40+ Super Elegant Prom Nails For The Big Night

By Shevon Clay / Updated on July 8, 2019
Prom night is the most important night in a teenager life. Whole attire needs to be perfect. Check here for the most beautiful, prominent and elegant nails.
Baby Blue Short NailsPhoto: nailideastrends.com

The thing with short nails designs is that you can wear any color you wish, and they still look great. Baby blue might not be your first choice, but trust us, it looks perfect on your short nails.

Bold Silver GlitterPhoto: pinterest.com

Combination of silver glitter and nude rose nails will not only grab all the attention but also make you look bold and stylish.

Blue and WhitePhoto: nailartdesigns.site

If you opt for summer shades of your dress – baby blue, blush pink or mint green, then you should choose nails like these. Not only they are great for your prom but also invoking nice weather and sun.

Floral DesignPhoto: cuded.com

The floral design is welcome is not only for your prom but for any special occasion you are going to. When your nails are nude with white floral appliques, you can be absolutely sure you will look super elegant.

Black MattePhoto: cuded.com

Black matte base with lovely floral stickers above will leave everybody breathless. Make sure your nails are squared and not too long.

Marble EffectPhoto: pinterest.com

Nude and white nails can be pretty casual. That is why you should opt for marble effect. This marble design on your ring and pinky finger will upgrade your looks from casual to extravagant.

Rose Gold MarblePhoto: rosegoldlining.com

Combination of rose gold shimmer nail polish, white base, and marble effect will blow everybody at your prom away. This is a great combo that matches with neutral shades such as nudes, blush pink, and champagne.

Rhinestones on PointPhoto: soflyme.com

Rhinestones are perfect on any nails, but especially look good on nude base. You can choose how many rhinestones to put, but we suggest to cover your whole nail. Why not?

Green and GoldPhoto: soflyme.com

Green and gold make an unexpectedly good combination on your nails. Do it like a classy French but with a bit bolder shades for your prom night. This is a great nail design for jewel-toned dresses.

Purple Nails With GlitterPhoto: roseidea.com

Purple nails are great if you want something sophisticated and elegant. Those jewel tones are stunning for matching with same dresses. Just a bit of glitter nail polish on your ring finger will upgrade this purple design from casual to glamorous.

Animal Print on NailsPhoto: roseidea.com

Even if you are rolling your eyes now and don’t believe us when we say this but – animal print on your nails looks fierce! Do it in black. That way it will look sophisticated and elegant.

Red HeartsPhoto: pinterest.com

We know it is not Valentine’s day, but this is one of those designs that you can wear all the time. Hearts on your nails look gorgeous and so pretty. Combination of pink and red on oval nails can look only extraordinary.

Red Ombre NailsPhoto: fashion2d.com

So, if you have thought that the ombre technique is for your hair only, you were wrong, dear. You can now be chic and stylish with red ombre nails for your big night.

Grey and SilverPhoto: highpe.com

Glitter on your middle finger will make this look stand out from the crowd. The grey nail polish shade is gorgeous, especially in a mix with glitter. And where to wear this design? To your prom, for sure!

Burgundy NailsPhoto: styleyou7.com

A bit of glitter nail polish, as well as chrome metallic nails, make this design unique and sophisticated. Imagine yourself in some fancy long dress with these nails – simply adorable.

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