Model shows the heart cutout and bare back

10 Really Interesting DIY Fashion Ideas

Got nothing to do and nothing new to wear? No funds for new clothes? Do you have a closet full of old and boring clothes? Here are a few simple DIY ideas to revamp your old clothes and look like you spent a fortune on clothing by using what you already have.

1. DIY Tank Top

1) Find an old shirt, something you haven’t worn for a long time or any shirt that you won’t feel bad cutting)

2) Decide how low you want the neckline to be. This will also help you determine the width of the straps. It will be better to cut from side to side. Make sure to make even and clean cuts to prevent weird edges.

3) Cut off the sleeves from the top until the armpit part. Cut after the stitches if your shirt has any but make sure to leave enough fabric to serve as your shoulder straps.

*The next few steps are optional and can be done if you want to add flare to your typical tank top.

4) The length of your shirt will depend on the cut that you will make at the back. The ideal length is right above your hips, especially if you want to show off your shorts or bottoms. You can use a ruler and pen out a guideline to make sure the cut is even and straight. Cut from one side to another and leave the front part as it is.

5) Make a straight cut at the middle of the front part of the shirt. Make sure it ends the same length as the back part.

6) Now fold the flaps to make little triangles. Make sure the sizes are even and start cutting in from the sides to the middle line that you just made. You need to have two points at the bottom.

7) You can tie the tiny triangles like a ribbon or make a simple yet cute loop. You now have a super easy to make a tank top that you can wear with cute shorts or skirts.

A red tank top with a foldable front. Cut back on buying expensive tops online or in malls when you can make your own.Photo:

2. No Sew DIY Clothes/Skirts

This super easy DIY only needs a pair of scissors and an old T-Shirt. Using a tape is optional but it will make your life a lot easier.

1) Fold your shirt vertically) Make sure that the seams are laid out flat and even.

2) Cut across the shirt) This will determine the length of the skirt; make sure to add two extra inches to your desired length. You can use the tape to serve as a guide to ensure you have an even and straight cut.

3) Turn the shirt inside out and fold at least 2 inches of the raw edge down) You can secure the folds with pins.

4) Glue the raw edge to the inside part of the skirt) Make sure to leave enough space for your elastic which is usually 1 inch. Sewing the fabric would make it a lot sturdier.

5) Leave at least 2 inches opening at the back of the skirt) This is where you will be inserting your elastic/garter.

This is where you will be inserting your elastic garter. This super easy DIY only needs a pair of scissors and an old T-Shirt.Photo:

6) Make sure to have enough elastic as the size of the waist of the person you’re sewing this for. Insert it all the way through and glue or sew at the ends.

7) Sew the small opening you left for the elastic earlier. Turn the shirt right side out. You now have a cute DIY skirt.

Patterned DIY skirts. Feel the summer aura in these colorful chic DIY skirts.Photo:

3. DIY Tie Die Shirt

This is one project to help you re-purpose an old, worn out or faded shirt that you can’t throw out because it’s too comfy.

1) All you need are old shirts-preferably white or light colored, scissors and fabric dye) You may need warm water depending on your dye’s manufacturer’s instructions.

2) This step is optional. If you want the shirt as it is, go straight to step three. Do this if you want to turn your shirt into a Dyed Tank Top.

Determine the width of the shoulder straps and how low you want the neckline to be. You can also pen a horizontal line at the waist part if you want the shirt to be a little cropped. You can start cutting off the sleeves, neckline and the hem depending on the style and length you want. You can also fringe the bottom part by cutting even straight lines from the hem to your desired length.

DIY tie die shirt. DIY tie die shirt.

3) Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of your dye. The usual mix would be 4 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of salt and 2 packs of dye. You can spray or dampen your shirt with a little bit of warm water to achieve better colors.

4) Dip the part of the shirt or tank that you want dyed in the mixture. If you want to achieve an ombre effect, keep the bottom part of the shirt in the dye longer.

5) Once you’re satisfied with the color/s, squeeze the extra water and dye starting from the upper part to the hem. Hang the shirt to dry. I would recommend letting it dry overnight and ironing it the day after. This helps the color set in and not fade as soon as you wash the shirt.

2 finished colorful tie dye shirts. Look vibrant in different colored tie dye shirts.Photo:

4. DIY Lace Shorts

This is one easy DIY to add personality to your regular shorts.

All you will need are a pair of shorts, scissors, pins, needle and thread or glue if you’re not into sewing and lace fabric.

1) Step one is to lay your shorts seams flat)

2) Cut a small triangle shape at the seams. You can choose to make it as big as you want it to be.

3) Pin the lace fabric on the part that you just cut.

4) You can start gluing or sewing the lace onto the shorts. Make sure to use the nearest if not the same color of thread as your shorts.

Now you have a pair of cute and dainty shorts!

Adding details to regular shorts by adding lace. Add personality to your regular shorts.Photo:

5. Slashed Shirt

Whether you want to show off your cute bra without completely flashing people or just to make your boring shirt more interesting, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

You just need a shirt, better if a bit oversized, scissors and chalk or sewing pen.

1) If you want to have the design at the back side of your shirt, lay out your shirt front side down) This step is optional.

2) Using the chalk, draw vertical lines from side to side. The length of the slits will depend on how you want it. If you want the design the same as the one below, make the middle line long and go shorter as you go near the sides.

3) This is another optional step as you can leave the shirt as it is or turn it into a tank top. You can cut the neckline, sleeves and hem to your desired length.

4) Start cutting the lines that you made. Make sure they are straight and even.

Back portion of a slashed shirt. Show off your cute bra without completely flashing people or just make your boring shirt more interesting, try this DIY.Photo:

5) Stretch the strips to curl the fabric a little bit.

6) Do the same thing for the front side, only this time, make the lines a little shorter. You will have one cool shirt, literally and figuratively.

Models are wearing the finished slashed tees with the front and back view. Experiment with boring shirts and create slashed patterns.Photo:

6. DIY Heart Cutout Shirt

For this simple DIY, you will need a plain shirt, scissors, chalk and a heart stencil

*You can make your own heart stencil by drawing a heart on a piece of paper and cutting the shape out.

1) Look for an oversized shirt, preferably plain at the back part so you can cut it without ruining any design)

2) You can turn the shirt into a tank top first by cutting off the neckline, sleeves and hem. This step is optional but cute.

Materials needed to make the cutout shirt. Use a plain shirt, scissors. chalk and a heart stencil to create this cute look.Photo:

3) Turn your shirt inside out and lay it out seams flat, front side down.

4) Start tracing the heart stencil into the shirt using your chalk.

5) Once you’re happy with the shape, you can start cutting the heart out of the shirt. Make sure that the cut is even with no jagged edges.

Model shows the heart cutout and bare back. The usual casual in the front, party in the back shirts.Photo:

This is one good example of those casual in the front, party on the back shirts. It is best paired with short shorts especially in the summer.

7. Shirt dress

To recreate this look, you will need a large V-neck shirt, scissors, needle and thread, a long string and a flat iron.

1) The first step is removing the sleeves and cutting the upper part of the shoulders at the seams)

2) Fold down half an inch from the shoulder part of the fabric. Iron it down and make sure that it is flat and even. You should have four parts, two at the front, and the other two at the back.

3) Sew or stitch the quarter lower part of the seam that you just ironed. Ensure that you have enough space for the string.


Pic shows the shirt with the strings yet to be final. A great way to up cycle your old or oversized shirt into a little dress.Photo:


Pic shows a finished look for the shirt dress. Look sexy in this shirt turned dress.Photo:


4) Using a long string, weave through the casing that you just made. You can weave through the front and back part of each side to do regular straps or you can choose to do a halter style by tying the strings together at the back of your neck.

This is one way to upcycle your old or oversized shirt into a little dress.

8. DIY Cardigans from old sweatshirts

Do you have really old long sleeves shirts that you don’t use anymore? Here is one way to upcycle them into a really cute cardigan without having to sew or stitch.

For this project, you will need long sleeves shirts or sweatshirts, scissors and hot glue. Pins, rulers and pens are optional but recommended to make sure the lines are straight.

1) The first step is to lay the sweatshirt back side down)

2) Using a ruler, trace a straight line from neckline to the hem.

3) Cut the line that you just made.

4) Fold a quarter of an inch of the line that you just cut and glue to the inside part of the shirt. You can use pins to hold the fold down. You can also sew this to make the fold stronger.


Steps in making DIY cardigans. Recycle old long sleeved shirts into cardigans.Photo:


Image14. Image14.


9. DIY No Sew Pocket Shirt

This pocket shirt has been popping all over our newsfeeds recently. The shirts looked really easy to do yet too expensive to buy. Here are simple DIY instructions to make your own pocket shirt from whatever you already have in your closet.

You will need a T-shirt, a piece of patterned fabric (anything you already have), flat iron, scissors, pen or pencil and fabric glue

1) Decide where you to place your pocket) You can wear the shirt in front of a mirror and mark the spot where you want the pocket to be. It will be better to get a really plain shirt and a fabric with a contrasting color to make the design pop.

2) Cut out the desired shape of your pocket from the patterned fabric that you have. You can use a pencil to trace out a stencil of a pocket on the fabric. Have an excess of at least 1/4 inch on all sides of the fabric.

3) Fold the excess fabric to make the lines cleaner and straighter. Glue the excess parts to the inside part of the fabric.

4) The last step is to glue the pocket that you just made to the spot that you liked on the shirt.

5) Iron it down to make sure it lays flat and glued to your shirt.

Here you’ll have a customized version of the pocket tees that you see everywhere. You can make it as you and unique as you want.

A pepperoni pocket against a white shirt. Look trendy and try out different patterns to use as pocket shirts.Photo:

10. DIY Collar Bling

Want to make your old collared shirt interesting? Go through these steps to add bling to your once normal shirt.

For this DIY, you will need old CD’s, hot water, scissors, glue and your collared shirt.

1) Put your old CD’s in a tub of hot water for a good five minutes or so)

2) Remove them from the water and dry the CD’s a little bit.

3) Cut the CDs into your desired shape. You can lay them out flat to see if you can get the shape of your collars. During this step, it will be easier for you to separate the clear hard part of the CD from the sparkly side. Keep on cutting until you have enough.

4) Lay the CD parts that you just cut into the collar of the shirt. Make sure you don’t have any edges poking out.

5) Start gluing the cut out CDs to your collars. You can put a heavy object on top of the glued on parts to make sure they don’t fall off.

steps in achieving that collar bling and finished shirt. Add spunk to your plain collared shirts by adding blings or studs.Photo: