30 easy beauty hacks that can help you out when times call for an alternative or for when you want to experiment with some simple, fun ideas.

30 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Whether you’re a beauty pro or just a beginner, there’s always a way to make things faster, easier, and more efficient when it comes to hair, skincare, nails, and makeup.

Here are 30 easy beauty hacks that can help you out when times call for an alternative or for when you want to experiment with some simple, fun ideas!


Peppermint Lip Plumper

If you’re looking to add a little plump to your lips, rub a bit of peppermint oil into them before applying any further lip products.

You’ll feel a refreshing tingle, and your pout will look and feel plumper.


Mascara for Liner

When you’ve run out of eyeliner, multitask with mascara! Take an angled eyeliner brush, dip it into your favorite mascara, and draw your usual line across your lid.


The Credit Card Eyeliner Wing

Having trouble drawing the perfect eyeliner wing?

Take a credit card, and place it, so one end meets the outer corner of your eye and the other meets your brow tail. Draw your line, and presto: a straight, solid wing!

See how credit card could be used for drawing the perfect eyeliner wing #beautytips #beautyhacksPhoto: youtube.com

Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo

If your hair is feeling extra oily, take a bit of paper powder, and work it into your roots. The white color will fade into your hair and have it feeling fresh and clean!


Chapstick Brow Gel

A great way to tame your eyebrow hairs and keep them in place is to use a bit of chapstick; brush brows with a spoolie, rub a bit of chapstick onto your finger, then wipe brows upward with a light hand to achieve a long-lasting hold.


Mascara Shield

If you’re prone to getting mascara on your lid during application, try placing a credit card on top of your lashes as a shield while working the product into your lashes.

This can help you avoid accidentally hitting your skin with product.


Tame Flyaways

Flyaways by your hairline can be tamed with just a little hairspray and a toothbrush; spray a little on, and comb hair gently until those pesky flyaways stay in place.

Photo: flickr.com

Hairspray Brow Gel

Another way to keep brows tame and at bay is to spray a tiny amount of hairspray on to a spoolie and lightly brush through brow hairs.

Make sure not to use too much, as you don’t want your brows taking on that chunky, hard feel too much hairspray can give off.


Thicker Hairline

To make your hair and hairline appear fuller, apply a matching eyeshadow shade on the roots and hairline; work it in with a shadow brush until the color blends.


Ice Water Manicure

In a rush after painting your nails? Dip them into ice water for quick drying!


Triangle Concealer

When trying to conceal dark under eye circles, apply concealer in a triangle shape underneath your eye and blend with a sponge or your finger.

This allows a seamless transition from under your eyes to your cheeks without any harsh lines.


Make Eyes Pop

Apply a white or nude eyeliner to your bottom waterline to make eyes pop and appear wide awake! This can also help make eyes look bigger and bolder.


Perfect Brows

If you want your brows looking clean and on point, take some concealer and carve out the ends, hiding any imperfections or excess product.


Conceal Redness

To help conceal redness or irritation, apply a green concealer to specific areas before mixing in your foundation or usual concealer.

The green color counteracts redness on the skin, which allows irritated areas to appear calmer.



For combination skin, don’t settle on using just one face mask at a time.

Instead, apply different masks that will aid in healing specific areas, and wear them all at once for a multimasking miracle!


Color Correctors

For extra undereye circle coverage, apply orange or pink concealer first, and then blend with your usual concealer until those circles disappear!

For pale skin, a pink shade may work best, and for darker skin, orange will do the trick!


Shaving Cream Alternative

Out of shaving cream? Use hair conditioner instead for a silky, soft substitute that will help you avoid razor cuts and burns.


No More Smudging

If you’re mascara tends to smudge onto the skin underneath the eyes throughout the day, here’s what you can do: after applying mascara, gently wipe your lashes upward with your finger.

You’ll see excess product slide off, and you won’t have to worry about smudges and smears.


Brighter Eyes

To make eyes brighter and give them a pop, apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners.


No More Chafing

If you experience harsh chafing during the summer, try applying some deodorant on your inner thighs before heading out for the day.


Hide the Chip

Chipped nail polish? Easily cover it up with some chunky glitter polish on the ends of your nails to achieve a beautiful manicure.

Photo: flickr.com

Dried Out Mascara

If your mascara is dried out, place the tube into a mug full of hot water for a few minutes; once you take it out, you’ll find that the product has melted and is ready for application.


Accentuate Cupid’s Bow

If you want to give off the appearance of plumper lips, this one’s for you: with a fan brush, apply a tiny bit of highlight your cupid’s bow for a fuller pout!


Easy Cuticle Softener

For an inexpensive, yet effective cuticle treatment, work in some chapstick, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

This will soften cuticles and have them looking clean and tidy before applying polish.


Intensify Shadow

If you’re working with an eyeshadow that lacks pigment, intensify the color by applying a white base beforehand. Shadow will look opaquer and even once applied on top of the white color.


Intensify Polish

Similar to the shadow trick for eyes, you can make nail polish more pigmented by applying a white polish base coat before adding color.


Easy French Manicure

For a professional-looking French manicure, block off any area of the nail besides the tips with scotch tape; paint the tips white, then peel off the tape for a clean finish.


Baby Powdered Lashes

To add extra length and volume to lashes, apply baby powder before mascara, and watch them pop!


Easy Peel-Off Base Coat

For a cheaper peel-off base coat alternative, apply a bit of Elmer’s glue to nails, and allow them to dry before adding polish.


Essential Oils

Try using your favorite essential oil as perfume throughout the day!

It’s long lasting and can provide you with some calming aromatherapy effects for hours on end.