30 Festive Makeups for St Patrick’s Day

With St Patrick’s day just around the corner, we have decided to show you some of the best makeup ideas. Get ready for an enormous dose of inspiration.

St Patrick’s day is celebrated in many countries. First of all, in Ireland, but people tend to celebrate it all around the globe.

If you are interested in celebrating Irish culture as well, we have prepared some of the best makeups to make parties even more interesting.

From chic and minimalistic to shiny and traditional details – we gathered everything just for you to get inspired.

Surprising GreenPhoto: pinterest.com

Even though green on your eyes can look bit strange if put right it can look amazing. Don’t hesitate to put some kiwi green eyeshadow for St Pats.

St Pats Green and BlushPhoto: pinterest.com

Green eyeshadow works the best with neutral tones. So, if you are thinking about doing makeup for St Patrick’s Day, go for nude or blush pink lipstick and add eyeshadow only on your lower eyelid.

Bold Green EyelinerPhoto: pinterest.com

Instead of classic black eyeliner, go bolder and with green color! It looks excellent, and actually very chic. You can blame it on St Patty’s if you continue to wear green after the festival is over.

Square LinesPhoto: pinterest.com

This happens when you match your manicure and your eyeliner. Square lines on your nails and your eyes can’t look more gorgeous! If you are tired of classic eyeliner moves, then do it square.

Unexpected Lip ColorPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

We admit it – for green lip color, you need to be brave. However, if you keep the rest of your makeup on minimum – good base, foundation and bit of mascara, then your green lipstick will pop out and make your St Pats makeup perfect.

Bit of Green GlitteryPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Halo makeup for St Patrick’s Day? Sure!

Adding glitter eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid can upgrade your makeup look and make it cool and stylish!

Green and Gold CombinationPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

As in life, both of those festive colors can look fantastic on your eyes. Don’t be afraid to put on green eyeshadow on your upper lids and add a bit of gold eyeshadow to the lower lids. You should leave the lips nude.

Green Glitter Eyeliner and Yellow EyesPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

If you are up to exciting and unexpected combinations, then do this lovely glitter eyeliner look. However, it is not the eyeliner which makes this look unique. Go for yellow eyeshadow to complete this festive makeup look.

Shamrocks on Your EyesPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

You absolutely can’t have the perfect makeup look for St Patty’s without putting on shamrocks. You can choose where you want these details to be – on your cheeks or just below eyebrows. We suggest the second one – combine shamrocks with your eye makeup.

Unexpected Color CombinationPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

When you are not sure about some color combination – try it before the festive party. This combo seems wonderful, even though it might not be your first choice for St Patrick’s Day. Yellow and green can look great if you decide to do a look like this one.

Dark Green Glitter LipstickPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

We have to admit that this look seems amazing. However, you need to be in the festive mood to achieve and wear this makeup. Bold, but unique – these are the words describing this lipstick color.

Green RhinestonesPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

If you want to shine bright like a diamond, there is no better way to do that than adding face jewelry. Make sure the rhinestones are green to match with your makeup. Smokey eye, as well as black eyeliner, look great in combination with green.

Irish-Flag InspiredPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

This three-color makeup look will make you unique and a real St Patty’s Day fan. The green cut crease looks amazing as well as red eyeliner. We can’t opt for only one favorite of this look.

Glamorous in GreenPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Even if you plan to go to a bar drinking beer, you can do glamorous makeup. Add a bit of gold in the inner corners and do a glitter cut crease.

False Lashes and Green Eyeshadow for Blue EyesPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Green eyeshadow seems very nice if you have blue eyes. You can combine it with false lashes which will give your makeup, even more, highlighted look.

Sparkly Cut CreasePhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

If a green smokey eye isn’t enough for your St Patty’s party, add some sparkly detail. Here, this girl opted for a sparkly cut crease that highlights the shape of her eyes.

Celebrating in St Patrick’s Day VibePhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

By adding a lot of shamrocks on your face, you will show how true Saint Patrick’s fan you are. To achieve a complete festive look, apply green lipstick as well.

Matte and Glitter CombinationPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

Who would have guessed that green color looks so good on one’s eyes? You can combine matte and glitter eyeshadows to make your makeup even more interesting.

Matching Eyeliner and EyeshadowPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

It is not so usual to see matching eyeliner and eyeshadow. However, when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day and makeup, everything is allowed! Bold and wide eyeliner crease looks great in combination with a different shade of green.

Smokey Eye and Green GlitterPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

This makeup represents what you get when incorporating two makeup techniques – smokey eye and halo makeup.

You can easily wear this makeup after St Patty’s Day – it looks too cool to be forgotten.

Light Green EyeshadowPhoto: cherrycherrybeauty.com

There is always an alternative for those who don’t like vivid green makeup looks. Bright green makeup is something you should definitely try. It is classy and will keep you casual.

Classy, Fabulous, and GlitteryPhoto: Instagram/@litcosmetics

For all those who like glitters but classic as well this eyeliner wing is perfect makeup solution for St Patty’s day. You can opt for regular green eyeliner as well and leave glitters at home.

Lower Lid in GreenPhoto: Instagram/@sultrysuburbia

You can always make your makeup interesting. Do it by leaving the upper lid nude or minimal and apply green eyeshadow only on the lower eyelid. Black thick eyeliner wig will make your eye pop even more.

Green Halo MakeupPhoto: pinterest.com

It maybe seems like a hard to achieve, but once you get it, you will realize that halo is one of the most beautiful technique. Putting bright matte or glitter eyeshadow on the central part of your lid will make your eyes pop. Even if you are wearing green makeup, you can look fantastic with halo crease.

Unexpected St Patrick’s Day LookPhoto: Instagram/@candicemccook

When you want to make a dramatic entrance, and you are not sure how to do it – do interesting makeup. This St Patty’s look is more than beautiful, it is perfect for all those brave girls out there!

On the Other Side of RainbowPhoto: pinterest.com

Pots of gold, rainbows, and shamrocks – everything is allowed when it comes to St Patrick’s Day. Make your brows surprising for all your friends – put on rhinestones in the shade of the rainbow!

Black and GreenPhoto: Instagram/@p

When opting for green eyeshadow, make sure to match it with your lips. So, which color is the best for the festive season and Saint Patrick’s Day? Black is the answer! Along with beautiful green eye makeup your lip color will make you stand out from the crowd.

Black Eyeliner ClassicsPhoto: pinterest.com

You can love or hate festive season, but if you are going to a party for Saint Patrick’s Day, it is a shame to go without some green makeup. If you are not into bright green colors, draw perfect black eyeliner, and add a bit of light green and grey eyeshadow.

White CornersPhoto: Instagram/@alyssamarieartistry

Green eyeshadow should dominate your eye, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Put on white shimmer eyeshadow in the corners and make your eyes pop.

Green MascaraPhoto: pinterest.com

Add a green mascara to your lashes, and you can be sure to be noticed! It will not only make you unique, but your eyes will pop out as well.