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10 Ways to Get a Perfect Bronze Makeup

The beauty industry is thriving. Store shelves are always stacked with a jungle of beauty products while the online market is introducing peculiar items incessantly. Whether it’s a signature or drugstore brand, there is always a plethora of beauty products to choose from. Some of these conceal flaws or accentuate your best features; others can help you look entirely new.

Whatever style a woman has in mind, among the beauty paraphernalia you can always find in her vanity table is a bronzer. Skin bronzer is one of the most coveted cosmetics that women can barely live without. Bronzer gives you a sultry golden complexion without enduring the sun’s harmful UV rays and dicey side effects of tanning beds. Most of all, bronzers give you control over the intensity of the color you want.

Whatever style a woman has in mind, among the beauty paraphernalia you can always find in her vanity table is a bronzer.Photo: pinterest.com

Bronzer is by far the best and safest way to achieve a natural sun-kissed radiance. Even just a tiny amount of bronzer can give your skin a healthier appearance. Skin that doesn’t glow is either pale or dull. Bronzer gives your skin a hint of color and just the right amount of shimmer. Most importantly, bronzer can contour your face and highlight your cheekbones, making you look thinner. Bronzer is suitable for everyday wear, especially for outdoor functions.

However, there is a thin line between having a perfect bronze makeup and looking like a Jershey Shore extra. How to pull off a perfect bronze makeup has been long the dilemma. Here is a list of ways, tricks, and tips on how to perfect it:

1. Choose the right shade

The type of bronzer you should choose must depend on the hue of your skin and how dramatic you wish the end results would be.Photo: thebeautyhaul.com

To darken your complexion in a meticulous and subtle manner is the primary purpose of bronzer. The type of bronzer you should choose must depend on the hue of your skin and how dramatic you wish the end results would be.

If you have an ivory white skin tone, always opt for the lightest shades. Dark shades on pale skin are terrible. It makes you look fake. You can start by trying a honey-colored bronzer.

Women usually mistake light or medium skin tones for olive or tan. You have to be cautious when you have light to medium skin tone. Anything too striking will make you look less than natural. Avoid using bronzers that are three shades darker than your skin’s natural skin color; otherwise, the bronzer won’t naturally blend with your skin. A rose bronze is a safe choice.

A rich shade of gold, copper, or bronze looks great with an olive or tan skin tone. Bold colors suit the olive or tan skin tones the best, especially during summer. Unlike light to medium skin tones, olive or tan skin tones should use bronzers that are two or three shades darker than the natural skin color. Enhance your bone structure with a tawny bronzer.

Choose bold, vibrant colors if you have dark skin. One of the perks of having dark skin is that you have the chance of wearing vivacious colors that seem too bold for other skin types. Some women with dark complexion usually have uneven hues throughout their skin which tend to get lighter towards the face. Frame your face using a matte bronzer to flatter the natural gradient of your complexion.

After choosing the right shade for your skin tone, decide which look you are going for. Choose a matte bronzer if you just want to look tan and radiant or try one with shimmer if you want to look sexier.

2. Never forget foundation

Foundation is always the first all-important step to ensure that your bronzer and the rest of your makeup sets evenly.

3. Get a bronzer brush

For the perfect bronze application, invest in a good bronzer brush.Photo: favim.com

Always use the right tools in makeup. For the perfect bronze application, invest in a good bronzer brush. A large foundation brush works well, but getting yourself a bronzer brush is even better. A bronzer brush is wide, fluffy, and has more bristles packed tightly and closely together. You can get more bronze with every single swipe compared to regular brushes. Never use a kabuki brush. A brush that is also too small and rigid won’t distribute bronze evenly, creating streaky and blotchy results. It pays to get the right tool.

4. Step by step application

Contouring may be a way of flattering your best assets, however, don't overdo it.Photo: emcosmetics.com

Once you have found your perfect shade and applied your foundation, you can start applying your bronzer. Using a bronzer brush,

a. Sweep the bronzer starting at the top and side of your forehead.

b. Dust a little bronzer just above the temple and cheeks.

c. Sweep the bronzer again across your jawline bringing it all the way to your chin.

By following these steps, you are actually creating a number “3” on one side of your face. Do the same procedure to the opposite side. Swirl and tap before you apply. If you don’t tap your brush, you will end up applying way too much bronzer. Don’t rush. The key to perfect a bronze makeup is to allow the color to build up gradually. If you are too hasty with your application, you could end up looking like a burnt orange Crayola.

Also, don’t forget to blend some into your neck. If you are wearing a ponytail, dust a little bronzer at your nape as well. Blend thoroughly to avoid harsh lines.

Most importantly, avoid too much contouring. Contouring may be an incredible way of flattering your best assets and enhancing your bone structure; however, drastically changing your entire face is too unnatural and over the top.

5. Add shimmer

By using a bronzer as a highlighter, you are creating a fresh luminous effect.Photo: instagram.com

Different finishes apparently create different results. The shimmer is optional but if you want to add a sexy glow, dust a little along the bridge of your nose and on your cheekbones. By using a bronzer as a highlighter, you are creating a fresh luminous effect. Avoid areas such as around the lips and eyes. Focus on the parts where the sun usually hits your face, letting the light-reflecting particles do their magic.

However, if you have oily skin forget the idea of getting a shimmery formula. Your face will end up looking too shiny and anything but natural if you insist on having a sparkly look. So skip the sparkles and choose matte. Highlight your shoulders and collarbone instead.

6. Balance

Ensure the balance between your bronzer with the rest of your makeup. If you are using bold bronzers, opt for subtle eyeshadow and lip color.

7. Finishing touch

Finish your makeup by setting it with powder. Powder helps makeup last longer and evens out skin tone.

8. Check bronzer under natural light

Before you go, make sure your makeup is not looking too heavy under natural light. Watch out for streaks, blotches, and other minute imperfections. Apply and blend a little more with a sponge if need be.

9. Choosing between blush and bronzer

This dynamic duo, with the right application, creates a perfect healthy, rosy glow.Photo: indianfashionjournalist.blogspot.in

Sadly, most women aren’t always so sure when to use blush or bronzer. How hard can it be? To mimic a natural suntan, use bronzer. To resemble the natural blushing of the face, use blush. However, you can use both simultaneously but with caution. Use each product gingerly to avoid makeup overload. Start by applying a hint of blush on the apples of your cheeks followed by applying bronzer underneath your cheekbones. This dynamic duo, with the right application, creates a perfectly healthy, rosy glow.

10. Best time to use bronzer

Often times the most important factor to consider when to use blush or bronzer is the occasion.Photo: beautylish.com

Often times the most important factor to consider when to use blush or bronzer is the occasion. For casual hangouts, bronzer is your best bet. Events that include outdoor activities such pool parties, beach weddings, concerts, etc. also make the bronzer the ideal choice. On the other hand, it is best to opt for blush, the classic choice, when it comes to professional meetings and formal events. Blush is also ideal during the winter season since people tend to look pastier during the cold season.

Other Benefits of Bronzer

a. Bronzer as concealer

Like an effective concealer, bronzer can help cover up various flaws.Photo: openyoureyessunshine.xanga.com

Every one of us has flaws we wish to stay hidden. This could be varicose veins, spider veins, scars, uneven patches of skin, and other blemishes. Like an effective concealer, bronzer can help cover up these flaws. It only takes a small amount of bronzer to create a huge difference. Plus, it stays longer than a concealer and can cover a lot more.

b. Bronzer as Whole Body Tanner

Experiment with various types of bronzers. They are also available in different sorts like creams and sprays. Some of these products already have vitamins and antioxidants in them. Depending on the quality or brand, these quick-fix self-tanners can last a couple of days. Bronzers nowadays are fast drying and does not stain clothes. Make sure you apply bronzer through all your parts especially on particular areas such as the ankles, knees, and toes. Your tan will look fake if you miss some spots otherwise.

More Tips

Experiment with different bronzers with vitamins and antioxidants in them.Photo: thedishh.com

Applying bronzer can be tricky most of the time. Even the contour queen herself, Kim Kardashian, had her share of hit-and-miss experiences. Did she ever notice it? Maybe her makeup artist had convinced her to think that it was the perfect bronze makeup at that time. Celebrities and popular makeup artists still do fail at some point. Follow these few tips and you will be fine:

a) Find your face shape and contour accordingly.

Invest in high-quality products that are sure to satisfy you.Photo: mariannareid.com

b) Don’t buy cheap bronzers. It pays to invest in high-quality products. Cheap ones are often lumpy and can cause blotches.

c) Wash your brushes regularly. Cleanse your brushes in sudsy warm water. You don’t want your brushes to breed acne-causing bacteria, do you?

d) In case you’re your bronzer is broken, you can salvage it by doing this:

Salvage a broken bronzer compact by trying this.Photo: brownbombshellbeauty.com