Summer nail designs are the must-have if you want to catch some attention at the beach. These are some of the funniest designs that you need to try this summer.

60 Catchy Summer Nail Designs for Fun-Loving Women

Summer Graphics

Summer Graphics Nail DesingPhoto:

You can only adore these graphics. The eye, eyelashes, and a heart – everything will make this look summer-ready and adorable. It is catchy enough, but don’t look like you have spent too much time doing your nails.

Simple White Nails

Simple White NailsPhoto:

Sometimes you wish something classy enough, but not dull. These simple, yet chic white nails are perfect for your sun-kissed skin. If you wear them on the beach day, you can be sure you will be noticed.

Blue and White Nails

Blue and White NailsPhoto:

Blue and white remind us of the color of the sky and sea. And there is no better time to wear them than in summer. Add a bit glitter on your ring fingernail to make this manicure eye-catching.

Yellow Bananas

Yellow Bananas Nail DesingPhoto: Instagram/@nail_art_club_

Yellow nails are just the best to wear in warm summer weather. By adding bananas, yellow vibes will be even bigger and more interesting.

Pastel Hues

Pastel Hues Nail DesingPhoto:

All shades of pastel were so trendy over the last two years. So, that is why it is not a surprise why you now can wear them on your nails as well.

White Nails with Pink Glitter

White Nails with Pink GlitterPhoto:

Delicate pink glitter on your middle and pinky finger will look great on a simple matte white base. Squared nails are perfect for everyday wear – great for functioning and work as well.

Short Fruity Nails

Short Fruity NailsPhoto: Instagram/@thehangedit

This fruit design will make you forget how short your nails are. They appear cute and very appropriate for summer wear. This tutti-frutti manicure will leave your friends breathless.

Freshly Squeezed Lemons

Freshly Squeezed Lemons Nail DesingPhoto: Instagram/@betina_goldstein

Lemons are used a lot as nail details in the summertime. However, if you are more for something minimal, then you should try something like this. Lovely nail design will match with all your summer outfits.

Watercolor Cacti

Watercolor Cacti Nail DesingPhoto:

Watercolor cacti look great on white nail polish base. So, when the temperature spikes you know what to do – draw cacti on your simple white nails and upgrade them for summertime.

Pool Reflexions

Pool Reflexions Nail DesingPhoto:

Have you ever imagined your nails to be like you are looking at the pool water reflexion? If you are nodding, then let us prove you wrong. The key is to wear this nail design every time you go to the pool, understand?

Colors of the Sun

Colors of the Sun Nail DesingPhoto:

Yellow, orange, and purple – all shades of the sunset. Preferably mix all these shades on your nails, creating geometric patterns with a little nude hole in the middle.

Lilac Coffin Nails

Lilac Coffin NailsPhoto:

Lilac proved to be one of the trendiest colors of the season. No surprise – it is utterly stylish and great for wearing. Coffin nails are modern and very appropriate for your summer wear.

Long Turquoise Nails

Long Turquoise NailsPhoto:

Long nails don’t necessarily mean that you need to give up glitter and eye-catching colors. After all, in the summertime, everything is allowed. These nails revive the shade of the sea.

Nail Striping Tape

Nail Striping TapePhoto:

Red nails are classic, and we are all aware of that fact. Nothing can beat them. However, to prevent your nails look too casual, you can add striping tape and draw a thin line. It will make your nails exciting and cool for summer.

Orange Ombre Nails

Orange Ombre NailsPhoto:

We have already learned that ombre on your nails look stunning and cool. If you want to make your nails summer-ready, then polish them in orange and make sure they are done in ombre technique.

Navy-Blue and Gold Foils

Navy-Blue and Gold Foils Nail DesingPhoto:

This might not be the typical summer shade, but it is excellent if you are going to some special event. You can rock this nail design for weddings, engagements, and other important dates.

Water Splash

Water Splash Nail DesingPhoto:

If you have ever imagined how a splash of water looks like on your nails – well, now you know! A beautiful nail design on white base will make you look unique and your hands so eye-catching.

Marble Inspired

Marble Inspired Nail DesingPhoto:

There is nothing better than a classy and chic marble pattern on your nail. We can’t decide if they look better with shiny or matte nail polish. However, if you opt for a matte version, you won’t make a mistake.

Shark, Sea, and Stripes

Shark, Sea, and Stripes Nail DesingPhoto:

Yes, we know – this might sound like a usual combination for your nails. However, on this nail design, it looks more than perfect. Summer is near, and you know what to do – combine these graphics for a fantastic design.

Go with The Flow

Go with The Flow Nail DesingPhoto:

Sea waves are beautiful and breathtaking. If you like them as much as we do, then it is the right time to present them on your nails. Make sure they look realistic, like in the photo above.