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13 Amazing Makeup Tutorials for Green Eyes

By Janice Wasem / May 30, 2016

Only 2% of the people have naturally occurring green eyes making it the rarest eye color in the world. If you are one of them consider yourself lucky because you’re just as energetic and fun-loving as the green color of your eyes. Green eyes stand out wherever they go. Be it an official meeting or […]

10 Bad Skin Habits: Skin Care the Wrong Way

By Janice Wasem / May 25, 2016

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Did you like what you see? Women are vain when it comes to their appearance. We like to look great because it boosts our confidence. That’s the reason why taking care of your skin is important. Photo: instagram.com Yet, glowing and youthful looking skin is not easy to […]

Summer Nail Polish: Top 13 Picks

By Janice Wasem / May 25, 2016

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means. Beach outings, sun-kissed skin, lazy days by the pool… Basically, living the life! The sun’s come to celebrate a whole new season, and gone are the gloomy and shady days, in are the brightest colors and atrocious heat! Photo: uktights.com Not only that, but a […]

20 Smoothies for a Healthy Skin

By Janice Wasem / May 25, 2016

Beauty is a lease from nature according to Edward Counsel, and sometimes a natural step is needed to counter nature and beauty in general. The way one treats and cares for their skin says a lot about that individual. The skin is something very sensitive and believe me if you do not take care of […]

10 Amazing Makeup Ideas for Women

By Janice Wasem / May 24, 2016

Makeup for women has been a very controversial topic for a very long time which only proves to us that beauty does indeed lie in the eyes of the beholder! A quick glance at a woman with makeup on and some will be like “wow that is a very professional look, how did she pull […]

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