40+ Super Elegant Prom Nails For The Big Night

By Shevon Clay / Updated on July 8, 2019
Prom night is the most important night in a teenager life. Whole attire needs to be perfect. Check here for the most beautiful, prominent and elegant nails.
Glamorous Gold and GreenPhoto: liatsy.com

We don’t know about you, but we will always be in love with gold and emerald green shade. And if you are picking your prom combination – don’t hesitate to choose this one in particular.

Pearl WhitePhoto: naildesignsjournal.com

Pearl white shine is something that you should try on your nails. They will look entirely sophisticated and glamorous. You can also add rhinestones as they are lovely details – make some design that will be eye-catching but not overdone.

Black and Blush PinkPhoto: liatsy.com

This lovely combination of blush pink glitter, metallic, and black nail polish is elegant and sophisticated. It matches with any shade of your prom dress, but we suggest to go with blush, black or grey.

Colorful FlakesPhoto: liatsy.com

Nude nails and colorful flakes will overshadow all your friends and their prom outfits. With this kind of manicure, you will make a statement while staying completely stylish and elegant.

Sky NailsPhoto: liatsy.com

Sky, black background and lot of interesting space motifs – these are the things that make this manicure exciting and chic. This manicure will bring an unexpected vibe to every outfit combination.

Nude with RhinestonesPhoto: glaminati.com

Nude nails are an absolute favorite of many girls. And we can’t agree more that nude polish works perfectly with any other shade. Just add rhinestones to make it even more interesting.

Matte Burgundy with Sparkly DetailsPhoto: weheartit.com

We love to see good matte nails with a perfect shade like this burgundy one. Shiny details, pearls, and rhinestones will make you stand out from the crowd.

Black and GlitterPhoto: weheartit.com

Black nails are the same as red – classy and timeless. You can style them for any occasion, with or without details, sparkles, and glitter. They will still look amazing. So, don’t hesitate to wear them for the big night, your prom.

Simple Dusty Rose NailsPhoto: livingly.com

Sometimes, you don’t need glitter to make your nails look good. You only need a statement shade that will provide you with a chic and sophisticated vibe.

Earth Toned NailsPhoto: weheartit.com

Earth tones, nudes, and neutrals look perfect on your nails. You can also let yourself have longer nails – they won’t look over-the-line.

Rose Gold and Chrome EffectPhoto: weheartit.com

Chrome effect appeared a few years ago, and since then it doesn’t stop to amaze us. It matches perfectly with all shades, but be careful. Don’t overdo it – let only one or two nails be with this chrome effect.

Gold and NudePhoto: livingly.com

Gold glitter looks like sand. That gives this nail design sophisticated look that you can rock to your prom party. This design matches perfectly with champagne, grey, and emerald green dresses.

Minimalistic NailsPhoto: pinterest.com

For those who want to try something new and exciting, this design is a thing for you. Three-colored nails, still minimalistic will make you look unique and very stylish.

Colorful and GeometricPhoto: tigerfeng.com

Geometrically precise and chic – this is how we can describe this lovely nail design. Colorful nails are the must-have for this spring, so don’t hesitate to try them for your prom night as well.

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