Cara Delevigne with full brows

10 Amazing Makeup Ideas for Women

Makeup for women has been a very controversial topic for a very long time which only proves to us that beauty does indeed lie in the eyes of the beholder! A quick glance at a woman with makeup on and some will be like “wow that is a very professional look, how did she pull it off?” while some will be like “man, she is trying too hard to be noticed why not go simple and natural?”

Makeup is not an offense and whatever your mentality might be towards it, depends on you and no one else. Women wear makeup for a whole lot of reason; to look beautiful (of course every woman is beautiful), to boost their confidence, to create a unique look, and so on.

There is virtually no limit when it comes to makeup, you can always play around with your eye shadows, lipsticks and powder to create something unique, something that will make people’s brain implode with a loud thud!

This is why we are going to take a look at amazing makeup ideas for women. So read on! And discover ways by which you can become a Leonardo da Vinci in the art of makeup-ing.

1. The Kitty Eye

Smolder with this classic cat eye and surely all eyes will be on you.Photo:

This makeup look is popular among celebrities like Kate Moss; it is the signature style of almost every woman out there today. Also known as the “feline flick” this makeup idea is simple to do and yet as amazing as it gets! The kitty eye simply involves the use of eyeliner to elongate the eyes, thus giving you a look synonymous to that of a cat. Cats are known for their sexiness and poise; you wouldn’t go wrong with this amazing makeup idea, trust me.

2. The 3D Lip

Wow people by experimenting with this lip illusion for a fuller pout.Photo:

This is an amazing makeup idea and also a great makeup trick which can be used to make your lips look not only sexy but also achieve a fuller look! Who doesn’t like fuller lips huh? Kylie Jenner likes them you know. The 3D lip is an amazing lip illusion that involves the use of a matte liner, concealer, eyeshadow, foundation and of course a lipstick to create a lip which is 3d like in nature, thereby not only giving yourself a dashing look but also a fuller lip, which is the ultimate key to a perfect pout!

3. The “Cara Delevingne” Eyebrow


Fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne has caused a very envious situation amongst many women who desire to have her naturally awesome eyebrow. Also known as the “power brows” this is an exotic makeup look that will make your eyebrows appear bolder, bigger and fuller like that of Cara! Simply grab a brow powder, a waxy pencil and a brush and you will be on your way to having the perfect power brow as most female celebrities do. According to Jigna Soni (Emma Watson’s brow wizard) “the key is to put the arch in the right place.” Now that sounds easy, doesn’t it?

4. The Leopard Eyes

Turn heads wherever you go this leopard skin pattern.Photo:

This is another feline inspired makeup idea that involves the use of eyeshadow to create a leopard skin pattern on the eyes. This is a brilliant makeup idea that is as amazing as it looks! The things you will need for this are; eyeshadows, fluffy eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brushes, eyeshadow primer, black eyeliner, mascara, and water. The leopard eyes is a very unique look, not everyone knows how to pull this off, so have a go at it and turn the heads of people with this amazing makeup idea.

5. The Confetti Liner

An artsy makeup look with sparkles and color.Photo:

A great makeup idea for the party people this one is. The confetti liner is not only an attractive makeup idea but also a unique and not so viral makeup look. For those looking to express themselves in an artistic way, this makeup idea is perfect for you! Believe me this is a look some of you have never seen or done before, it is fun to do and brings out the playful side of you! The confetti liner is basically a glittery eye liner look which took over Instagram few months back. This makeup idea is an original creation of J Kissa.

6. The Gothic Eyeshadow

If you are into vampires and the goth realm, this makeup idea is best for a Halloween.Photo:

When it comes to the gothic way of doing things there are always two ways to go about it. You can either opt in for the romantic Edwardian way or the dark vamps of the underground city. This makeup idea forms the basis of most Halloween looks as it is a bit scary and dark. Perfect for those who love all things Goth, this amazing makeup idea simply involves the use of eyeliner, eyeshadows and powder to create a dark look around the eyes, while wearing a pale white look. Believe me you do not have to sit around and wait for Halloween to pull this off!

7. The Color Block Eyeshade

Get this bold look with different shades of blue to spice up your appearance.Photo:

Even though color blocking is something that is not that rampant anymore in the outfit world, it is however a beautiful makeup look that can change your appearance in a positive way. Color blocking is simply the use of more than one color to spice up a look and make it attractive, sharp and appealing to the eyes. Different colors go with one another, for example you could jazz up gold and navy blue to create a metallic kind of look, or you could use different shades of pink with silver or white. Avoid using black eyeliner for some light colors as it will spoil what you are trying to create.

8. Teal Ombre Cat Eyes

Get this subtle kitty eye look.Photo:

I earlier mentioned the “kitty eye” makeup look and this is very similar to it, in fact the kitty cat look forms the basis for the teal ombre cat eyes. The only difference here is the use of color to shade and highlight your eye to create a teal kind of look. It is very simple to doo and yet stunning and pleasing to the eyes, you do not have to be a makeup geek to pull this off.

9. The Black and White Winged Liner

Winged liners are becoming increasingly popular with its black and white effect.Photo:

Winged eye liner is becoming more and more popular each passing day. Girls and women are always trying to attain that perfect wing. Although just a black winged liner is appealing to the eye, it will look even more sharp and attractive if a little light color like white is thrown in there too. Don’t you think? The layering of a little white over the black eye liner makes everything unique and pleasant. Looking at it from one angle one wouldn’t be able to tell if you have white or black liner on. Just as it is hard to tell if a zebra is black with white stripes, or vice versa.

10. The Two Tone Lips

Using two different colors of lipstick, show off your adventurous side.Photo:

Another great work of color blocking, which is one of the biggest trends in the makeup scene today. Here you are simply layering one color of lipstick over the other to achieve a two tone look. This is a very classy look and therefore a must try for every woman out there. The two tone lips use two different shades of lipstick, you can go for a pink and red look, or a purple and pink look. Whatever rocks your boat!

So there you have it, 10 amazing makeup ideas that you can try from the comfort of your room! Simply get the required makeup items and you will be on your way to creating unique looks that no one has probably seen before.

Sometimes a natural look trumps any makeup skill that I cannot argue on, but, as humans it is our nature to want to feel good about ourselves and try new things as “normal can be boring sometimes” so do whatever it takes to be comfortable in your skin, as long as it is hurting no one, then it is good.