13 Scams at Work That Are So Normal Nowadays

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Have you ever wondered about the actual cost of arriving to work 15 minutes early or the subtle coercion of ‘Do it For The Team’? What about the bureaucracy of ‘Bereavement Time’? 

See some of the workplace scams that have become so commonplace you might not even notice them.

1. Team Lead

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Sometimes you can define team lead as a position that gets you management responsibilities without management pay. This seemingly prestigious title often comes with promises of career advancement and increased responsibility. However, it frequently masks the reality of added workload without corresponding compensation or authority.

2. Do It For The Team

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The phrase “Do it for the team; others are counting on you” is common in many workplaces today. It is often used as a powerful tool of emotional blackmail. It willingly or unwillingly exploits the natural human desire for belonging and the fear of letting colleagues down.

3. Unpaid Lunches

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When did unpaid lunches become the norm?

4. Wage Theft

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Many types of wage theft exist in our workplaces, and much of it is so routine that we hardly notice it. Unpaid overtime, paying for parking at the workplace, and converting colons to decimals in hours worked are just a few forms of wage theft that we often overlook.

5. Sick Days

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This is one of the biggest work scams ever. Remind me again why an employer would first slash off available PTO (paid time off) before getting to the sick days. Being off sick is not a vacation.

6. Work Itself

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Sadly, more often than not, it’s fair to say that work itself is a scam. It’s not the most noticeable one, not at the forefront, not the most viscerally felt.

7. Being On Salary

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Come to think of it, salary often favors the employer, especially with frequent overtime, where they can avoid paying extra. Need to leave early? They take it out of your vacation. If you need a day off, give out a month’s notice. In instances like these, being on salary can feel like SUCH a scam.

8. Work Sponsored Healthcare

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Healthcare tied to full-time employment is a scam. What about those with two part-time jobs? 

9. Arrive 15 Minutes Before Your Shift Starts

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Your shift starts at 9 a.m., but your manager wants you at your desk at 8.45 a.m. or 8.30 a.m. Since when setting up to work is WORK?

10. Grief Time

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How do companies determine how much time is enough to grieve a family member? And how close is close enough actually to be granted time off work to grieve? Because nothing says compassion like turning the grieving process into a bureaucratic puzzle!

11. Unpaid Commute Time and Its Expenses

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Apparently, this is how HR managers guarantee that only people who live near the workplace are hired nowadays. 

12. 30 Days Resignation Notice

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Most employers require a month’s notice for resignations to secure a good reference or a chance to be rehired. Meanwhile, they can fire you on the spot without any warning. Ah, the joys of workplace balance!

13. Paid Time off (PTO)

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PTO is a huge scam. Because it is paid time off, employers feel they reserve the right to decide whether you deserve the day or hour off.

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