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Jeans in the Office: All Pros & Cons Clearly Explained

Just like any other clothing, jeans can be rocked as office attire and make you look appealing to your fellow workmate and yes, your boss. This might seem easy while reading but on the actual ground when practicing, several challenges might arise. However, jeans cannot be worn on a daily basis but some circumstances may necessitate one to turn up in them. Ladies, let’s look at circumstances you can wear jeans and when you have to totally avoid it.

If you’re rather wearing a more professional look, check these inspiring ideas of what to wear in the office.

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Circumstances that you can rock jeans at work peacefully

Every lady wants to stand out on that field day. Most may seem stressed up on what to rock and might end up looking a bit lost. While you are off to the field, dress your jeans with some official shirt and some nice flats and of course a sweater just in case the weather gets harsh you can easily blend. It will be advantageous in this case since it will help you to move swiftly as jeans are always comfortable attire.

Rocking blue jeans on a work day.Photo: fashiongum.com

On an advert shooting day

We all have those days at our workplaces that are set aside for shooting advertisements. You will look more relaxed in some blue jeans, black suspenders and a matching official shirt. This look can always be blended with a black bowtie which makes you the center of attraction at your place as you will have worn jeans as official attire. Yes, this is advantageous as you will be free to even run or climb higher places suppose the script requires you to.

That Friday look

Who will not look sassy and elegant with jeans on that boring Friday that everything seems dull? Pull-on that look and make heads turn as you walk past those clients in your office setting. March the jeans with some pull neck and a boyfriend jacket with those heels. You can fold the jeans up to your legs and make those ankles get noticed, lady! This look outshines every advantage as it will light up your boring Fridays and gives you a yes to go party comfortably after job without necessarily going back to the house to change.


Everybody is entitled to freedom of worship and in that case, most Muslims wear jeans beneath their hijabs which brings out their official outfit quite well. It has become a lifestyle for most Muslims nowadays to pull out that look as many seem comfortable in it. It is advantageous to them since they are more relaxed in them and also warm enough to necessitate them move around during cold days.

Possible to look classic in jeans and boots.Photo: outfittrends.com

That rainy day

Rainy days are always stubborn and can be handled with ease when blended with jeans. Jeans might never disappoint on that rainy day as they will keep you both warm and trendy. You might have an alternative of folding the jeans up your ankles to avoid mud splash on them. By doing this, you will get to the office with confidence and off course warm enough and ready to tackle your busy schedule without difficulties. Wear the jeans with a blazer and some bright shirt to officiate your day at work.

White jeans always work the magic.Photo: fashiongum.com

To break the plain look you can wear a colorful coat or accessories. Check also the list of perfect accessories that fits with jeans very well.

Holiday at workplace

We all have witnessed those holidays your boss asks you to show up at the workplace sometime during the day. I know how it feels for ladies to start looking for what to wear to the office and hello, put on those jeans and a sweater top and there you go, you will have officiated that jeans wear and might prompt the boss to relieve you of that duty because you just made him smile. Make your jeans long and not rugged.

Be that employee who will dress well in jeans, make them envy you and beg to be shown where you actually update your wardrobe. It might seem challenging but yes, we all have to face challenges like “hello victory”. This look will be of benefit in this case because you will be able to blend with the holiday mood and no one will seem to know you just came from work. It is a plus for you!

Specific occasions on a workday

Occasions break the monotony of busy schedules at the workplace and should go hand in hand with the type of wardrobe we decide to rock on that day. Occasions that are outside the office are the best! Wear your jeans with some sleeveless that has a collar. March your outfit with a resembling bowtie and you are good to go. This look is appealing and advantageous because you will be able to steal the occasion and also look like anyone else who came along to celebrate the occasion not necessarily as an employer or employee.

And don’t forget to add some edge to your working attire, at least occasionally!

Your professions at the office

See, your occupation may bail you from the stress of choosing which cloth to wear to work. You better start thinking about how you may invest in such occupations. For instance, a graphic designer may dress jeans with an official shirt and some boyfriend shoes and is good to know. They get less pressure as most of the time; they work behind the cameras and scenes in that you could rarely mingle with them. These designers take their occupation as an advantage because they have no time in which they are expected to make an impression on clients in an office setting thus prompting them to rock jeans as part of office attire.

Ladies who are camera persons are not exempted as well. They might wear jeans as part of office attire and look official when they are sent out to cover stories. Jeans will be advantageous to them because it will aid in their flexible movements as they will be running up and down.

Because it is your uniform, be a proud lady!

Jeans might be your uniform as you are in the office maybe as the tea girl, the messenger or the person at the customer care office right? We all have seen these circumstances and as they say, if you cannot be them, join them and do it real quick! There will be no way you will go to complain to your employer to change your uniform or else you are already tired of the job. Things might not go easy on you as you might be the one to be changed but not the uniform. Wear a pair of jeans if it is black with some white long-sleeved shirt and a black sweater. You will never disappoint. You can always add up a tie to spice up your fashion.

When jeans are not appropriate

There are various circumstances where jeans will automatically not be a plus for you to wear it as part of official attire to the workplace. In this setting, you either avoid jeans totally or else spoil the rapport with your boss and off course be the topic of discussion among your fellow workmates. You do not want your outfit to get you fired or your boss to send you back home to change. To facilitate ease and good delivery at the office, here are circumstances you need to note and avoid pulling that jeans wear to the office.

At it again, your profession

Many of us are conversant with professions that we cannot wear jeans while on duty right? Give me that yes! For instance, Catholic sisters cannot wear jeans while at their workplace because it is just not allowed. They all look presentable in their grey sweaters and white dresses and we cannot resist admiring them right? It will be ridiculous to see a nun turning up to led a certain congregation in jeans and a shirt. In fact, the first measure to be done in this case is to take her to the nearest psychiatrist for a mental checkup because who on earth does that seriously? The whole thing might seem funny but who knows? It might be a disadvantage to them as they might either be on probation or simply demoted from the sisterhood.

Your uniform at work

Thou shall you mess with your job in any given office because you failed to appear with your uniforms on. As it is always said “Do not bite the hand that feeds you”. Well, some jobs have a given uniform whereby, suppose you are dressed in them, you will be identified to be associated with that organization or rather a job. For instance, an air hostess working with Kenya airways cannot show up at the work place while dressed in jeans. She will be totally out of place. Some waiters at hotels like White Highlands Inn Eldoret, Kenya will not wear jeans while at work because they have specific uniforms they are expected to put on. Suppose they appear with jeans at work, they might be mistaken by customers to be deceivers who want to scorn them. For occupations like air hostess, you might lose your job on the spot if you come to work while you are in your jeans.

Ethics at the work place

Nearly all of us may be having jobs but have never taken the time to read the Legal and Ethical standards expected of us at our workplaces. In some organizations, it is unethical to go to the office while in jeans. If you have never read their ethics and appear to work on a Monday morning dressed in jeans and your employer seems to be around, well who knows? Maybe you could just relocate to the one-bedroom house you recently moved out because you know what sweetheart; you might lose your job!

Religion versus payslip

Some of us might be working in organizations or countries where wearing trousers is unheard of. For example, in countries where Muslim religion has dominated and you recently acquired a job with them, you cannot just wear trouser jeans and an official shirt to work and sit there ready to count the blessing in your payslip hell no! Unless you are rocking those jeans beneath a hijab, if they say so, do not try to officiate jeanswear as part of office attire unless you want to be deported back to your country or for the better part you can always refer to Koffi Olomide, a Congolese singer, who was recently deported back to his country from Kenya for failing to abide by the laws.

In a parliament setting

While you are going to the parliament for an appointment all rather as an honorable member, jeans might never be a priority to think of all rather something that should cross your mind. In most cases, those who are allowed in the parliament should be officially dressed as contrary to jeans wear which is casual. Going to the parliament premises while dressed in jeans might earn you an early exit as you will be shown your way out as soon as you enter.

Did you just get shortlisted for that interview?

Did you get that nostalgic feeling when you were shortlisted to attend an interview scheduled next week? That all you worry about is what you might wear to the interview but again you are happy to have been shortlisted? Suppose a thought of you appearing before the panel dressed in jeans crosses your mind, now this is the time you recite The Grace, Amen! Thou not shall you appear before the panel of interviewers while dressed in jeans not unless you will want to merit among failures, of course, it is allowed depending on the kind of merit you want to achieve. Look, we do not care the kind of tomboy you are but here, you just have to avoid it, lady! The panel might end up listening to you but again not be satisfied that you are the best candidate to fit that stipulated slot.

Have you been chosen to present on something during a public forum in an office setting?

Events like these require one not to have a word robe malfunction unless you will be acting drama for the better part of the day. It is always advisable to look for a dresser to dress you on such functions especially when you have a presentation to showcase. Do not just turn up in ripped jeans and some cliche shirt with some ribbon on your head and as confident as you may seem, we already vetted you out. The worst part of it all is that we may end up not listening to your presentation and maybe it could have been of much importance to us, who knows? We can all try to avoid this wardrobe malfunction by doing research on how people dress during such events and try to reach out to the design gurus in town and talk to them. They will never disappoint, let me assure you that.

Were you given the job as a receptionist?

Receptionists for a long time are always appealing, petite and have a sense of fashion. If you enter in a given organization, they are the first people you will talk to probably after talking to the security people at the gate if you are courteous like some of us. The give you the first impression of the kind of services you will be offered in the organization. Well, you being a receptionist will not guarantee you a to put on jeans at the job place and look as if you got tired of the job before you were even being offered a place. Always dress well according to the job you are doing. You will always impress.

Conclusion: How Jeans Fit in a Working Environment?

The following infographic summarizes everything that has been said:

The choice – jeans vs. more professional outfit – depends on many factors.

Jeans have been dressed for a long time for centuries and they have never disappointed and will never dissatisfy as long as you pull that look keenly. Various celebrities have rocked jeans as part of official clothing and still look sharp. We have seen Barrack Obama doing jeans and it has always been a yes for him. Kim Kardashian is always in jeans and some nice shirts and sweaters and the look always draw glances.

Most workplaces may refute the idea of wearing jeans as part of office attire maybe because someone has never done it well to impress them or something. What most people are not well versant is with is that jeans can be neatly dressed to the office and not arouse eyebrows on the hell of a person who dares to appear at the office dressed in jeans. We can all try to rock this look and change the perspective of our employers and fellow workmates view wearing jeans at the workplace. This can be done by trying it out not necessary while going to work but also when out on an evening while chilling with your friends.