100 Most Beautiful Short Nail Designs for 2020

By Janice Wasem / Updated on March 27, 2020
While some women like their nails to be long, the others find short nails practical. Check most stunning short nails designs for your inspiration.

Colorful and Fun

Colorful and FunPhoto: pinterest.com

Colorful nails might be considered as the ones that are hard to style. However, if you add a few of your favorite colors and make a mani like this, you can’t be wrong. Make sure to create different patterns with various colors, while the background is nude and matte.

Wedding Appropriate

Wedding AppropriatePhoto: attirepin.com

If you are looking for a wedding manicure, look no further. Here is the mani that has it all. Nude shades are simply beautiful for the big day, while the glitter is not a waste. You will enjoy your short nails and feel confident about your look.

Fun Black Pattern

Fun Black PatternPhoto: pinterest.com

You can wear your nails nude and still make them look fun and interesting. Add these black details, dots, and patterns to make your nails amazing. You can wear them round or square, as you wish.

Glamorous Combination

Glamorous CombinationPhoto: revelist.com

If you were wondering which color combination makes you both elegant and charming, we have the answer for you. It is the navy-blue and gold combo. This mix of colors is excellent not only for special occasions but for everyday wear.

A Splash of Colors

A Splash of ColorsPhoto: fenzyme.com

Nothing can make you feel better than a splash of colors on your nails or wardrobe. It can raise your mood instantly, even on a rainy day. This colorful manicure can help you. It looks impressive and so cheerful.

Colorful Stripes

Colorful StripesPhoto: pinterest.com

Make your nails look like a rainbow. You can even add some new colors that you like – orange, dark blue or pink. Your nails will catch some attention and be as attractive as possible. You can surely count on that.

Two-Toned Nudes

Two-Toned NudesPhoto: fenzyme.com

Two-toned nails can look equally nice as transparent ones. Combine these two shades, if you want your nails to look classy, chic, and utterly fashionable. This manicure is perfect for everyday wear, for businesswomen as well as for those who prefer minimalism.

Peachy Nails with Eyes

Peachy Nails with EyesPhoto: renystyles.com

In Orient culture blue eye is considered to be a type of amulet. It is worn against evil forces on necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. However, you can go a step further and put it on your nails. It will look not only interesting but also very modern.

Bananas and Pink Polish

Bananas and Pink PolishPhoto: pinterest.com

Bananas are everyone’s favorite fruit. That’s a fact. If you want to show off everybody how much you love bananas, put them on your nails and combine this design with blush pink polish. The other nails should be yellow to compliment bananas.

Pastel Color Palette

Pastel Color PalettePhoto: pinterest.com

Pastels are at the peak of their popularity. Blush pink, mint green, lilac, and baby blue are just some of the pastel shades that everybody adores. You can use more than one color palette for your nail manicure. It will look great.

Baby Blue and Silver

Baby Blue and SilverPhoto: pinterest.com

Baby blue is one of those beautiful shades, but sometimes you find it hard to combine them. However, baby blue nails tell another story. They can be styled with any other shade – white or glitter, for instance.

Easter Inspired

Easter InspiredPhoto: pinterest.com

Easter-inspired nail art are usually centered around certain motives. You can opt for both short nails and nude shade, but you need to have something typical – a bunny. Decorate your nail bunny with glittery ears and black ink.

Unexpected Animal Print

Unexpected Animal PrintPhoto: pinterest.com

You can wear animal print on your nails, but make it look perfect. For the upcoming summer days pick some unexpected colors such as green and yellow. They will provide you with more vivid looks and upgrade your summer outfit combinations.

Classic is Timeless

Classic is TimelessPhoto: vattire.com

Red is timeless shade. We already determined that. It is perfect for those women who like their nails short but chic. You can style red shade with any other piece and color. This classic manicure is great for business women.

Blue Metallics

Blue MetallicsPhoto: pinterest.com

Metallic nails will catch all the attention, wherever you go. They look fantastic and like a mirror. You should go a step further and pick some unusual shade, such as this dark blue metallic one. This is perfect for prom nights and special occasions.

Dark and Bright Combo + Metallic

Dark and Bright Combo + MetallicPhoto: Instagram/@manicure.nailsfoto

It is clear that the combination of blush nails and dark purple are not very typical. However, when you add metallic foils at all that, you get the combination that is gorgeous indeed. Short nails look amazing while shades make a fantastic combo.

Like a Universe

Like a UniversePhoto: liatsy.com

Black matte nails look gorgeous. However, there should be some way to make them even more exciting. Yes, there is. You can draw universe planets and stars to make your nails look eye-catching.

Rhinestones on Nude Nails

Rhinestones on Nude NailsPhoto: pinterest.com

Rhinestones on the nails can easily look kitsch. However, if you style them properly, make them all in the same color, and with the nude background, your nails will look more than perfect. This is great manicure even for those wearing short nails.

Sparkly Nail Edges

Sparkly Nail EdgesPhoto: Instagram/@unistella_kr

Let your nails look like snowflakes. Silver flakes in form or a rhomboid will add some texture to your nude or transparent nails. This manicure is excellent for weddings, prom nights, and other special occasions, especially in the cold winter time.

Bronze Stripes

Bronze StripesPhoto: pinterest.com

Many women don’t even think about their manicure. They leave their nails with a nude base or even without any nail polish on. However, if you want something quick and chic at the same time, look no further than this. Bronze lines on the top of your nails are simple to make and even easier to style.

Waterfall Nails

Waterfall NailsPhoto: ostty.com

Colorful nails will always be more eye-catching than the ones done in only one shade. Waterfall nails are kind of a trend that doesn’t plan to go that easy. You can opt for two or more toned waterfall nails to make them look fantastic.

Dots and Triangles

Dots and TrianglesPhoto: alhdino.com

Geometric patterns on nails are trendy in the last few seasons. You can combine colors, patterns and make it look amazing. Even if you like your nails short, you can still pull out this look and make your nails look great.

Hearts with Eyes

Hearts with EyesPhoto: ecemella.com

Simple hearts are not enough anymore. To make your nails exciting, add hearts with small eyes! Oh, trust us, everybody will be amazed by these nails. Round nails will present hearts even better.

Glam Burgundy and Gold Glitter

Glam Burgundy and Gold GlitterPhoto: ecemella.com

Burgundy nails are considered very elegant and sophisticated. If you want to add more glamour to your attires, add golden glitter. It will add even more elegance, and your nails will appear great. You can also opt for a few nude shades with gold stripe across your nail.

Pink and Red Nails

Pink and Red NailsPhoto: ecemella.com

Red and pink mix was long considered as an impossible combination. We were avoiding it as much as we can. However, from this year, this combo is in trend again. Every girl has tried wearing these two colors together, and they loved it. Try it on your nails as well.

Different Kind of French Manicure

Different Kind of French ManicurePhoto: 101outfit.com

Instead of classic French mani, you should do something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Add black line instead of white and leave the rest of your nails transparent. The blue detail in the center of your nails will make a huge difference.

Tropical Nails

Tropical NailsPhoto: listfender.com

Preparing nails for summer is one of our favorite activities. And no, you don’t need to grow your nails long to make them eye-catching. By adding gold rhinestones and tropical green leaves on several nails, you will be ready for warm weather and beach parties.

Color Block

Color BlockPhoto: Instagram/@p

Color block is considered as a fearless technique in the fashion world. Wearing a lot of colorful pieces at once look eccentric, but also very stylish. Although you need to do it right, the color block can look very cheerful. You can carry over this trend on your nails as well.

Colors of the Sky and Grass

Colors of the Sky and GrassPhoto: vk.com

Maybe you were not aware of it, but this color combination is wonderful. We have to admit it though – it didn’t come to us to do this nail shade combo on our nails. Pastel blue and mint green patterns will make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

Pink with White Details

Pink with White DetailsPhoto: pinterest.com

Pink nails are wonderful. They even look better on short nails. So, don’t think twice when picking a new shade for your next manicure. They can be enriched with some details, like white shade or splashes of pink shade on white background.

Grey Hues

Grey HuesPhoto: Instagram/@simplicityarchives

Grey is one of those basic shades that you can wear with all other hues and colors. You can absolutely pick grey nail polish that will provide you with the versatility that you need for everyday wear. Short nails are both nice looking and practical.

Blue, White, and Black Nails

Blue, White, and Black NailsPhoto: pinterest.com

Blue is a great color for your summer nails. It is eye-catching yet very stylish. You can combine it with other shades to make this mani attractive. For instance, black and white details on your middle and ring fingernails will make a big difference.

Purple Nails with Aztec Patterns

Purple Nails with Aztec PatternsPhoto: naloaded.com

Aztec patterns are seen on nails, and we have to admit they look fantastic. They give your nails a charming vibe so you can pick the shade you want for the rest of your fingernails. However, make sure to draw Aztec patterns on a bright background so they can be visible as much as possible.

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