100 Most Beautiful Short Nail Designs for 2020

By Janice Wasem / Updated on March 27, 2020
While some women like their nails to be long, the others find short nails practical. Check most stunning short nails designs for your inspiration.

Polka Dots are Back

Polka Dots are BackPhoto: stylesweekly.com

Polka dot print is back to style. It is actually always present, and it has the power to stay in fashion forever. So, what are you waiting for? Show your love for this print by putting it on your nails. You can combine white, black, and gold nail polished and create an amazing look.

Gradient Glitters

Gradient GlittersPhoto: stylesweekly.com

Gradient glitter nails can make you the main star of every event. They will make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. Gradient nails look like a dream. The colors appear like a night sky, and you simply have to adore it.

Shiny Circles

Shiny CirclesPhoto: moreshout.com

While you leave your nails transparent or nude, the shiny circles are what brings out all the joy about this nail art. They are colorful with a delicate shine that will make your attires look even more sophisticated and celebration-ready.

Tropical Leaves

Tropical LeavesPhoto: moreshout.com

There is no better pattern for summer than tropical leaves on your fingernails. You can decide if you want to draw leaves on every single nail or you want to leave some of them transparent and minimal.

Shiny Sides and Edges

Shiny Sides and EdgesPhoto: moreshout.com

Shiny nails are perfect for the wedding day if you are a bridesmaid or going as a guest. The fine glitter will compliment your attire along with your shoes and hairstyle. You can frame your nails with glitter lines and make them gorgeous yet sophisticated and low-key.

Colorful Geometric Lines

Colorful Geometric LinesPhoto: moreshout.com

Geometric colorful lines on your nails will definitely make them look more eye-catching. You can be sure that these nails won’t be unnoticed, wherever you decide to go. They are modern and very futuristic.

A Real Art

A Real ArtPhoto: soflyme.com

Sometimes nails can look like miniature pieces of art. This is a great example of how you can wear an unusual color combination while making your nails look like you have decorated them with a painting.

Mint Green and Blush Pink

Mint Green and Blush PinkPhoto: soflyme.com

Mint green is one of the most popular pastel shades for spring and summer season. Oh, you need to try it. Combine it with some other pastel shade is a brilliant idea! Blush pink and mint green will make your short nails pop out!

Delicate Floral Design

Delicate Floral DesignPhoto: soflyme.com

Light pink nails are lovely and casual. By adding floral designs on your thumb and ring finger, you will get an amazing spring manicure ready to be shown off to the world. You will be satisfied with these shades and proudly wear this mani every day.

Dots, Dots

Dots, DotsPhoto: millionsgrace.com

Grey nails can appear a bit dull. That is why you should make them attractive. And how to do that? Look no further than this. Small dots in different shades will make your nails gorgeous. Don’t you agree?

Basic Colors

Basic ColorsPhoto: pinterest.com

Basic colors on your nails will match perfectly with your basic capsule wardrobe. Black, red, and white nail polish are those that you need to have at home. Combine them for a perfect and chic manicure that you can wear every day, even at work.

Colors on Point

Colors on PointPhoto: klambeni.com

One color for the whole manicure? That is so last year! This summer, try something like this. Different shade for every fingernail looks cheerful and exciting. You can plan and pick your favorite colors and synchronize them to look amazing when paired.

Rhinestone Pineapple

Rhinestone PineapplePhoto: pinterest.com

When it comes to your nails, sometimes you can find it hard to make them look so eye-catching so you can stand out from the crowd. Well, with these nails it is more than possible to be noticed. Even though your nail base is white, your ring fingernails are the ones that will catch all the attention. Rhinestone pineapple is everything!

Cute Nails

Cute NailsPhoto: Instagram/@nailart_journal

This gel manicure is perfect for teenage girls. They adore to catch attention, so this will be their great chance to do that. Blush pink polish with a matte finish and cute kitty and crown drawing on them will be enough for everyday wear.

Chic and Cute

Chic and CutePhoto: noticiastu.com

Are you an animal lover? If you are nodding, then look no further than this lovely manicure. You have to adore it. It is lovely! Combination of cute drawings, gold dots, and pink blush base will blow everyone’s minds when they see your nails.

Frayed Eggs

Frayed EggsPhoto: Instagram/@cosmopolitan

Thinking about your breakfast? Well, if one of your favorite dishes are frayed eggs, then show it to everyone. Wear them on your nails. You know what does it mean, right? Your nails will be in the center of the attention wherever you appear. Get ready for that!

White and Gold United

White and Gold UnitedPhoto: cuded.com

This short manicure is convenient, while the shades are gorgeously refined together. White and gold mixed together might not be your first choice, but check out how they look in a combination. This manicure is great for wedding days, celebrations, and other elegant events.

Chrome Nails in Silver

Chrome Nails in SilverPhoto: tigerfeng.com

For women who like to make statements with their nails, chrome mirror nail polish is the right choice. You can be sure these nails won’t be unnoticed. Silver is a versatile and elegant hue that you can wear for weddings, birthday or holiday celebrations.

Ombre Nails

Ombre NailsPhoto: liatsy.com

Ombre technique has found its way out of hair and makeup industry right to the nail technicians. Now you can have your nails in two interflow shades that you wish. For instance, a mix of red and black looks like an apple with dark chocolate on the top.

Pearls and Rhinestones

Pearls and RhinestonesPhoto: withfashion.net

Pearl nails are trendy, especially for elegant occasions. Don’t let your wedding day or birthday pass without you not having a gorgeous manicure. This one will surely make you look fabulous. Golden rhinestones, especially on your ring finger will make a statement.

Winter Characters

Winter CharactersPhoto: withfashion.net

We know that summer is almost here, but we simply couldn’t resist this lovely manicure. It is clearly winterish and funny nail design. These characters on your nails will make you smile whenever you look at them. MAke sure that the nail base is nude.

Decorated with Pearls

Decorated with PearlsPhoto: en.bafbouf.com

Wearing short nails for your wedding day is a pretty smart idea. They are practical, and they won’t be bothering you (imagine the horror if they break). You can opt for pastel shades and pearl decorations. They look elegant and very sophisticated.

Purple Metallic Scratches

Purple Metallic ScratchesPhoto: pinterest.com

We believe that scratched nails won’t be your first choice when picking your manicure. However, you need to check out this one. Nude base with purple metallic scratches on the top makes your short nails look fabulous and chic.

Black and White Stamp

Black and White StampPhoto: glowsly.com

Short nails don’t necessarily mean boring. Try to make your nails shine with this lovely black and white stamp. You can make your nails look like this, by just cutting off a piece of paper and drawing black and white lines.

Cobalt Blue and Silver

Cobalt Blue and SilverPhoto: Instagram/@irina_rain

Cobalt blue is such a nice color. You can wear it, or you can polish your nails in cobalt blue. Whether you choose, don’t hesitate to match it with silver. Even if the line is this thin, that is barely visible. Leave the space around your cuticle nude.

Dark Lilac and Nude

Dark Lilac and NudePhoto: Instagram/@irina_rain

Nude nails are appropriate for any event, workwear or even elegant occasions. However, if you want to make them look fabulous even if they are short and nude, add more colors. Dark lilac on your middle and ring fingernail, near your cuticles, will make some difference.

Emerald Green Nails

Emerald Green NailsPhoto: pinterest.com

Winter nails require better care while your cuticles can be easily damaged. You will need a gel nail polish that will hide all those imperfections and make your nails chic and casual. Sometimes, these dark shades are great for everyday wear.

Like A Lace

Like A LacePhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

Nail designs with blush pink nails are subtle and cute. A design that reminds us of the lace is perfect for romantic looks and women that prefer their nails to be classy and low-key. You can even add small golden rhinestones to make that floral design look chic.

Neon and White

Neon and WhitePhoto: Instagram/@irina_rain

Neon took over fashion in a blink of an eye. That is probably how it got into the nail industry as well. We can only be thankful for that. Yellow neon in combination with matte white nail polish is a perfect combination for summertime.

Peachy Floral Design

Peachy Floral DesignPhoto: outafitt.com

Peachy nail art designs are versatile almost like nudes. You can wear them one-toned or in combination with other shades. We suggest to go with white and to add some beautiful and cute floral designs on a white background.

Turquoise Patterns

Turquoise PatternsPhoto: pinterest.com

Your nails can look like some beautiful building in Lisbon. Their tiles are popular worldwide, so it’s not a surprise why women adore these patterns so much. You can look amazing with such art design, but try to combine patterns with basic shades like white or nude.

Yellow like a Sunflower

Yellow like a SunflowerPhoto: pinterest.com

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Everything blooms, flowers everywhere. So, why don’t you put some flowers on your nails as well? Sunflower is a great representative of spring and sunny weather. Match it with your yellow nails.

Paws and Animals

Paws and AnimalsPhoto: pinterest.com

These nails are perfect for animal lovers. Paws, cute animals, as well as the glitter will make your nails look very attractive. You can wear this anytime, but it is more suitable for younger girls looking for a fun and cheerful manicure.

Abstract Face Drawings

Abstract Face DrawingsPhoto: Instagram/@emilyjanelathan

Nude nails with the abstract face drawings are seen among many girls on Instagram. You can have them as well. Even on your short nails, this manicure will look precisely the way it supposed to look – wonderful and so chic.

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