25 Sexy Makeup Looks for Valentines Day

By Janice Wasem / Updated on January 30, 2019
Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to try some new makeup looks. From completely nudes to vivid - you will find all those makeup looks inspiring.

Going out for Valentine’s day require special makeup as well. However, depending on how do you feel and what is your style you can choose between a classy smokey eye and eccentric shimmer eyeshadows.

We have gathered some of the best and sexy makeup looks that will make your partner fall in love with you again and again. Let’s check them together, shall we?

Highlighted Eyes and Burgundy LipsPhoto: glaminati.com

If you are a fan of eye-catching yet neutral makeups, then this is the right solution for you.

While eyes are highlighted with black false lashes and eyeliner, the lips are more classy – burgundy matte lipstick is perfect for Valentine’s day.

Neutral LipsPhoto: Instagram/@krystalclearmakeup

Leaving your lips in neutral, blush pink shade won’t only make it easier for your boyfriend to kiss you.

It is also a very sophisticated way to go for Valentine’s day. Green and gold eyeshadows on your eyes present amazing contrast towards your lips.

False Lashes on PointPhoto: Instagram/@krystalclearmakeup

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love.

Dye your hair ends into pink, and add soft pink lipstick as part of your makeup look. Trust us, your boyfriend will find this look simple yet very sexy.

Neutral and SexyPhoto: Instagram/@krystalclearmakeup

This look is perfect for both dates and stay-ins. It is absolutely neutral but powerful and very sexy.

Combine white shimmer eyeshadow with brown neutral ones and don’t forget to add false lashes. Let your lips be nude or put on some meat-shade lipstick, preferably nude.

Red LipsPhoto: Instagram/@krystalclearmakeup

Every time you don’t have an idea what color to put on your lips, go for red. You can’t be wrong with it.

It goes perfectly with all other shades while making your makeups sophisticated and classy.

Glamorous in RedPhoto: Instagram/@cakeyconfessions

Go out for this special day in a gorgeous red dress, with matte pink lips and black eyeliner hook on your eyes.

This is simple, yet classy makeup which will make your partner sparkle when you appear.

Matchy MomentsPhoto: Instagram/@cakeyconfessions

Matching your makeup and your outfits can be quite interesting. Especially when it comes to these dark, winter colors like olive green.

Add some glitter eyeshadow, and round your eye, making it more open. Lips should be nude.

Gold and Purple MixPhoto: Instagram/@cakeyconfessions

If you ever wondered how to achieve a classy and eye-catching look with some interesting colors, here lies the answer.

Use gold eyeshadows with black eyeliner for your lids. For lips, don’t hesitate to use purple lipstick and gloss.

Brown and Chocolate TonesPhoto: Instagram/@cakeyconfessions

If you want to avoid vivid colors on your lids and lips, then opt for something more neutral. Brown makeup looks are far more wearable for both casual and elegant occasions such as Valentine’s day date.

Delicate ShinePhoto: Instagram/@cakeyconfessions


What goes best with your metallic gold dress? Shiny makeup, of course.

However, as this blogger says, don’t overdo it. Combination of nude white matte and shimmer eyeshadows will do the thing. Focus on your eyeliner hook and put on a nude lipstick.

Simple and Sophisticated LookPhoto: Instagram/@brittsully

Sometimes it is the best to go neutral and with minimal makeup on yourself.

Just draw black eyeliner line, add a bit of shiny white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and finish this look with nude lipstick.

Blush Pink For Valentine’s DayPhoto: Instagram/@brittsully

Pretty and cute – sometimes it is better to stay away from vivid shades. Valentine’s day is all about pink colors and love so this makeup look will match perfectly.

Black Smokey EyePhoto: society19.com

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