40+ Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

By Shevon Clay / Updated on May 6, 2019
St. Patrick’s day is celebrated among many people. Makeup and nail designs should also take part in the celebration, so it is time for you to get inspired.
Green Tartan and CloversPhoto: bellatory.com

Tartan is one of the trademarks of all British people. Why don’t you replicate it on your nails for St. Patrick’s day? It will surely look cool in combination with clovers on bottom nail corners.

Polka Dots and ShamrocksPhoto: glaminati.com

Polka dot design on the index finger looks chic, while the rest of the nails are done in St. Patrick’s day mood. Bit of glitter, light green color, and white base look perfect on long nails.

Silver Details and Green Nail PolishPhoto: glaminati.com

Silver patches on your nails in the form of shamrocks look absolutely stunning. Simple, yet shiny, this nail design is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

Marble EffectPhoto: glaminati.com

Marble effects on nails are great not only for holidays but for everyday wear as well. With a few shades of green and gold shimmer nail polish, you will achieve amazing results in no time.

Gold Out of A PotPhoto: craftymorning.com

The pot that is drawn on your index finger and gold particles that fall out from it looks absolutely gorg. Asymmetric gold lines on the rest of nails represent gold that travels far behind the rainbow.

Colorful NailsPhoto: craftymorning.com

Rainbow, Leprechauns, and green nail polish, and all that in shimmer look great on short nails. You can wear this to a party and be absolutely assured that you will be noticed.

Purple and Green ComboPhoto: Instagram/@moleenddesign

A bit unexpected nail base is purple. However, did you know how good green and purple look together? We neither! But, this is a perfect idea to go with for a St. Patrick’s day party and celebration.

Green PlaidPhoto: hikendip.com

Plaid design on your nails can be easily matched with your outfits. Why not? You can look absolutely matchy for Saint Patty’s day with these chic and casual nail design.

Simple, Irish Inspired NailsPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Avoiding glitter and shamrocks is not so easy when choosing your St. Patrick’s day outfit. This is a great classic nail design that you can absolutely rock after the holiday season.

Chic for Saint PatrickPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Combination of green lines and gold dots look pretty and chic. Not only it is easy to achieve, but it’s also very nice looking and great for everyday wear as well.

Pastel Green with Black Polka DotsPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

At first glance, black and pastel green might not be complementary colors. However, when you do it right, you get an amazing nail design. Polka dots, gold dust on one nail, and shamrocks will appeal amazing on your long nails.

St. Patrick’s StampsPhoto: pinterest.com

To get this lovely St. Patrick’s day ornaments, you will need stamps. Let them be in gold, while background stays in dark glitter green polish. They look very festive and absolutely gorgeous.

Dark Green Plaid NailsPhoto: glaminati.com

To achieve this plaid design on your nails, you will need a bit of precision and stamps to make it all work. Glitter nails look great, along with ring and pinky fingers in a plaid design.

Metallic VibesPhoto: nailsofaquarius.com

Gold and green metallic shades are interesting and so eye-catching. You can combine these two colors for St. Patrick’s day celebration and make your nail polish amazing.

French Manicure with RainbowPhoto: pinterest.com

We all connect French manicure with neutral shades, but here the situation is a bit different. Green French manicure with neutral base looks great. When you add rainbow and white shamrocks, your nails will be irresistible.


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