20 Natural Glam Makeup Ideas Perfect For Any Ball

Natural yet glamorous - is that kind of makeup even possible? Of course, it is, and we can prove it with these lovely examples.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you need to think about all these ceremonies, parties, dinners and celebrations that are waiting for you. Of course, you need to have appropriate attire and makeup as well.

If you are in lack of ideas on how to achieve the perfect natural yet glamorous look, don’t worry. We have found some of the best looks you should pay attention at.

Trust us, they are not hard to achieve, but they will make you look sophisticated and glam wherever you go.

Beautiful with Minimal EffortPhoto: pinterest.com

Retro vibes never grow old. They are perfect for any occasion.

Add pearl headband, and draw perfect eyeliner hook. Neutral lips and pink blush will make you look glamorous and very sophisticated

Making Your Eyes BiggerPhoto: Instagram/@inbeautmag

Make your eyes pop out with the perfectly drawn eyeliner and a pinch of neutral makeup.

The key ingredient of this look is mascara and false lashes. Finish this look with neural lipstick or gloss.

Eyes and Lips on PointPhoto: outafitt.com

Even though you shouldn’t overdo both of your eye and lip makeup, this girl handles them fantastic.

Red lips and minimalistic eyes are the perfect combination for any ball.

Pinch of GoldPhoto: outafitt.com

This look is ideal for young girls who want to have minimal, yet glamorous makeup. Gold eyeshadow on upper and lower eyelids looks perfect in combination with black mascara and nude lips.

Peachy and RedPhoto: outafitt.com

Red lips and peachy tones on your cheeks and eyes make your makeup look fresh and ready for any occasion. This makeup suits girls with brown hair and green eyes.

Pinkish and GlamorousPhoto: outafitt.com

Pink blush, pink lipstick, and pink eyeshadow.

You think it is too much? Think twice and try this lovely makeup look for upcoming holiday celebrations.

Orange Eye ShadowPhoto: outafitt.com

If you have pale skin with an orange undertone, then it wouldn’t be a problem for you to try and wear this lovely makeup look. Put on a meat-shaded lip color and match it with the eye shadow.

Don’t forget the eyeliner.

Dramatic Double Eyeliner HookPhoto: outafitt.com

If you are more up to make a dramatic entrance, then opt for this makeup look.

Double eyeliner and eyeshadow hooks, as well as contoured face, will surely make you the diva of the evening.

Romantic and Shimmer MakeupPhoto: addicfashion.com

While the face is done minimal, eyes look absolutely divine. Combination of gold and the white shimmer is always a good idea for a ball, Christmas party or New Year’s Eve.

Glitter and Dark Natural MakeupPhoto: pinterest.com

Purple tones look stunning on brown eyes. You can even add glitter eyeshadows to make your look more dramatic and posh.

Leave your lips neutral – go with lip gloss or blush pink lipstick.

Pink Makeup is Perfect for Christmas BallPhoto: addicfashion.com

If you want to look fresh, natural, and radiant, then you should definitely give this makeup look a try.

Pink eyeshadows suit girls with dark eyes. Put on a highlighter, do a bit of contouring, and finish this look with a matte lipstick in a bright pink shade.

Highlighters are Still TrendyPhoto: addicfashion.com

Point on the best part of your face with perfect white shimmer highlighter. Makeup artists suggest to use it as an eyeshadow as well.

Put it in the corners of your eyes and below eyebrows.

Big Eyebrows as Part of Natural MakeupPhoto: pinterest.com

Remember when Cara Delevingne appeared with her lovely natural eyebrows? It was the beginning of an era.

These eyebrows look natural, yet very eye-catching. They go great with natural but glam makeup like this.

Simple yet PowerfulPhoto: Instagram/@leoniita

Meat-shaded lips are the best possible option to go for a long night out. Your lips will look natural, and not worn out. This makeup perfectly suits girls with blonde hair.

Wet Look for the EveningPhoto: make-up-tutorial.com

The wet look is popular not only in warm summer months. You can actually wear it for upcoming New Year’s Eve.

Purple tones on your eyes and blush pink lipstick would be more than enough for your ball attire.

Natural Makeup and Blue EyesPhoto: pinterest.com

As you can see, girls with blue or green eyes can wear natural makeup and orange undertones. This makeup will give you a special kind of glow.

Gold Halo MakeupPhoto: Instagram/@p

Brown eyes, gold eyeshadow – trust us, there is no better combination than that. This beauty blogger shows us how to prepare for a glamorous night out.

Black and Nude Smokey EyePhoto: pinterest.com

Smokey eye is probably the most popular technique in the makeup industry.

And it’s not a surprise – every girl should try black and nude smokey eye once in a while for special occasions.

Red Lipstick OnlyPhoto: pinterest.com

For those girls who like natural makeup with some exciting detail – red lipstick should be your trademark.

This look is perfect for both everyday wear as well as special celebrations, such as Christmas parties, birthdays and weddings.

False Lashes for Glamorous LookPhoto: Instagram/@warleyvirissimomakeup

False lashes will make your eyes pop out for every occasion. If you opt for them, make sure your makeup is a bit dramatic as well.

Neutral, nude eyeshadow and a bit of black pencil on low eyelid will undoubtedly make you glamorous and beautiful.