes easier if you embrace the neutral color palette, allowing your items to work well together without a lot of thought.

4. Keep Colour To A Minimum

From beige tones to warm creams and even a pop of crisp white, you never see an Italian woman wearing an intense multi-colored print.

There’s nothing wrong with color. However, keeping it to a minimum and only wearing a subtle pop of color with an overall neutral look is how these ladies prefer to dress. All-black outfits are classy, as well as white, which are also popular, along with subtle burgundy, blush tones, and soft blues.


This will help your wardrobe become more cohesive in the long run, too – no early morning panic about what goes with what!

5. Underwear Matters

Though underwear isn’t on view, Italian women take it seriously.

Similarly to their clothes, these girls invest in well-made and well-fitting undergarments. It sounds silly, but when you’re wearing a good-quality bra and panties, you’ll likely have more confidence in the day.

Again, neutral-colored underwear is popular. However, straying from beige, black, and white can be done here since you won’t necessarily see these garments!

6. A Bag Can Change Your Life

This title may make some readers scoff, but it can be true! While designer fashion may be synonymous with Italy, you don’t need a designer bag. A good quality handbag is advised, though, especially in black.

It’s no secret that designer handbags can transform an outfit. Still, the real key to nailing a handbag is to look for a handbag that will match your outfits (black or beige) and one that won’t be difficult to carry around.

Popular picks for Italy are classic handbags, clutch bags, or a leather tote.

7. When In Doubt, Try a Stiletto

A stiletto with a clean silhouette and a black color is an excellent addition to any outfit.


These look especially Italian when added to a matching monochrome outfit. For example, a pair of well-fitting pants, a high turtleneck cashmere jumper, and a pair of color-matched stilettos will take a look from standard to truly Italian.

8. Long Coats For Fall

They may seem intimidating to some, but a sleek, long coat is essential for the colder months.

When your coat reaches your ankles, you know you’re doing something right. Though there are many variations, a long simple coat stands out and is perfect for layering. This may be a mature style upgrade for many since these coats are forgotten in modern times.


Opt for a black one and pair it with a contrasting monochrome outfit for extra style points.

9. Jumpsuits In Summer

A summer essential for Italy is a classic jumpsuit. This all-in-one piece is comfortable to wear, easy to style, and, when well-fitted, can make you look incredible.

Popular jumpsuits often feature wide-leg trousers cropped above the ankle, perfect for showing off your matching sandals. A tailored jumpsuit is great for the warmer weather, keeping you cool and feminine while still making you look put together.

10. Always Take Care Of Your Wardrobe

Without sounding like a nag, remember to treat your clothes well! Once you have a selection of well-made pieces, you need to keep them that way.


This includes washing them correctly (I’m also guilty of throwing all colors in the wash together and hoping for the best), replacing missing buttons, fixing seams, and even repairing zips.

That one button is missing? Yeah, it is noticeable!

What You Need To Remember

Hopefully, our style suggestions have given you some inspiration for your outfits! Here’s a quick summary of a guide to dressing Italian.

  1. Always choose quality over quantity.
  2. Embrace neutral colors or black and white color palettes.
  3. Take good care of your clothes, make them last!
  4. Don’t be scared to invest in a more expensive piece – it will pay off in the long run.
  5. The fit of the clothes matters. Take time to find ones that suit your physique.
  6. Good quality shoes are a must.
  7. Don’t be scared to dress up every day.
  8. A chic handbag can transform an outfit.

Now go forth and embrace the Italian style!

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