6 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

When you do your makeup every day it is normal to make mistakes. These makeup mistakes that age you can be avoided with these tips and tricks.
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All women tend to look youthful and fresh. And while we all spend fortunes on hydration serums, moisturizers, and masks, there are things in your daily routine that can make you look older.

Makeup mistakes that actually age you are not rare, so we decided to have a little chat about them. Just to make sure you don’t forget them next time you do your makeup.

Why Does my Makeup Make Me Look Older?

There are a few reasons your makeup makes you look older. First of all, you need to change the makeup products you are using as you getting older. Techniques and makeup tricks from high school might not work on you when you are 30 or 40 years old. 

Applying the wrong products or the right ones in the incorrect places is why makeup makes you look older. Your makeup routine should change with you. Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes that can make you look much older than you actually are. 

Mistake #1: Not Using a Primer

Primer is the must-have product in your makeup bag. You apply it before your foundation to prevent shine and your makeup to fall off too quickly.

Some primers are enriched with hyaluronic acid silicone, so they can work miracles on filling in your wrinkles. That is how you will get smooth skin, prepared for any foundation. 

Mistake #2: Not Using the Foundation Right

Makeup powder
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The two biggest mistakes women make regarding foundation are about the wrong shade and the wrong type.

There are many different foundation formulas – gel, liquid, powder, creamy, and even mousse. And they are not for everybody.  Choose the foundation based on your skin type. Pick the right shade of it, and learn more about coverage. If you want natural lighter coverage, you should go for CC or BB cream instead of foundation.

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Avoid powder products if your skin is dry.

Mistake #3: Does Contouring Make You Look Older? Yes! 

Ever since contouring has become a thing, women spent endless hours learning how to do it. Every brand from L’oreal to Sephora is selling contouring sets that should help you become a master of contour. 

The truth is that over-contouring can make you look older than you are. Fine lines are visible when you over-do with some product. It would help if you enhanced your face to make it look younger, but too much definition can do the exact opposite. 

Mistake #4: Wrong Blush Color

Blush gives your face a glow and makes you look fresh and healthy. However, choosing the wrong shade of it can actually make you look older. 

Women with fair skin tone should choose pink, rosy, and peachy shades, but they all work fine for medium skin too. Orange, berry, corals, and rich bronze shades should be reserved for women with dark skin tones.  

Mistake #5: Wearing A Lot of Mascara on Bottom Lashes

When you put a lot of mascara on your lower lashes, you have made one of the makeup mistakes that age you. Mascara on lower lashes can cast shade. It can also be flaky and create an illusion of bigger, darker circles under your eyes. 

Make sure to put only a small amount of mascara at the lash roots, or avoid it entirely on your bottom lashes. 

Mistake #6: Using Heavy Makeup Products

If you don’t want to look older when you put your makeup on, try to use lightweight formulas.

The key to perfect makeup is not in a heavy foundation that makes your face cakey but in lightweight formulas that blend perfectly and can be buildable.

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