Curly hair is hard to maintain. However, if you opt for short bob haircut, you won’t have these problems. These are some tested-and-proven bobs you should try.

35 Eye-Catching Short Curly Bob Haircuts

Comb Over Curly Bob

Comb Over Curly BobPhoto:

Natural wavy hair looks beautiful. But how about styling it in a messy bob? Trust us – you will love this hair for everyday wear.

Short Updo

Short UpdoPhoto:

Regardless of your hair type, straight or curly, this is one wonderful hairstyle for summertime. This is an updo that is perfect for casual wear with summer dresses and beach.

Chic Natural Curls Bob

Chic Natural Curls BobPhoto:

A bob with messy curls – there is no better way we can explain this lovely haircut. Whether your curls are dark or blonde, trust us, they will be eye-catching.

Partial Balayage

Partial BalayagePhoto:

Balayage is a famous technique that everybody loves to try. It looks perfect on straight hair, but hey, you should give it a try on your curls. They will be much more highlighted.

Retro Bob

Retro BobPhoto:

This haircut is inspired by some old times. All supermodels from the ‘80s were wearing hairstyles like this. And they loved it. Easy to style, great to wear.

Beach Hair

Beach HairPhoto:

Are you getting ready for the beach? There is no better way to do it than with a haircut like this. Short bob with curls will make you want to go right at the seaside.

Voluminous and Highlighted

Voluminous and HighlightedPhoto:

Voluminous hair is pretty hair. Especially if you have curly hair, the volume can be a significant part of your hairstyle. Use highlights to make your curls even more visible.

Curly Straight-Cut Bob

Curly Straight-Cut BobPhoto:

Straight bobs without any layers can make your curly hair looks even more voluminous. You should try it – sometimes, girls get tired of layers, and straight hair is easier to maintain.

Curly Ombre Hair

Curly Ombre HairPhoto:

While your dark natural hair stays on your roots, you should dye the rest of your hair in honey blonde. This ombre style will make your short bob and curls look amazing and very cool.

Chic and Summerish Curly Bob

Chic and SummerishPhoto:

Chic short bob like this is impressive for warm summertime and seaside. It is perfect for those girls who would like low-key and maintenance haircuts.

Vintage Curly Bob

Vintage Curly BobPhoto:

If you like to wear retro dresses and vintage stores are one of your favorites, then you need this short curly bob. It is cute, very easy to style and has that blast from the past.

Blonde Curls

Blonde CurlsPhoto:

Blonde curls look very eye-catching. You can be sure everybody will notice your hair. However, cut your hair in this a bit asymmetric bob style – it will attract many many views towards you.