6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Own Crop Tops

By Shevon Clay / Updated on November 15, 2018
A cover of a woman in a sexy white crop top

Crop tops are all the rage this summer! They’re super cute, oh-so-versatile, and look good on practically everyone when styled right. Of course, considering the fashion industry, fads come and go at the speed of light. So, if you don’t really want to waste money on a bunch of new crop tops, just grab some old tees and follow along for some adorable ideas on how to make your own.

Balenciaga Crop Top

Show off your mid-riff in this very sexy Balenciaga inspired crop top.Photo: yesmissy.com

Want designer fashion for (much) less? Then get your sexy on by making this chic Balenciaga inspired crop top that just requires a basic white tank, a pair of scissors, and a little patience. Wear it with a high waisted skirt or culottes to be on fleek this summer.

Easy Breezy Crop Top

Put your old t-shirts to good use with this DIY.Photo: tomboyvintage.com

If you’re a fan of minimalist designs, you’ll definitely appreciate this DIY. All you need is an old tee, a pair of scissors, and steady hands. Place your tee on a table or any other flat surface, cut slanting lines on both sides to create a “V”, cut a small slit in the center and tie a 90s inspired knot. Yes, it’s really that easy!

Knotted Crop top

Use your braiding skills to make this beautiful crop top.Photo: prettydesigns.com

The beauty of this crop top is that it looks so much more intricate and complicated than it actually is. Wear it as a beach cover-up with a pair of shorts to look super cute. Don’t forget to add some beachy waves to complete your look.

Bikini Crop top

Can you say adorable?!Photo: blog.swell.com

Lace trims are an absolute classic! They can make anything look pretty and take it to the next level. As long as you have basic sewing skills and an old bikini or cute sports bra, this DIY crop top is as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. Wear this with a kimono jacket and high waisted shorts to a music festival or under a loose tank top for days when you’re just running errands but want to look cute anyway.

No sew crop top

Stay comfortable all day long in this crop top.Photo: listotic.com

This little DIY is perfect for all the lazy girls out there. Take an old tee, cut off the sleeves as shown, followed by the neck, then the length, and voila! Hem the bottom if you want or leave as is. You could even use a glue gun to give the bottom a finished look. Wear this comfy crop top to the gym over your sports bra or to the beach with floral shorts.

A Scarf Crop Top

It's time to bring out your favorite scarf.Photo: thewonderforest.com

Don’t you simply love DIYs that turn everyday things into multipurpose wonders? Who says a scarf has to be worn as just that? Get creative and follow this fun method to turn an ordinary scarf into a crop top. Just make sure to secure it tightly!

That brings us to the end of this DIY edition on making your own crop tops. Happy DIY-ing!

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