12 Inspiring Outfit Ideas for Work

By Kaia Saunders / Updated on November 15, 2018
Model paired an easy shift skirt with a striped top, white pointy pumps to complete the look

Dressing for work shouldn’t ever feel like a job. However, you spend your working hours – whether it’s typing up a storm in an office cubicle or flitting around town meeting with clients – you want to feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time.

Gone are the days when women were expected to wear boxy two-piece suits and court shoes to the office (think less Peggy in Mad Men and more Rachel in Suits). The key to creating the perfect outfits to wear to work lies in getting the basics right. Think about the most classy work outfits you see in your office every day. What do those women wear to work?

We bet if you took a peek into their closets, you’d find a recurring theme of basic items in neutral colors – black, white, beige and grey, spruced up every now and then with a trendy pop of color or bold pattern.

We’ve collected a palette of our favorite fashionable work outfits to provide the perfect inspiration for your next office ensemble:


1. Pretty polished

There's nothing quite as chic as a well-fitted ensemble of black and white.Photo: styleoholic.com

There’s nothing quite as chic as tailored, well-fitted clothing in classic black and white. Here actress Olga Kurylenko shows us just how it’s done, in high-waisted black fitted pants and a silky cream blouse with a deep V-neckline. Pointy black stiletto heels round off the sophisticated ensemble.

2. Suited up

Channel your businesswoman with this black and white power suit.Photo: styleoholic.com

Channel your inner Wolf of Wall Street in a black-and-white power suit. With lines that are softer and more fluid than an average tailored suit, this ensemble is chic and business-like while still keeping an air of femininity. A loose-fitting blouse underneath keeps the fit comfortable to wear throughout the work day.

3. Navy does it

Switch the black with this navy blue pants and still look professional.Photo: styleoholic.com

Navy blue is the one color that suits just about every skin tone out there. A crisp white sleeveless blouse is striking against this ankle-skimming pair of navy blue pants, while strappy open-toed sandals polish off this cool office look.


4. Simply chic

A crsip white button-down shirt adds form to any look.Photo: stylecaster.com

A crisp white button-down shirt can add form and structure to any look. Just ask Olivia Palermo, seen here in a white blouse paired with rolled-up beige shorts and matching open-toed sandals.

4. Ladylike luxe

Cream, grey and beige tones are paired beautifully both feminine and professional.Photo: business-casualforwomen.com

Part office, part glamour, it’s all about color and texture in this elegant city look. Cream, grey and beige tones are paired beautifully in a look that’s both feminine and professional at the same time.


5. Pencilled in

This ensemble perfectly blends beige pants with a floaty top.Photo: Pinterest.com

Nudes and pale pinks have become the staples of modern luxury. This ensemble perfectly blends form-fitting beige pants with a floaty top and fitted blazer in beautiful rose blush. Nude stiletto pointy pumps round off this ultra-feminine look.

6. Street smart

Add a modern touch to your outfit for a trendy work attire.Photo: bedazelive.com

For trendy work attire that will take you from day to night, add a modern touch to your outfit. A slouchy denim button-town shirt adds an urban feel to this otherwise feminine ensemble, while nude strappy sandals add an elegant, glamorous feel.

7. All striped up

Chic and comfortable for the office.Photo: glamradar.com

Horizontal stripes are all the rage on the runway this season. Why not bring some fashion savoir-faire into the workplace too? Paired with an easy shift skirt and white flat pointy pumps, this look is chic and comfortable – perfect for the office.


8. Navy notions

Add some polished city glamour to work attire with a dark navy blue blazer.Photo: buyerselect.com

Office work clothes needn’t be boring. Add some polished city glamour to your work attire with a dark navy blue blazer. Worn here over a simple white vest, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a pair of beige slouchy pants. The higher waistline plus skinny brown belt adds a fun, trendy touch to this modern look.

9. Aye captain

Witness the versatility of a navy blue blazer paired with white skinny jeans.Photo: fashforfashion.com

See how versatile that navy blue blazer can be? It steals the show in this ensemble, paired with classic white skinny jeans and a Breton-inspired striped button-down top. A pop of bright red adds some playful pizazz to round off this fun nautical look. Note, before running to work, check a detailed guide on the circumstances when it is appropriate to wear jeans in the office and when they are better avoided.

10. Quite all white

The classic all white outfit is given a modern edge with reflective glasses and a striped blazer.Photo: glamradar.com

Casual Friday, anyone? The classic top-to-toe all-white outfit is given a modern edge with reflective sunglasses and a fitted striped blazer. Nude heels and a tan hold-all handbag top off this cool work outfit. Check more outfits with an edge, suitable for the office.

11. Spring in her step

Patterns and florals are a great way to show off your playful side.Photo: topskirttrends.com

Inject an air of Spring into your office. Patterns and florals are a great way to show off your playful side in a more serious work environment, while the basic black tee and pointy stilettos keep the look formal and smart.

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