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6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Own Crop Tops

By Shevon Clay / August 5, 2016

Crop tops are all the rage this summer! They’re super cute, oh-so-versatile, and look good on practically everyone when styled right. Of course, considering the fashion industry, fads come and go at the speed of light. So, if you don’t really want to waste money on a bunch of new crop tops, just grab some […]

20 Most Gorgeous Necklace Design Ideas You Can Do Yourself

By Shevon Clay / May 24, 2016

Having a nice outfit paired with your designer bags and expensive shoes can best be completed by simply wearing accessories. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and wrist watches are some of the accessories that can instantly add life to your daily outfit. Accessories come in all forms, shapes, and colors. You just need to choose which one […]

Get Creative: Make Your Own DIY Earrings

By Shevon Clay / May 24, 2016

Have you ever walked through the jewelry section at a craft stall, a flea market or even a high-end department store and thought to yourself, “I bet I could make that”? Well, guess what… you can. Do-It-Yourself jewelry is becoming more and more popular, thanks in part to inspiring craft-filled websites like Pinterest and Etsy […]

4 Head to Toe DIY Styles for Spring

By Shevon Clay / May 24, 2016

Hello, ladies! The spring is here and of course, we have nothing to wear with our closet full of clothes. But the important thing is that the closet is FULL OF CLOTHES. Maybe the ones you forget you have, the ones that are very comfortable but not for public or the ones you like very […]

10 Really Interesting DIY Fashion Ideas

By Shevon Clay / April 6, 2016

Got nothing to do and nothing new to wear? No funds for new clothes? Do you have a closet full of old and boring clothes? Here are a few simple DIY ideas to revamp your old clothes and look like you spent a fortune on clothing by using what you already have. 1. DIY Tank […]

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