Blush Outfits Guide: Inspiring Blush Examples This Spring

Embrace the spring breeze in this uber ladylike outfit, as nothing channels Provence Chateau chic more than this!

Blush is the new black. Although not a general rule, it sure is widely applicable when spring is behind the corner (or right here?). You might feel the best way possible inside your comfort zone – read: wearing opulent dark colors and heavy textures, but it is spring!

It may seem too frivolous and girly at first, but blush as a color can look rather sophisticated and posh. So, our dear gothic slash military ladies, do not worry, you certainly won’t look like a cute little butterfly in the woods. A style advice is simple – all you need is a balance. Moderation and balance.

Since blush is essentially just a color, we can incorporate it in many kinds of outfits, from badass military to the subtle and delicate ones. The options are endless, and it is up to you, in the end, to decide where you want to be on the scale ranging from edgy mix n’ match chic to the cute little girl.

1) Ruffle it up!

Ruffles slash flower do seem so innocent at first, but this lady rocks them in such a ladylike manner!Photo:

The most awesome follow up of this kind of dress are surely some statement sunglasses. And statement here means an eye-catching glass frame!

Whether it is for going out or a stroll with a bike (as pictured), this thing never seems to fail with prettiness!

2) The blush material

Blush ends up being so opulent and decadent when worn on two different textures, and Chiara nailed it!Photo:

The blush on cotton is amazing, but do you know what’s even more breathtaking? Blush on satin and suede. And what is even more amazing? Those two materials worn at the same time, of course.

That is an example of the ultimate girlish and intricate style. HINT: follow up with a lovely tulle pastel dress, and let the pastels reign spring!

3) The rose dentelle

Blush can look rather luxurious and sultry when worn with the proper canvas. This lady mastered the lingerie trend with it!Photo:

No more frills guys. This blush outfit is some serious femme fatale chic going on. The slip on lingerie dress is so perfectly blended with this color, as no other color suits that dress more.

What’s more, if you are sick of the classic beige trench coat, wear it in blush (naturally)! It still won’t be too much in your face, but it would be more romantic than the classic one!

4) Lace does it!

Nude reign is here the moment the sun goes rising, so embrace it with a nude/blush ensemble like herePhoto:

These high waisted shorts are so versatile that you can wear them in almost any combination possible. Starting from the sportiest outfits and going to the subtle ones, these blush shorts certainly do the trick.

The lace blouse makes the perfect counterpart for a dressy stroll feeling. For a more romantic and neutral appeal, add nude or blush accessories.

5) The sleek and chic appeal

Make the perfect equilibrium and mix blush on a structured piece with some leather! It certainly makes an impact!Photo:

Like we said, blush is not necessarily all about fluffy materials and ruffles. This blogger proves the opposite with rocking blush on a sharp blazer! What’s more, the leather shorts add the extra badass touch to the ensemble.

TIP: go for a Marsala toned purse to break the ice among the nudes.

6) Casual rose dentelle

Blush went urban with this lady, as she rocked it in an edgy manner with all the denim, while the baby blues maintained the soft approachPhoto:

Dominate the streets with this kind of mix n’ match ripped denim outfit. Blush is less of a statement here, but the outfit certainly wouldn’t be the same without the blouse.

Keep the accessories neat and sleek to achieve that nude, chic look.

7) The essence of glam chic

Fluidity and the right dose of minimalism is the key here – keep in mind there are lots of rose hues to match!Photo:

The high waisted pieces always add up to the whole sophisticated essence, and that is what these pink ones do. The clean-lined blouse is the perfect match for it.

Ancient goddess like jewelry can do the trick for the follow up of the outfit, while the embellished messenger bag is bound to catch looks!

8) The fairytale dream

Dreamers, beware! If you do not want to minimize the princess feeling blush hues always bring, look at this lady!Photo:

The romantic, medieval touch blush introduces to outfits is not always collateral damage. If you want to embrace your femininity, opt for this kind of magic combination.

The silhouette is super flattering, and the bows add to the girly feeling. You would feel like you went out of a time machine! TIP: wear some cute loafers instead of heels for the countryside effect.

9) The girly raven

Feathers are not always reminiscent of darkness and a gothic vibe. Opt for a subtle touch of a rose blush-hued skirtPhoto:

Don’t’ want to pair blush with more nudes? That is fine because you could embrace its lightness with some black and make a perfect contrast.

The sophisticated holistic vibe is achieved with a beautiful blush statement messenger bag, and with the blush flowing feathers for adding the ethereal spirit.

10) The print game

Blush is not all about being plain, mix prints to reach the edginess milestonePhoto:

A plain old blush blouse does not need to be paired with other pastels and nudes (although this bag looks pretty darn good!). Go for statement trousers and some minimal strap sandals for an urban look.

TIP: all kinds of prints could do well with pastels, but if you like to stick to your comfort zone it would be wise to stick to the black and white ones.

11) The sexy appeal

This outfit surely says goodbye to cuteness (although it has a nude blush piece to it). Channel your inner beach vixen ready to rock spring!Photo:

The blush body conscious top is styled so sultry in this outfit! The ripped black shorts add up to the sexy feeling, while the leopard belt adds the fashion feline touch.

For evoking that extra Coachella vibe, pair it with some black ankle boots!

12) Blush up the transitional weather

Transitional weather sure is tricky, but you can use this dusty rose hue to soften it all upPhoto:

Vintage is always in the game, and this jacket screams vintage suede. Suede always brings beige and nude to your mind, but blush can make suede work out in a soft and subtle manner.

TIP: if the weather is still harsh on you (and your outfit) opt for a chunky turtleneck underneath for coziness. A good pair of jeans helps to achieve casualty if needed.

13) Subtleness overload

For all the beach ladies – this is the way to spice things up. A deep cleavage and bare legs are the way summer is functioning!Photo:

Although it may seem a bit risqué, this jumpsuit is the essence of summer on a cruise. The cut is really flattering, and it surely shows the best assets.

Keep in mind that the impact would not be made in deep colors, as they are not appropriate for romantic summer evenings.

14) Revealing extravaganza

This lady is certainly looking super fashion-forward in this blush Chanel outfit. Well, you do not necessarily need to own Chanel for this one to work…Photo:

Tweed jackets are always reigning the transition period, but mostly they are perceived as black. Blush tweed jacket can look even more sophisticated actually.

Make the outfit urban with some hot pants, as this jacket can look too much ladylike sometimes. Loafers with a hip detail are a plus!

15) Nude biker queen

Rock chic outfits are not always black, and on the contrary, they can manage to look subtle. This girl masters that definition!Photo:

This outfit is all about the blend of being boyish and girlish. While nearly all of the pieces are from the boyfriend’s closet, they do have a feminine vibe.

Choose carefully when it comes to boots, as the ankle ones with a great texture to them tend to look the best with these jeans!

16) Animalize your look

Write this one down for the colder days – this ensemble nailed to pack various trends in a sophisticated blendPhoto:

Leopard prints do not just go with black and red (like many have supposed). They add the kitten feel to a demure exterior of blush, nudes and pastels.

For cozying things up, a chunky turtleneck is excellent for those purposes. But, do not forget the blush outerwear.

17) Blush slash navy

Deepen the things up with a darker color – blush is not just a companion to nudes exclusively. This girl knows how to achieve a ladylike contrast.Photo:

This embroidered blush blouse is the way to get the monotony of darker pieces toned down in the spring (who wants an all-dark outfit then?). Pair with subtle jewelry for accessories, but keep it minimal.

What’s more, pleated skirts are also a big trend now, so take advantage of that!

18) Delicate bombshell

Time for the big reveal is here! Spice up the sexy evening look with some blush!Photo:

Body conscious fashion proves to be the most flattering option in blush. Add up delicate lace, and rest assured that everybody would perceive you as being ultra-feminine.

Break the ice with the yellow clutch! Yes, everything is toned down speaking palette-wise, but it does not have to be monotonous.

19) Now this is called graphic

Who said you couldn't do color block while wearing pastels? This modern lady killed it with this edgy vibe look!Photo:

This is the perfect blend of smart casual and fashion forward (because those two can mix very well, apparently). The barely blush vest is the best dupe for a blazer when the weather gets warmer.

The focus is on the clean and sleek lines, so make sure you accessorize with quality, sharp handbag. Also, Palazzo pants are way much better than skinny ones in this outfit.

20) Athleisure gone elegant

Elegance is not always synonymous with tightness, discomfort and high heels. Minimalistic sophistication is achieved with this look!Photo:

High waisted pants of this kind are an all-timer and a keeper since they are flattering for most figures out there. Show that toned midriff and bare it with a slightly flounced crop top!

Ah, and now to break the monotony. Opt for a wine-hued clutch and comfy oxford shoes, and you are ready to go!

21) Channel the vintage muse

Want to look like the 50s meets modern lady? Take this as your ultimate inspirationPhoto:

Although the accent is on the rose coat, the blush followings are the rest of this outfit. If you are really sick of the avant-garde tomboy influence, opt for this kind of fashion.

This look is worth of Kate Middleton, or any other modern princess, in general. The pinky hues make such a timeless and elegant combo, while the pom poms on the sandals add the girlish touch.

22) Layer it all up!

Yes, you could probably show off that dress all alone, but sometimes the weather permits you to do so. What to do then?Photo:

Emphasize the depth of the burgundy with the contrasted chunky knit blush sweater. Not only will you feel warmer during the tricky transitional period, but you will look up to date with fashion too.

Make the whole ensemble even trendier with a wide brim wine hat and sleek city bag.

23) Sometimes it is all in the tiny details

Even though you may not prefer to wear blush as the focal point of your outfit, this girl shows how to do it in such an effortless mannerPhoto:

If we talk about shoes, we always strive to find the perfect essentials. That is why blush sandals may be the perfect choice for summer fashion.

They are super easy to pair with any color you want to name. Being super blendable, another emphasis point in your look will sure stand out uninterrupted.

24) Jane Birkin is envious now!

This is all about being the vintage muse – the straw tote bag and bow waist flouncy skirt make everything so gentle!Photo:

The straw power is immense here, and it is powerful enough to bring you to the countryside if you stare too much at the hat and the bag.

The trendy (but still very sophisticated detail) is the striped working blouse that is not incorporated in a business manner like always. Quite the contrary, everything is so lovely and soft in this look.

25) The kid next door

Some of us want to look demure, while some of want to look like a pro artisan and sartorialist. This girl does urban with a tomboy vibePhoto:

Sweaters do not have to be plain to make you cozy (well, in general, that would be enough). Spice sweaters up with a not-so-expected graphic print on a blush canvas.

The options are limitless; the print could be a dog, a cat, a car, a burger (mmm, burgers)… But make things a little bit grown up with a metallic clutch and killer shoes.

26) Laser cut detailing

Sometimes all you need is a touch of rosy hues to your outfit to soften down the edginess (or simply if you want to look more romantic)Photo:

Hello, romantic souls! Take advantage of the subtle detailing to make your outfit stand out in a demure way.

What’s more, all sorts of delicate accessories go well and blend well with the ethereal feeling of the look. Just be creative!

27) The lady from candy land

The 60s inspired outerwear is dominating the trend market, so embrace that fact with this petite coat!Photo:

So posh and chic! Get ready for roaming the streets in this delicate ruffled ensemble!

The proper accessories would be a similarly toned blush bag that evokes that spring feeling from its material. This is truly artisan worthy!

28) The countryside vibes

Embrace the spring breeze in this uber ladylike outfit, as nothing channels Provence Chateau chic more than this!Photo:

Medieval inspired basic blush shirt is the most romantic partner available for the 50s lady skirt. Pack your favorite jam, butter, and bread, and head outdoors with friends!

Straw accessories are the things that also bring the fresh feeling here, and the perfect items to incorporate it are a hat (to keep you out the harmful sun rays, but still don’t forget SPF) and a handbag.

29) A demure, Chanel inspired outfit

Now this one tops the elegance chart. Blush is the perfect counterpart to the hardness of black for this lady!Photo:

The blush cardigan with a sophisticated bow tie is the way to channel Chanel, the eponymous French couture house. What’s more, you can do this look without the hefty price tag.

Blush cardigans are everywhere, and all you need to do is to find a bow tie appliqué and a feminine A-line skirt.

30) What a single item is capable of

The perfect leisure outfit is on this lady! Weekend strolls are a match perfection for this.Photo:

Maybe someone would think that these crisp white trousers look sloppy all the time, but that is not the case if you pair things wisely.

A scarf is a signature item common to the stylish Parisian women, so why not take a cue from them and wear one in blush?