Summer nail designs are the must-have if you want to catch some attention at the beach. These are some of the funniest designs that you need to try this summer.

60 Catchy Summer Nail Designs for Fun-Loving Women

Marble Effect

Marble Effect Nail ArtPhoto: Instagram/@ninanailedit

Marble effect on your nails is great for catching some attention. Opt for a blue color to revive the sea and waves. They are simply perfect for summer wear.

Summer Motifs

Nail Design with Summer MotifsPhoto:

Imagine every single detail or piece of clothing that you use in the summertime.

Now, imagine it on your nails! Flip-flops, bikini, and everything else that you love are now possible to put on your nails. Those miniatures will leave people breathless.

Ice Cream Look-Alike

Ice Cream Look-Alike Nail DesignPhoto:

Have you ever seen a nail that looks like ice cream? We neither, and that is why we are blown away with this lovely design. Dripping nail polish over pastel nail base is beautiful, and you will admit very unexpected nail design for summer.

Orange Nails

Orange NailsPhoto:

The orange-yellow color on your nails might seem strange at first glance, but trust us you will love it in the end. Don’t overdo it with flower design – only put it on your middle and ring fingernails.

Blue Glitter and Flowers

Blue Glitter and Flowers NailsPhoto:

Even though a combination of blue glitter and blue nail polish can sound dull and not creative at all, this time your nails will be gorgeous. Blue Hawaiian flowers will match perfectly with blue glitter nail polish.

Nautical Inspired

Nautical Inspired NailsPhoto:

How can a summer pass without you having nautical nails? Blue and white stripes, as well as gold glitter anchor, will look gorgeous on your short round nails.

Beach and Sand Nails

Beach and Sand NailsPhoto:

Recreating your favorite beach on your nails? Impossible! Well, this nail design proves us all wrong. With ombre technique make your nails look like a sea and add gold glitter polish at the very nail edges.

Blue Geometric Nails

Blue Geometric NailsPhoto:

Beautiful blue color on your nails simply scream summer. When you add more geometric details on, you get a wonderful combination that will be hard not to notice.

Modern Nude

Modern Nude NailsPhoto: Instagram/@cassmariebeauty

Nude is presented with a twist here. And that twist is more than interesting, we have to admit. These are great summer shades that you should incorporate into your nail polish collection.

Strawberries on Point

Strawberries on Point Nail DesingPhoto: Instagram/@nailsbymei

Miniature strawberries on your nails almost feel like they are real. Make sure to draw them using a small toothpick and leave the base nude or white.

Lemonade to Refresh You

Lemonade to Refresh You Nail DesingPhoto: Instagram/@stormilahuillier

Fresh lemonade is a way to refresh yourself in summer. Why don’t you put lemons on your nails so they can always remind you to refresh when the temperature hits up high? Combine this lemon design with kiwi green nail polish.

Pineapples are Trendy

Pineapples are Trendy Nail DesingPhoto:

Catchy pineapples that peek out from your nails look so cute! They are highlighted even though they are drawn on a blue base. These nails are great for summer wear!

Blush Pink Base and Tropical Trees

Blush Pink Base and Tropical Trees Nail DesingPhoto:

Not all tropical palm tree designs need to be drawn on a white or nude base. You can also do great work with pink blush base and a few gold details.

Fruits all Round

Fruits all Round Nail DesingPhoto:

Which fruit is your favorite? If it is watermelon and bananas, you are lucky – this nail design present how you can recreate your favorite fruit on your nails.

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos Nail DesingPhoto:

Who wouldn’t love a good flamingo nail design in the summertime? We definitely wouldn’t mind if few flamingos are on our nails. Make sure the rest of your nails are soft pink.

Palm Tree Sunset

Palm Tree Sunset Nail DesingPhoto:

Ombre technique on nails looks even better than on your hair. We admit it, it is not so easy to achieve, but once you do – you will absolutely love it. Add a black palm tree on all your fingers. It won’t look like you have overdone it.

Sea Details in Gold

Sea Details in Gold Nail DesingPhoto:

Shells, seahorse, and sea stars – everything in gold. Even though it might sound strange to have all this on your nails, you will love the result.

Pineapple and Flamingos

Pineapple and Flamingos Nail DesingPhoto:

This is a combination to remember! Pineapples and flamingos will make you unique and so summer chic wherever you go. The rest of your nails should be painted in a soft pink shade.

Peach Tropical Nails

Peach Tropical NailsPhoto:

Peach nails are great for summer wear. However, you can always upgrade them by adding a bit of tropical design. Don’t overdo it though – tropical designs should be on your middle and ring finger.

Cute Floral Design

Cute Floral Nail DesignPhoto:

Small and cute flowers on your nails will attract all attention, wherever you appear. Try matching them with your favorite summer flower dress – those flowy ones that you adore to wear in the summertime.