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40 Summer Travel Outfits to Make you Feel Comfy

By Kaia Saunders / July 2, 2019

Summer season is almost here. Now it the perfect time for all of us to see some travel outfits that can make us feel comfy and stylish while going on a train, plane or a bus. You can actually wear anything for traveling, as long it is comfortable. Also, don’t forget to layer items and […]

30 Boho Linen Dresses for Effortless Summer Look

By Kaia Saunders / April 16, 2019

Linen summer dresses are one of those perfect staples for warm weather. You can style them absolutely with anything. Linen is such great material. Linen outfit makes you feel comfortable while wearing it; still, linen patterns make it look stylish with whatever other pieces you pair it. Here are some of our favorites. These are […]

70 Heart-Warming Friendship Tattoo Ideas

By Kaia Saunders / March 20, 2019

Real friendships might be rare, but they are so valuable. If you find a person that understands you, your passions, and that can be there for you in good and bad, then you have found your friend soulmate. Heartwarming friendship tattoos are inspiring. There are so many things you can turn into ink and show […]

20 Very Unusual Spring Tattoos And Placement Ideas

By Kaia Saunders / March 12, 2019

Spring is an excellent time for a change. You can cut your hair, buy new clothes, or opt for a new tattoo. We have found some of the best minimalistic, floral spring tattoos plus some unusual places to put them. From tiny, personal ones, to the ones that make a statement – we have gathered […]

80 Early Spring Outfits Trending On Instagram

By Kaia Saunders / February 20, 2019

Winter is beautiful, but let’s admit something here. There is no better feeling than switching from your snow boots to some light ballet flats. Early spring outfits are layered, with a jacket or a coat on. While it is still warm during the day and cold during the night, you have to plan your outfits […]

40 Awe-Inspiring Tiny Winter Tattoos

By Kaia Saunders / December 5, 2018

If you are a fan of tiny inks, get ready for a dose of winter tattoo inspiration. These tattoos are lovely, representing snow and winter motifs. You can decide where to put them. We have covered all places, from rib cage to your ankle. Let’s check out how and where you can put your new […]

10 Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas To Copy Now

By Kaia Saunders / November 5, 2018

Even though winter is almost knocking on our doors, some of us plan to give up on wearing skirts. And why is that? Should you stay in your jeans all winter? That is absolutely not acceptable. There is something special in wearing skirts and dressing cute for the winter. However, there are some things you […]

50 Most Flattering Jeans Style Examples For Summer

By Kaia Saunders / June 27, 2018

Jeans are always a good idea, no matter what the season or occasion. We have prepared something special this time. Crazy, stylish, brave, sexy, extravagant, cute – it’s all about jeans and the way you can style them. So, if you’re wondering how to chic your jeans this summer, here are some fabulous ideas! Photo: […]

70+ Lovely Summer Tattoos For Women

By Kaia Saunders / June 12, 2018

Whether it is your first time or you just want to add another tattoo to your list – this collection is made to help you choose the best symbol for the summer. We have gathered beautiful, minimal and colorful tattoos that have summer motifs and will work perfectly with your bikini, kaftan or summer dresses. […]

20 Street Style Outfits With Floral Jackets That You Will Love

By Kaia Saunders / May 24, 2018

Although summer has taken reign, and all of us are out of the chunky knit clothing, masculine and sturdy coats, there might be occasions when you need something light to cover your bare shoulders. While some of us immediately think of well-tailored jackets to start with, they do not go well with your spring or […]

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