Friendship tattoo ideas are great for those who love to mark their relationships with their besties. From minimalistic to the big ones - everything counts.

70 Heart-Warming Friendship Tattoo Ideas

The Branch that Connects You

The Branch that Connects YouPhoto:

A tiny branch with a hole in the end that continues on your friend’s hand looks fantastic and so symbolic. That is a tattoo that will keep you connected all the time.

Matching Tiny Trees

Matching Tiny TreesPhoto:

Small and minimalistic – this is how we can describe these lovely tattoos. They are sweet, and if you and your friend are fans of nature, it will mean a lot to you.

Wine Lovers

Wine LoversPhoto: Instagram/@tiny.tatts

Wine lovers unite! If you like to drink wine with your friends after work or on weekends, then you can always make it into ink.

Disney Lovers

Disney LoversPhoto:

If you and your friend are fans of Beauty and the Beast, then show it to everybody. They not only look beautiful but also matching.



Unicorns look lovely wherever you decide to put them. To match with your best friend, opt for a place that suits both of you.

Colorful Ladybugs

Colorful LadybugsPhoto:

If you are tired of black ink, you can always choose a watercolor one. They not only look realistic but also very beautiful. Match it with your bestie and enjoy showing it off to people.

The Years of Birth

The Years of BirthPhoto:

If you have your girl gang and you want everybody to know that you are in it, mark it with matching tattoo. You can opt for an interesting idea, like years of your birth.

To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and BeyondPhoto:

A small rocket along with the line to the infinity on one leg and beyond on your best friend’s leg look beautiful. The tattoo is small but it will be visible to you and your friend.

Sea and Sun Lovers

Sea and Sun LoversPhoto:

If you are planning to spend a spring break together with your friend, you should do a matching tattoo as well. The simple sun tattoos will absolutely do the job.

Two Girls Tattoos

Two Girls TattoosPhoto:

Each friend has an illustration of a girl that listen through the can phone. Isn’t that cute? If you are friends from childhood, then this is an amazing tattoo for you.

Minimalistic Circle

Minimalistic CirclePhoto:

If you are a fan of minimalistic clothes, then you would like a tattoo like this. Convince your friend into doing the same, so you can match.

Yin Yang Feathers

Yin Yang FeathersPhoto:

Instead of creating classic yin yang symbols, opt for something more creative. Two feathers, one in black and other in white for two best friends will be just beautiful enough to show off how to compliment you are.

Two Abstracts for Two Friends

Two Abstracts for Two FriendsPhoto: Instagram/@ellemhandpoke

Make a deal with your friend to make matching tattoos that will be known only to you. These look minimalistic and lovely.

Sea Lovers

Sea LoversPhoto: Instagram/@barbieji

Summer is around the corner, so it is the right time to start thinking about your new tattoo. This year, make it match with your best friend.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and MinniePhoto:

Some of the most used symbols in the tattoo industry is surely Mickey and Minnie. These Disney symbols will make your tattoo collection youthful and full of happiness.

Vinnie Pooh Tattoo

Vinnie Pooh TattooPhoto:

Another Disney character that is very often found on tattoos is Vinnie Pooh. If you like his story, then you should make a matching tattoo with your friend.

Finger Tattoos

Finger TattoosPhoto:

Your fingers are a great and personal place to put a tattoo. If you opt to do it with your friend – even better. The small pounding heart will always remind you of your friend and your lovely relationship.

No Matter Where

No Matter WherePhoto:

This tattoo shows that no matter where you are, your friend will always be there for you. The back side of your ankle can also be a proper place for it.

Pokemon Fans United

Pokemon Fans UnitedPhoto:

While some friends like Disney, others are fans of Pokemon. If you belong to the second group, turn your passion into ink.

Friendship is Like Diamond

Friendship is Like DiamondPhoto:

Friendship is like a diamond – beautiful and shiny. If your friendship is just like that, make sure to ink small but gorgeous diamond right on your finger.

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful FlowersPhoto:

Flowers are always a good idea when it comes to tattoos. If you opt for watercolor one, even better. Make sure that the colors of flowers of you and your friend’s tattoo are different.

Elephants On Point

Elephants On PointPhoto:

Elephants are a lovely symbol for your tattoos. Whether you opt to wear it alone or with your best friend, a shoulder is a great place to put it.

Waves for Summer

Waves for SummerPhoto:

Symbol of the sea like waves is the perfect tattoo idea for summer. If you and your bestie plan a getaway together, you should opt for the matching tattoos.

Paper Planes

Paper PlanesPhoto:

If your friendship is long-distance, these lovely paper planes will show off how you think about each other. They are perfect for connecting with your friend, even if you do not see each other every day.