Punky look with an orange blouse and black skinny jeans and sneakers to match statement glasses

12 Elegant Outfit Ideas for A Warm Spring

Looking stylish and fashionable is very important for every girl in the world. If you wanna be trendy this Spring season, look at these 12 different ideas for your look. We picked for you one of the most popular colors and prints, so you find enough inspiration to create elegant looks for warm Spring. Let’s see it!

Brown tank top and denim jacket, flowy skirt and heels with a white bracelet.

If you are thinking that brown is a fall color, you have never tried it with mint accessories or clothes detail. Try it and I promise that you will love this combination of a warm and cold colors at Spring. It adds a little bit of freshness to your total look. Try jean jacket with this look. It always looks stylish and keep you warm from the wind.

Neutral grey shirt and jeans look with a neutral bag.Photo: prettydesigns.com

Every single girl needs to have basic clothes like grey T-shirt, good pair of denim jeans and a favorite bag in neutral color. At this pic you can see how you can easily create stylish casual look from the simplest things in your wardrobe. When the weather is warm, your must-have for this look is a pair of sandals. But if it is a little bit cold and windy, wear your favorite converse and scarf. Don’t forget about accessories, they will do your look catchy.

Stylish racerback-jean duo with flats and a bag.Photo: prettydesigns.com

When sun is really warm, it is a time to wear racerback shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans. You will create one of the most elegant looks only with these two details. But like every girl, we want to draw attention. To look fresh and stylish, add a bright bag with flats in the same color palette.

Bright top and jeans with spring-matching accessories.Photo: prettydesigns.com

We love spring for its bright and warm colors. Let’s take an example from this marvelous season. Try a look with only one super bright color. Pink is one of the best choices. You will look incredible and it highlights your natural cheeks color. What can be better than stylish look with healthy glowing face.

Orange blouse paired with black skinny jeans and sneakers.Photo: prettydesigns.com

Do you have a black skinny jeans? Try it with bright and colorful T-shirt. Look at the outfit idea at this picture. It looks great with snickers and a little black bag. If you want to look more dramatic, try it with big statement glasses.

It will be great outfit for girls that love pop rock style and are ready for all-night party.

Body hugging beige dress with neutral accessories.

Wanna look chick and fabulous? Take an example from this outfit idea. Neutral colors create feminine look, which every girl wants to try. Find a dress for your body shape and add stunning accessories like bracelets and watch. Finish your look with aviator’s glasses and you are ready to rock the world.

Mint colored blouse and accessories, finished with white skinny jeans.

Remember we was talking about mint color at first outfit? Now we suggest you to create a look which will be based only on this fresh color. Wear it with white skinnies like in the picture. It will create harmonic total view.

Cute top with black jeans, popping yellow flats and accessories.

Do you love pop colors? If your answer is “Yes” you will definitely like this outfit idea. At first view it looks casual, but when you add really bright accessories like toxic-yellow earrings and bracelets, your look transforms into super stylish outfit. For sunny days, wear it with classical Ray Bans.

Striped tank with mint skinny jeans, a white blazer and heels.Photo: prettydesigns.com

Mint color is the most popular color for this Spring season. This time we suggest you to wear a skinny jeans in this color palette. To create amazing look, try it with a stripped tank and a white blazer. You will see how incredible and elegant you are in this outfit. For more stunning look, wear high heels and some accessories like at the picture.

Black racerback shirt and striped skirt with a coral blazer and black boots.Photo: prettydesigns.com

Want to hear great news? We found perfect outfit for your office! Start with simple wardrobe things like black racerback shirt and stripped skirt. But for highlighting your full look, add an explosion of a bright color. Like in the picture, wear your casual outfit with coral blazer and bag. And yes, heels are necessary.

Sleeveless blouse with bright skinny jeans.Photo: prettydesigns.com

Every girl wanna look incredible on her date, especially if it is her first date with the guy. For this special occasion we picked up more special outfit idea. Wear sleeveless blouse with bright skinny jeans. For more elegant and romantic look add a little bit of accessories. Chains necklace and mint bracelet perfectly suits to this outfit.

Striped mint sweater with boyfriend jeans, cute doll shoes and a large bag.Photo: prettydesigns.com

We know that Spring isn’t always a sunny season. We picked up last outfit idea for cold spring days. Don’t worry, even at windy weather you can look stylish and fabulous. Try stripped mint sweater with boyfriend jeans like at the picture. You will definitely add a warm mood not only for yourself but for everybody else too. To finish your look, add a few accessorizes. They add a stylish scent to your outfit.