Woman on the street in black fringed skirt with white jacket and blouse

Five Must-Have Skirts for the Summer

Spring has sprung and summer’s just around the corner. This season’s skirt trends are hotter than ever and we just can’t wait to share them with you. Separates are very much in right now, so rather than pulling out last year’s sundresses, why not treat yourself to a couple of new skirts? Looking for something more casual? Check amazing outfits with shorts for the summer.

This summer is all about being bold, daring and dangerous with fashion. Push the boat and embrace these five must-have skirt styles for the summer without a second thought.

1. The Prom Skirt

Prom style: black skirt with tulle.

Ah, the trusty old prom skirt, guaranteed to make any girl feel like the ballerina princess she’s always dreamed of being. But, believe it or not, the prom skirt is far more versatile than you might think. You may just find it creeping into your list of summer wardrobe staples.

The great thing about prom skirts is that they give you all the fun of a prom dress, without the formality, meaning you can wear them for any casual day-time do, or dress them up for full-on evening glam. Try it with a simple cropped t-shirt and some pumps or plimsolls for a street-chic day look, or pair it with a spangled top and some strappy sandal heels for a touch of whimsical evening sophistication.

2. The Orange Skirt

Peachy skirt for fiery appearance.

Orange is one of this season’s hottest colors, and we mean hot. Forget the 70s burnt orange vibe; this year it’s all about bright peachy hues, more reminiscent of spring than autumn.

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about styling an orange skirt, there are two ways to do it. White is always a good fit for orange, so if you want to play it safe or ease yourself back into wearing color after your winter wardrobe of black-on-black, then pair your bright skirt with a plain white tee. However, if you’re feeling a bit bolder, orange works great with other block colors. Try contrasting it with blue or green, or go really jazzy and clash it with pink and other warm tones.

3. The Fringed Skirt

Gypsy skirt for sophisticated look.Photo: elsaisaac.com

The fringed skirt is to this summer as the gypsy skirt is to 2003’s. It may seem like a bold, bold statement piece now but trust us, in a year or so everyone will have one. Fringed skirts, no matter what their length, allow for a cheeky glint at otherwise covered leg making them suggestive yet sophisticated. If you’re not quite feeling brave enough to show some leg, try a fringed skirt with some tights or fun leggings.

For a feature as bold as fringing, it’s often best to keep the styling to minimum. In short, let the fringes speak for themselves. Monochrome color schemes work really well to add a modern edge to fringing, and try working in some structure elsewhere in your look to offset the fluidity and freedom of the skirt.

4. The Voluminous Skirt

Voluminous skirt for casual look.jpg.

When it comes to skirts this season, there’s one important rule: the bigger, the better. The mid-length voluminous skirt is one of the hottest trends to hit the high street this summer. They’re the perfect item for when you want to keep your fashion on point, but need to be a little more conservative. Perhaps you just want to keep covered up, or maybe you’re considering a skirt with volume for your next work wardrobe purchase.

Voluminous skirts work particularly well with very simple, clean-cut tops and shirts. Try it with a plain tee or crisp blouse. What you don’t want is too much going on up top to distract from the architectural masterpiece down below. Voluminous skirts do pretty much come in all shapes and sizes, though, so you’re bound to find one to work for you.

5. The Gold Skirt

Elegant look made with striking skirt color.Photo: all-fashion-video.com

Thank goodness, gold has not only survived the winter months, but it’s sprinting out ahead and into our summer wardrobes, too. Whilst you might only be used to considering metallics for the holiday party season, gold looks great in the sunshine, making the golden skirt perfect this season.

Gold skirts are great for semi-formal affairs, such as a nice garden party or celebratory drinks on a roof-top terrace. Pair it with dark colors to really make it pop and shine, and never be afraid to use a little bit of gold in your accessorizing, too.

Combining trends is always great fun, so if you’re feeling particularly daring next time you hit the shops, why not try finding a skirt that falls into two of these categories? A gold fringed skirt will get you channeling your inner Pocahontas glamor girl, or an orange prom skirt could make a real bold statement item for the sunny season.