Checked Blazers For Spring: 25 Stylish Outfits to Inspire

Girl wearing a light beige shirt, black denim and light checked print blazer. The classic combination is always a good idea.

The blazer is a “need” in every women’s wardrobe. But when it comes to one with checked print – that’s already a real fashion statement. It’s a lot more versatile than something you pair with leather leggings or midi skirt!

A huge variety of colors and forms allow you to find the best for individual style. The traditional black and white variant of checked print is perfect for the office. But the Scottish tartan will give your old boring jeans an exciting new look.

Still, don’t believe that the checked blazer is a “must” for the spring? Check these fabulous outfits yourself!

1. Every day is a fashion day

Gorgeous woman with wide leg jeans, white t-shirt with print and a checked print blazer – chic sophistication look is so easyPhoto: Pinterest

It’s all about the styling! An ensemble of old wide leg jeans and plain white t-shirt can sound boring, right? But with one checked print blazer in dark blue and wine red would get a whole new perspective. Take your bag and be ready to make the other girls very jealous.

2. British street style

Messy hair girl with ankle denim, white shirt and long checked blazer with beige base – simple but significantPhoto:

Ankle denim with high waist. Plain white shirt. You think it is a simple outfit? Just add a long blazer with British checked print in beige. Now it is simple and so significant. Combine it with black loafers and belt and to finish off the look – scarf around the neck. You see, everything is ready for your next adventure!

3. Ready for the office

Woman on the sidewalk wearing leather leggings, white shirt with tie and a buttoned blazerPhoto:

The classic black blazer with tiny white straps is always a good idea. Match it with leather leggings and a pair of heels and be ready to take a peek into spring.

Hint: The extravagant combination doesn’t need any colors so make it all black for the best result.

4. Date to remember

Mixing checked print blazer and lines skirt but keeping the look simple in black and white colorsPhoto:

If you have a date with Mr. Charming, this can be the right outfit.

Romantic, but still full with fashionista-spirit. The combination of short blazer and a high-waist skirt looks feminine and very classy. It needs just a few golden details to glam. Don’t forget: if you are going to mix the patterns keep it simple with the colors.

5. Casual Perfection

Blondie with skinny jeans, light denim shirt and a classic blazer with button closurePhoto:

You love the colors, but also can live without patterns? At the same time, you are always on hunting for timeless pieces? The checked print blazer with blue and orange details is perfect for you. Never go out of style especially for the spring.

Take a look at the photo. Skinny jeans, denim shirt perfectly hugged by a tartan blazer. Casual perfection!

6. Ready for the runway!

Photoshoot of a girl in a beige dress with ruffles detail and long oversize blazerPhoto:

It is spring. You have this gorgeous beige dress but is still a little cold outside? Long oversize blazer with amazing print with be the perfect match for your spring outfit. The delicate allure of the color combines a rock twist with the checked pattern, creating a feminine, decisive mix.

7. Colors Bomb

Walking blondie with long printed skirt, t-shirt and open black and white blazerPhoto:

Grab your favorite long skirt, put a printed t-shirt on and finish the look with a black and white blazer. So many patterns and texture is awkward? Nowadays fashion is not about the perfect balance. It’s all about freedom to expressive yourself.

8. Back to the 60ties

Woman with simple black dress, retro ankle boots with cut-out details and long retro tartan blazerPhoto:

To give a new life to your plain black dress has never been easier than with long tartan blazer. This remarkable pattern even has a name: “The Prince of Wales check.”

If you are ready to make a statement look, grab the tartan!

9. Between the winter and the spring

Woman with denim shorts and checked print blazer willing to take the next train to the futurePhoto:

The monochrome black and white blazer it’s the perfect match for your mid-season outfit. If you want to keep it lazy but still to look chic match it with denim shorts and ankle boots.

10. This is a man’s world

Young professional wearing a long white shirt, black ankle pants, and long double-breasted glen plaid blazer. Borrowed from your boyfriend, because it looks better on you!Photo:

Nowadays it has so many pieces we take from the men’s wardrobe. Have you thought why? Because they look better on the women. Just like a double-breasted glen plaid blazer. The tie-neck shirt dress with vintage fell, and the simple black pants are involving the perfect balance for strong, but feminine look.

11. Lazy chic

Woman with ribbed boyfriend jeans and red checked print blazerPhoto:

We all know about all these gray days in spring. But I had no need your outfit to follow this trend. Add a red blazer with a checked pattern to your look and make everyone smile – starting with yourself. It is the power of colors!

Hint: The other elements need to be simple like a white shirt and boyfriend denim for real lazy chic look.

12. Checked Blazer + Plain Dress = Spring is here!

Smiling girl with gray cotton dress in the company of classic blazerPhoto:

One of the best ways to wear a plaid blazer is with the solid plain dress. Don’t need anything more to call off the spring.

Keep in mind to find the blazer with the right length to be sure that it will define your waist line by the best way.

13. Casual Friday

Woman with black skinnies, red sweater, and oversize checked print blazer. Ready for casual Friday at workPhoto:

It is always a necessary to have at least one checked print blazer – more or less structured- to pull it on days that need a more serious combination. But you can still wear it on your Casual Friday. Match it with a pair of black jeans and comfort sweater in a solid color, to add some brightness.

14. Plaid Kick

Chic lady with plaid blazer and pants in a different color. Trendsetter, not a follower!Photo:

Total plaid look this spring? Absolute must! Start with a classic checked blazer with some impressive buttons. Add ankle pants in the same pattern but different color. Sounds crazy? But is not is right on the fashion wave.

15. Good old checked print suit

Cute girl wearing a tartan suit. The bossy girl is here!Photo:

Every girl needs to invest at least one in life in a good looking suit. Special bonus received if it is with a checked pattern. Why? It looks good on every type of body, looks expensive and least but not least it can be restyled in a million other ways. The tartan blazer with loose ruffle dress is perfect for a night out with the girls for example.

16. Vintage feel

Red hair girl with lace corset, light jeans and tartan blazer. Break his heart down.Photo:

Who said that the checked print oversize blazer couldn’t look sexy? Match it with lace bustier, high waist light jeans, and high heels. Still cannot imagine it? Just look the picture above. It is the silhouette of the blazer that makes it so fascinating.

17. Basic combination

Girl in a white sweater, blue skinnies, and blue-green blazer. Save the spring!Photo:

For a safe spring combination, wear a thin blouse or solid sweater under your checked print blazer, some skinny jeans, and heels. A graphic printed t-shirt is another great way to underline your blazer. Feel free to add print or texture in your layers, but keep patterns on a small scale to avoid competing.

18. Walking in the park

Girl wearing a light beige shirt, black denim and light checked print blazer. The classic combination is always a good idea.Photo:

If you love walking around in the park, inspire yourself with a light blazer in bright plaid print. In the company of bottom up jeans and a creamy colored blouse, it is going to look more nature than you are expecting.

Bonus: Style everything with a black fedora and walk like a real fashionista!

19. A perfect mix

Blondie is wearing ribbed jeans, leopard boots, tartan blazer and striped blouse. No fair of mixing.Photo:

Checked print blazer – absolute must for the spring!

Ribbed Jeans – never go out of style!

Leopard print – total love!

Don’t be afraid to mix all your tops. Promise it will be amazing!

20. Layer it all

Curly hair lady with wide legs pants, thin sweater, and bright tartan blazer. Spring-safe look to love.Photo:

We all know how surprising the weather can be in the spring. Great decision to make is to layer the outfit, but still to save the coming season spirit. Great way to do it is with wide pants in a solid color, plain shirt, and thin V-neck sweater. Then finish off with great checked print blazer and your perfect spring outfit is ready.

21. On shopping with the girls

Woman with a casual outfit made of jeans, sweater, and a bright tartan blazerPhoto:

Going on shopping with the girls? The perfect combination of style and comfort is in checked print blazer in bright color and matching stiletto shoes. Grab bag which can wear in hand and over the body because you will need this hands for the bargains.

Be sure that the girls will be jealous that you can look trendy without to make a compromise with your comfort.

22. Riding everyday

Curly hair woman with a black and white outfit with brown leather boots and plaid blazer.Photo:

Do you remember the jokes riding horses and how stylish they look? Get inspired by their look.

Match your leather ankle boots with a brown checked print blazer and leather leggings. This dramatic everyday look is perfect for the romantic souls.

23. Warm rainy day

Blondie wearing over the knee boots, super skinny jeans and green checked blazer. Prepare an umbrella, and the spring can't surprise you.Photo:

A tartan blazer in green and red can by the base for many outfits. If you match it with over-the-knee boots and skinnies, it will be perfect for the early spring days full of rain. But when it is almost time for summer, feel free to pack it with boyfriend jeans and white sneakers for casual chic.

24. Charming fairytale

A woman in total denim look with a cool tartan blazer and red heelsPhoto:

We all have these “nothing-to-wear” days. Then we usually choose the good old jeans. But how many knows that the checked print blazer is your denim best friend? Try the combination and be surprised how much you love it.

Hint: the ensemble above is a great example how to wear total denim look with a tartan blazer. Don’t forget the heels.

25. Cocktails night out

Girl with oversize shirt and blazer combined with gray skinnies and heels for lack back lookPhoto:

Tartan print invade the blazer give it an urban, contemporary charm. Match with top and trousers for a chic office look. Restyle it with ripped jeans and high heels for a trendy night out look.