Curly hair is hard to maintain. However, if you opt for short bob haircut, you won’t have these problems. These are some tested-and-proven bobs you should try.

35 Eye-Catching Short Curly Bob Haircuts

Messy Asymmetric Style

Messy Asymmetric StylePhoto:

Asymmetric bobs are always more interesting than regular ones. You can choose the side you like more and make it longer or shorter. Curls will provide you with an extra dose of volume.

Inspired By French Women

Inspired By French WomenPhoto:

This kind of bob is prevalent among French women.

They adore it, we can say. If you have wavy hair and you want your hairstyles to be messy, then don’t hesitate to opt for this lovely haircut.

Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Short Wavy Bob with BangsPhoto:

This is an amazing way to rock your curls or waves. Simple, yet so chic curly lob that will make you look fresh and beautiful, wherever you need to go.

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Short Bob with Side BangsPhoto:

Side bangs like these will make any short haircut look interesting. They offer a lighter look, bit asymmetric vibe, and make this short bob appear unusual.

Highlighted Curls

Highlighted CurlsPhoto:

You shouldn’t go with only one hair dye when you have curly hair like this. Your natural curls will appear more highlighted if you dye your hair in two or more shades.

Glamorous Curls

Glamorous CurlsPhoto:

For all those elegant occasions when you want to shine and look gorgeous, there is no better haircut than this beautiful short curly bob.

It is utterly chic and glamorous – perfect for weddings, engagements, and other elegant parties.

Curly Angled Bob

Curly Angled BobPhoto:

Angled bob means more hair in the front and less in the back part of your head. They look gorgeous whether you have curly or straight hair. You need to try them!

Romantic Looking Bob

Romantic Looking BobPhoto:

Curls, honey blonde hair, and these side bangs make this look romantic and very pretty. If you are looking for a brand new look for spring, don’t hesitate to try something like this. You will surely love it.

Pastel Hair

Pastel HairPhoto:

Pastel hair trend took the hearts of many fashion girls. If you want to make your short bobs look interesting, don’t hesitate to dye your hair in lilac, blue or even pink. You will be noticed!

Blonde and Casual

Blonde and CasualPhoto:

You can enjoy having blonde hair with leisure waves and still make your hair look healthy. Even though this requires everyday styling, it won’t take more than 10 minutes for you to make it perfect in the morning.

Side Swept Short Bob

Side Swept Short BobPhoto:

This lovely side-swept bob is great for those girls with minimalistic or classic style. This haircut matches with everything. It is excellent for both day and night events.